Saturday, April 14, 2007

It's Good To Be Home!

"You smell. Like dog. What? You think presents and treats will square it up?! Well...maybe. Later though...sleeping now. You go think about what you did."

"Oh, don't listen to them. If they want to sulk and won't eat their treats - hey, more for me! I love you Mom!"

Awww... They were happy to see me! Uh, well, they kind of had to. There was an unfortunate incident while I was away. Let's just say that the person who was looking in on them couldn't get into my apartment, and they were alone...the whole time.

Such. A. Bad. Mom. :(

But they were fine! Happy to see me, and no worse for wear. I had left them a ton of food and water, but it still makes me sad to know they were alone and foodless for some time. I know cats are resilient, but I still feel soooo bad! And so does my cat-sitter... I just remind myself that they're fine, had each other for company, and they weren't too overly upset with me.

Look! Someone had a birthday!

"Oh, you think this is funny?! Do you do this to the cats?? No? I didn't think so. That Bil-Jac pancake you're making me better be good. I feel like an idiot."

Finnegan was good enough to pose for a few pictures, despite being less than pleased about the birthday hat. And the birthday boy-puppy is 1 year old today!!! Happy Birthday Finnegan!

I had a great time in St. Catharines, and got a lot of rest and relaxation in. Oh, and shopping. Living within the city of Toronto, we have quite a few large stores, but none of the "super stores" are close to me. You know, the big ones that have everything AND the kitchen sink? So, I need to go to the small town of St. Catharines to discover the awesome power of the Great Canadian Superstore. Oh. My. Stars. You can buy 48 rolls of toilet paper? AND shoes? AND turn around and buy ALL your groceries? *thump*

But no yarn! I don't even think there is a yarn shop in St. Catharines, come to think of it. Look what else I managed to do:

I finished Amphora's body! And all that running around looking for a 60cm 3.25mm needle? For nothin'. Because it turns out the neckband is done with a 3mm needle. Had I taken the time to READ this before I left...what a concept! Oh well, I started on a sleeve instead. I ripped that out 3 times before I was satisfied that the centre of the motif lined up with the shoulder join, and that I had the correct amount of stitches picked up on each side of it.

It's a good thing Shetland wool is so resilient...

Thanks everyone for all your "Feel Betters!" for my shoulder! Which is, for the most part, better, although I do have the odd twinge now and then. I'm pretty sure posture, and scrunching myself on my left side while trying to fall asleep at night is contributing to it not healing as quickly as I'd like.

"I really miss you now Auntie Brigitte. Do you miss me?? Huh? Say Hi to my cousins for me, and come back and visit soon!"


Lorraine said...

Brigitte- Living in Mississauga, we have the best of both worlds- big box and specialty stores.

But not much in the way of yarn shops. Finnegan looks like he had a great birthday.

You may have to endure the silent treatment from the Dudes.

Jewel said...

Welcome home Brigitte! Sounds like you had a great time. The kitties will be best buds in no time. They just need to sulk for a little bit. Amphora is gorgeous!

Marina said...

Aww, poor Finnegan and kitties! Glad they survived their adventure.

Amphora looks fabulous! I could see a green or more blue one in my future ;-)

Brenda said...

Amphora looks fantastic! You've really made progress quickly.

Glad the kitties were OK and that they forgive you soon! For such independent little beasties, they can become quite annoyed when their owner (I mean slave!) goes on a trip. At least yours are sleeping. My parent's Burmese follows my mom around the house meowing constantly when they come home from a trip.

Finnegan looked like he had a wonderful birthday and you a wonderful vacation.

Chris said...

Hmm, I don't notice anyone looking very starved... ;) I'm glad they were ok!

Aw, Finnegan is darned cute. Happy birthday, fluffy boy!

Wow, you made amazing progress on Amphora - GORGEOUS. Love the colors!

Carrie K said...

Finnegan is so cute! Happy Birthday, Finnegan!

Wow, Amphora looks great. Read the directions? Don't be silly.

Your cat sitter might have, y'know, called you when the problem came up, just to let you know (and also solve it....) but enh. Water under the bridge and they look fine.

That is so true though (the first caption)! lol.

Carrie said...

Aww, I went on vacation once, and my cat sitter couldn't get into the apartment. I was so frantic. Yes, she survived, but I felt badly, too.

Your sweater is beautiful! I can't wait to see the whole thing, but what an ambitious project! I am aspiring at stranding work, but you look like a pro. Nice job!

Dipsy said...

Happy, happy belated birthday to Finnegan - what a cutie!!! I'm glad to hear that your furry ones got through the "incident" fine - they must have danced with joy when you came home again! ;)
Amphora is looking gorgeous!

Anni said...

Good to hear you had a great time.
The kitties looks fine, and Amphora looks so perfect :)

knitseashore said...

Hello -- a first time visitor, over from Chris' site. Your kitties are so cute. One looks just like my Charlie!

What kind of bike riding do you like to do? I see that you have a Trek. :)

the BookWyrm said...

Welcome home! And don't let the Dudes fool you. If they're anything like my previous cat, they'll use any excuse they can to get more attention and treats out of you. But they're fine.

Amphora does indeed look great. You're just going to keep posting these great pics of stranded projects until I bite the bullet and learn Fair Isle, aren't you? :)


Tracey said...

Well? Did you bring home a kitchen sink? Your kitties probably have over-inflated super survivor jungle cat egos now. Don't feel too bad.
Little Finnegan is too cute. Hee hee, at least he didn't get streaks of Easter Egg Dye in his hair like...some other bloggers dog...*whistles*