Sunday, March 09, 2008

Snow. And A Winner!

What Gandalf thinks of the endless round of snowstorms... Can you blame the little guy?

That would be a (at least) 3' snowdrift resting on the flat roof of my neighbour's kitchen.

The little path on my deck I shovelled for myself this morning...


Spring is what? Eleven days away? Sure. OK.

*big sigh*

OK. On to more exciting stuff!

We have a WINNER! All the names went into a bowl, and one was chosen -

Chaos and Mayhem's Mom Chris!

And the chosen design? Kimberley, hands down. Thanks to EVERYONE who voted, wow, I received a lot of entries... And, it was great fun going through them all, and discovering some really cool blogs in the process.

I also want to thank you all for your advice on the neighbour situation. It is a sticky situation, and it seems to have settled itself for now. I've decided that I will look into getting a locked mailbox, as it seems to be the best solution. Although I really am hoping that it won't happen again, deep down inside, I don't have a warm and fuzzy feeling that it won't. So, instead of waiting for that to occur... May as well nip it now.

And this week in knitting...

Well, you may not believe it. Western Seas? The Never-Ending-Gansey-From-Hell? The body. Completed. Yes. Completed, including the collar. I did take a picture, but being navy blue, it just shows up as a big dark blob, so you'll have to take my word for it. And although I'm supposed to be knitting the Adult Petite size...this sucker is HUGE. Because my tension - WAY off. A whole 3 sts per 4" off at the top. Not sure why. Oh wait, yes I do. The tension when I started was spot on. I, uh, must have "loosened" up as I progressed along...that's what you get for knitting a gajillion stocking stitches in spurts over *cough* two years *cough cough*. But, I have more than enough yarn to finish the entire sweater. And I really, really don't want to know how tightly you'd have to knit this gansey yarn to get the finished fabric any denser than it already is. Besides, it was meant as an outdoor sweater... Oh well.

The sleeves. Oh right, I still have to do those... Wait for 'em.

Hey! Laleli has a completed body!

Tension on this baby is EXACTLY as it should be. Now on to finish Delores' body. And you know... with all this snow, I hope you'll understand why I felt the need (despite my other WIP's, oh shut up!) to start this:

"Endless Summer" from Fiddlesticks Knitting, in a yummy, warm green that's actually a bit "greener" than it appears in the picture, with blue accents. AND - it's lace. But never fear! Fiddlesticks Knitting charts are Lousy-Lace-Knitter-Brigitte proof! She takes the guess work and the head scratching decrease/increase calculations out of my dorky lace hands, and tells you exactly when, where and how much to work. Ah, it makes me feel good just to look at it...

So, I leave you with this, to hopefully inspire you to keep shovelling and slip sliddin' away, knowing that spring cannot be too long off...


Bridget said...

I'm glad that your neighbor situation has lessened, but also glad you are going ahead with the locked mailbox.

Love the Gandalf picture - though he would certainly contrast nicely with snow ...

Laleli looks beautiful! You are inspiring me as a fair isle newbie, I have to tell you.

Marina said...

Sorry, but even though there's a bit of sun today (after ~24hrs of snow), I don't believe Spring is coming. It will remain cold and suddenly, it will hot. And we'll be looking forward to Autumn, which also , never comes ;-)

How much did Carrie pay you to pick Kimberley ;-) Have you chosen the other colours?

Michelle said...

Oh I forgot how gorgeous spring can be! Kimberly is soooo beautiful! When will you start?

Chris said...

Aw, thanks!! *bounce bounce bounce*

Over two years? Hee hee - you're probably lucky your gauge didn't change more. You have gotten so much done lately - guess it's all that snow, eh?

Lorraine said...

Did Atticus go to the (whispering) Vet?

Is that what flowers look like? Ah, have you noticed that the sun is warmer?

Okay Spring- Thunderbirds are GO!

carolyn said...

You finished Western Seas! COngrats!!!!! I'll be really interested in seeing your Kimberley. That one has been in the back of my mind, although I didn't put it on my queue... yet!
You sure have a lot of snow there... a lot more than us. Ours has been melting for a week now, but it's just false spring.

Traceyleezle said...

Look at all that snow. Yep, I think I'm sick of winter too.

I like the idea of the locked mailbox. Good idea.

I cannot say a thing to you about starting another garment as startitus is firmly entrenched in my house right now. Yeah, so, go right ahead.

Turtle said...

Lol at your spring photo inspiration! Here at our home we have no snow , but less than 60 miles away the slopes still have a hundred inch base even as it melts. After such spring skiing yesterday we are hoping for a little more snow, smile, cause we will still have spring at the house! Congrats Chris!

knitseashore said...

I like your idea, to knit as if it were summer, to make it come faster. Must try that!!!

Hope that your snow melts very soon. It is spring, right?

Carrie K said...

The bodies are done on WS and Laleli? Call the press! Outdoor winter sweaters are supposed to be big. Gauge can't possibly loosen over......years.......disinterest......stockinette....well. Yeah. It can. ;)

Spring is coming. I'd tell you what our temps are but then you'd be jealous.

miyamojo said...

Maybe Gandalf is hiding from Atticus... or hoping you'll get use to him being stealthy, so you won't notice that he's hiding in the box for Chris, so he can visit Chaos & Mayhem! :) He did such a wonderful job modeling with all your knits last time.

Laleli is beautiful and the blue & green lace as well. Looks like my backyard, yes, Spring has arrived here! and coming your way soon! :)

Rebekah said...

Oh, that is a beautiful Laleli. Even if its wool, the colors remind me a spring pansys.

And its definitely time for some summer knitting. I'm finishing up Ringbloomst then on to something light and airy.

Gandalf, you are adorable!

Sonya said...

Oh, your spring picture is so lovely! Will it ever get here? Glad the neighbor situation is settling down. Bodies done on 2 sweaters? Way to go!