Sunday, December 17, 2006

Weird Stuff

"OK Knitsters, listen up! Mom has had a rough week, so she's sorry she hasn't blogged sooner! Me, my week has been rough too - my sleep was disturbed by my little pipsqueek brother a few times, I missed a jump trying to get away from him and knocked down Mom's bike, I had a hairball AND Mom had other humans over, which I just wasn't in the mood for. Now I lie on this mat - but it's strangely comfortable... Oh, aren't I pretty? Oh, right. Mom. Uh, whoops, she doesn't know I can type. Gotta go bye."

Mae - the feline's feline. She's everything a cat is said to be - unlike her brothers who act more like dogs and ferrets than cats! Mae is solitary, independant, finicky, and shy. But, she's a sweetheart who shows you love with rubs and tiny purrs, and will sit next to you, just because. Whereas Atticus and Gandalf want to be next to me ALL THE TIME, Mae comes out when she wants to. Making it that much more special. Awwww!

6 Weird Things

What, only 6?!! Marina and Lorraine had this up on their sites, so I thought, due to the lack of presentable knitting content (Christmas knitting ya know...), I'd give it go.

1. Like Marina - I don't drive. But, for entirely different reasons - I have a phobia of being in cars. Absolutely hate it. There are some people I will not get in a car with, because they make me too nervous. Now, I did have a license, I just never renewed it. I am a nervous passenger, and it is not the fault of the drivers in most cases, it's just the way I feel. To throw something even weirder into the mix - I think cars themselves as objects are fascinating, and I love to look at the mechanisms and new car designs. Weird...

2. Cannot stand the smell of alcohol, in particular liqueurs. Absolutely turns my stomach.

3. I will not eat anything right out of the fridge. It has to be room temperature, or I can't taste it. The only exceptions are some dairy products.

4. I have never had my wisdom teeth. No roots, nothing. They never developed. I hear I'm lucky...

5. I am a lucid dreamer. I've done everything from scratch myself, throw myself off my bed causing severe bruising, walked into my bedroom door a few times, and once woke up while feeding the Little Dudes at 2am... Dude.

6. My eye colour can change from pale grey to intense emerald green, depending on my mood. The normal colour is blue.

And just for poops and giggles - a bonus! I rarely eat meat - not because of ethical reasons - but because I cannot handle it raw. Raw meat preparation actually scares me! Like - real fear scares me. I usually only eat meat if it's prepared for me, and I'll enjoy it. If it's still on the bone, I will only pick at what I can see.


My Week In A Nutshell

I have to thank Mae for looking out for me, she's a good girl to be thinking of her Mom! It has been a trying week, that's for sure. Busy with work - an offsite Disaster Recovery test that really had me running ragged (although the very cute Sales Rep was a nice distraction...!), and the prep work for another one in January. Ugh. But - cute Sungard Sales Rep representing my company's account... Hmmmm...

And other crap too; my week ended with a bang - a visit to the doctor's for my yearly physical. I've been seeing her a lot the second part of the year - abnormal blood work, intense fatigue and weakness unrelated to my fibromyalgia, and all kinds of issues when eating. Gotta love universal health care here in Canada, because if I had had to pay for all the testing... As I can't eat grains anyway, I had trouble figuring out what was causing my discomfort. Anyway - got the results yesterday, and I've been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. I'm relieved that I finally have an answer, at least I know that I'm not crazy. And - my biggest fear was that my fibromyalgia was getting worse, which if it was this bad at age 38, what would I be like in 5 years? Can't say I'm too thrilled with the diagnosis, but you know what? You deal with it. I have to see a Dietitian in January, as my doctor doesn't want to put me on medication just yet. Once I get the food thing straightened out, I'll hopefully start to feel better. It's an awful feeling being so tired all the time, and not having the energy at the end of the day to even eat. And when you do, eating makes you sometimes feel worse. It was getting to the point where I couldn't imagine what it used to be like to actually be able to do something in the evenings - I would barely have the energy to walk to my yoga class, which is 5 minutes away. It was frightening to me that a simple excursion to the store would leave me feeling incredibly drained. And it was tough trying to make other people understand that I couldn't do these things, and that it wasn't in my head but a real symptom that something just wasn't right. But - I know now that things will get better! And you can't imagine how relieved that makes me feel. I'm not overweight, but I am predisposed to it - diabetes runs in the family.

You know though, it could be worse. And hopefully by the time the Dale of Nor(th America) KAL kicks off in January, I'll be roaring to go! Hey, almost forgot to mention - one sleeve of Dalarna - done! It was actually a quicker knit than I anticipated. I managed to get her done in between the covert Christmas knitting I've been working on.

Uh, you do realize that in one week it's Christmas Eve!?!?!?!!

"Santa Claws is coming! Santa Claws is coming! Santa Claws is coming! Santa Claws is coming!Eeeeeee, I'm so excited! I've been good, and I'm cute, and he has my list and I've been good and I promise I'll be good and, and uh, and SANTA CLAWS IS COMING MAE!!!!"

"OK, settle down! Get off of me! I'm not Santa you little gnome! Man..."

(Oh, and as an aside - Gandalf has a new a new nickname - "Atticu-I-mean-Gandalf-stop-that!". Heh heh...did I mention Atticus was just INSANE at times when he was a baby?!)


Rachel H said...

I have to say I'm a big fan of the Canadian health care system this year too. Sorry I've been such a rotten correspondant while taking advantage of it recently.

By the way, I saw over at Wendy's that you've signed up for the 'no yarn for 9 months in 2007' thing. I won't tell you how long it took for the evil giggles that caused to subside. It's a bit unseemly. :o)

Lorraine said...

Hey Bridge- Well, this year has certainly presented challenges, but 2007 will be better. For sure.
We all have our idiosyncrasies, which is what makes us human and unique. I won't drive like an idiot if you promise not to chase me. (there's a visual for ya!)

Marina said...

Aww, Brigitte! Sorry about all your health problems but at least someone's given it a name and now it can be "treated". Hope 2007 will be better for you!

Hey, I promise not to flash any "retail therapy" while you're on your yarn diet ;-)

Chris said...

I'm sorry to hear about the diagnosis - but can also completely understand the relief at knowing what it is. And I'm glad it's not your fibromyalgia getting worse. I'm sure they tested you for B-12? I went through as exhausted phase about 2 years ago and after lots of tests (thyroid, diabetes, etc etc) it turned out to be B-12 deficiency - not so unusual in celiacs. Anyway! *hug*

Santa Claws - I like it!!

Kathy said...

Hey! I have no wisdom teeth (and only one or two 12-year molars) AND am also a lucid dreamer! Do you suppose they're connected?
Hope you'll start feeling better soon.

bev said...

Sorry about the illness. But, look on the bright side - you can still drool over yarn! And your cats are sooooo funny. They had me laughing a couple of time during this post. And - according to the post next to this window, you aren't getting any yarn for 9 months?!? How can this be? What ever shall we do? Come on, fall off the wagon and sneak some to the closet to fondle!

Jewel said...

Meems and her Mom would like to send you a warm fuzzy hug and we all hope you're going to have a terrific 2007! After all, you're in the KAL and you're starting the year off in a great way!

Carrie K said...

It is so not going to be Christmas that soon. I'm not ready.

Too bad about the Diabetes diagnosis but it is good to know what it is and to have a plan of attack.

Yay about Dalarna's sleeve!

barbp said...

Oh my gosh..I'm reading your six things and thinking we're so different. #1 LOVE to drive (I was a cop so that's kind of a must). #2 LOVE Bailey's and Butterscotch Schnapps mixed together. #3 LOVE COLD cottage cheese. #4 Had an extra wisdom tooth (yeah I know - Go big or stay home LOL) #5 Dreams are probably a little more lucid than some but nothing strange. #6 Here we have something more in common - When I get a good mad going my hazel eyes go from green to purple (beware the purple eyes LOL)

Sending you a private email too.

DiĆ¼sy D. said...

I'm so sorry to hear/read about your news, Brigitte! This is a challenge, definitely - but one you'll be able to handle! As you said, at least you know now what's going on and thus it can be treated. You have such a positive, optimistic outlook that you'll quickly get used to living with this illness, and you'll still be able to live a very good and fun life!
I'm sending a big hug across the ocean, wishing you all the very, very best for 2007, my friend!

Marji said...

big hugs gf.
I"m really glad you were able to find out what was causing the fatigue - always better to know and be able to deal with the issues.
Daalarna (whatever, I can't go back and check spelling from this screen) is looking great.
YOu have a wonderful and relaxing Christmas.

Anni said...

Sorry to read about your diagnose. I just got the same a week ago, and I guess I feel as you do. Best wishes from me!