Saturday, August 25, 2007

Nothing Says I Love You Like...

...kitty scratches.
So, our little friend Gandalf was dead to the world asleep last week - you know the kind where there are little kitty paw twitches and air-boxing moves. Snoring. On the couch, next to me, where I was minding my own beeswax, knitting and watching "Family Guy". Just out of the blue, something must have spooked him in his sleep, because he woke up, jumped 2 feet in the air, and landed feet first, CLAWS OUT, on my leg.

And then proceeded to use my leg as a springboard to the floor. OK, so it doesn't look too bad in the picture; this happened last Sunday. But let me tell you - the scratches on my leg bled, and those dots on my foot and leg are bruised, and gouged. Not scratches - gouges. And they HURT. Once he landed on the floor, tail all puffed out, he blinked, looked around, found Atticus, snuggled up with him and went right back to sleep. I needed Polysporin.

"...I'm a lil' tea' is my spout...nananalalala..."

It's been that kind of week. Everyday I said "I'll post tonight!", and something else came up. Which is probably not a good thing, because that something else usually entailed knitting something not meant to be... So, I really haven't much to show for myself.

Except for making an even bigger mess of my WIP table.

But! I've been doing all sorts of cool stuff on Ravelry! It's amazing how much time you can, uh, spend on it, searching through a ton of neat projects, and seeing who and what's out there.

Let's see, in the last week I have:

* Joined the Clapotis Second Wave KAL (starting September 23rd).

* Joined the Fulmar KAL (starting October 1st).

* Not blocked poor Kiri yet.

* Started a Caped Crusader cardigan (link to Lorraine's completed one from last November).

* Started "Grace" by Dorothy Siemens.

* Reached the halfway point of Mermaid. I'm going to hold off doing any more until next weekend when I head out to my sister and SIL's for my birthday. I'll be there for 5 days, and I always get some good knitting in.

I know what you're thinking! But I came clean. It's the time of year, I suppose. I start to get antsy for the fall, and fall knitting. And I can't stay focused on any one thing as my mind begins to race when I start seeing all the new yarns and designs for the fall.


"Um, whoa. Back up the truck, sister! What's this going away next weekend business?? That is so not cool..."


Michelle said...

Never you mind apologizing girl... birds of a feather flock together you know. I also get the autumn itch. I want to feverishly start EACH and EVERY fabulous sweater project I see in a desperate attempt to have them for the ready come fall. LOL as if?! but I still try... each year. pssst... I just ordered the Kauni "Autumn" kit. woohoo!

Lorraine said...

Brigitte- Oooh, that's gotta hurt!

Looks like you're the KAL Queen. I can't keep up with you.

You'll probably see some great stuff in Kitchener.

Marina said...

You poor thing!

That Ravelry should be illegal! I've got at least 2 dozen Starmores in my queue.

Do you realise that you have less than 6 weeks left of your diet? Why am I more excited than you?

Chris said...

Ouch! Gandalf, you goof... Oh man, that is one accusing kitty stare there... Ravelry's kinda dangerous, indeed. Kinda "she jumped on her horse and rode madly off in all directions" dangerous.

Bridget said...

I feel your pain - honest! I've been the victim of several of the same kinds of attacks ...

I'm so glad you joined the Second Wave KAL!

Brenda said...

I'm sure Gandalf feels deep remorse for having scratched and gouged you! ;)

For a knitter who is often lamenting that you can't knit lace (which I do not believe for an instant), Grace is quite a project, but very beautiful!

I may have to knit a Caped Crusader myself. That's a cool patern.

Have a great trip!

bellamoden said...

Gandalf. Matisse. Picasso. All related.

But love is being mauled, didn't you know?

Ravelry! Soon! I hear ya on the fall knits...

Carrie K said...

Yeeouch!'ve got to have new projects for fall. It's a rule. You can't knit with.......something....after Labor Day.

That is one "Back up, Sister" look Mae is giving you. Better watch out.

Sonya said...

I wonder what Gandalf was dreaming about to cause that! Ouch. I'm tempted by the Fulmar KAL but I must resist. Too many half-knitted sweaters already.

miyamojo said...

Ouch! I hate it when that happens!

Fulmar KAL??!! Oh, how I wish I were on ravelry so I could join you! I'm waiting until I retire... but I said that about blogging! LOL! :)

bev said...

I do believe I heard you scream in pain all the way down here!

You have big knitting eyes. I am still working on the 1 KAL that I joined last know the one... I will just watch you from a distance. K?

Dipsy said...

Ouch - this looks and sounds painful indeed! CM's got three huge scratches right at the front of his neck these days from hugging our kitty - obviously the joy of seeing him again after vacation was a bit too much for her ;)
Wow, you've sure joined quite some KALs these days, haven't you? Have fun, will you?

Traceyleezle said...

And of course there will be pics of Finnegan right? I have a severe case of startitus right now as well, it's definitely the fall weather.

sillyewe said...

Oh, man! Mia or Fritz...I forget which, once fell into the bathtub with me. It was a bloody (mine), flailing mess once the kitty finally made it out of the water. Arms, legs, water, wash cloths, fur- all flying. I feel your pain. ;0) I can't even go on Ravelry right now. I am scared I will NEVER get off of the computer!!!

Nicole said...

Ouch! I hope your leg is healed by now, or at least mostly.

I feel your pain on Ravelry, too. I think my queue will be permanently 20 items longer than I will ever be able to knit, since I keep finding neat new patterns.

barbp said...

Owww. That had to hurt. Enjoy your visit and have a great birthday. Safe trip now.

rebekah said...

Oh ouch that has to hurt!

knitseashore said...

I hope your kitty wounds heal soon. Those nails can cut pretty deep sometimes!

So far I've managed to behave with Ravelry, and only add projects to the queue I was planning to knit anyway, but restraint is SO hard there with all that eye candy!

Michelle said...

Small world isn't it?! I knew there was something I liked about you :)
I'd love to see your Persian Tiles... honestly I have to admit I'm not OVERLY thrilled with my colors. I selected the choice that was on the virtual yarns website. It seemed more gray/blue online but actually is very green.
Hey I hear you've been hired by the twisted knitter modeling agency!