Sunday, December 14, 2008

All's Well

I am happy to report.

So, remember my problems with the Jamieson's yarn I used with the Hearts Tunic? Well, I'm pleased to say that I received a favourable response from the good people at Jamieson's. They did look into the matter, and provided me with a good reason as to why this may have occurred, and will be compensating me adequately. The response was quick, and the customer service they provided is excellent. I'm quite pleased (and confident) in continuing to use Jamieson's yarns in the future, and really - how could you not when put together they create such beautiful Fair Isle and stranded projects like Delores!

Hee hee! I'm just including this picture to remind you all (and myself, for that matter), of lovely Delores. Who has been sadly neglected. As have pretty much all of my WIP's, due in large part to STEALTH CHRISTMAS knitting. Santa Claws doesn't knit, so it's up to me to fill these Christmas knit wishes.

So, pretend you haven't seen Delores before! Ooooo! Ahhhh!

And thanks Jamieson's! Although it doesn't bring back my Hearts Tunic, your response does go a long way in restoring my confidence in your lovely yarns.

There's very little in the way of knitting to show you. This time of year - what can I say. It's all about the gifties.

Speaking of which!

Look what I got from Tess, Jetsam, and Garden Kitty's mom Bridget!


And for the Little Dudes too! Some toys for them (which have since been scattered to all four corners), some gluten free cookies (the gingerbread cookie? Oh. Wow.), and a SIGNED copy of "Knit So Fine"! I love this book, and have since it first came out. It features designs using thin yarns (my favourites). There are quite a few I'd like to try, including a hat, and the cover design. There's also a Kimono Top, and a vest using sock yarn. And lots of other stuff - go have a peek! Thanks Bridget! And thanks to the lovely authors of the book - Lisa R. Myers, Laura Grutzeck and Carol Sulcoski - for signing the book for me.



"I'm confused. Can I ask you something?"

"Um, ok..."

"Mom's name is Brigitte, right?"


"Then, how is it that Tess and Jetsam and Garden Kitty's mom is ALSO named Bridget? How can there be 2 moms named Brigitte? See my point? It's weird."

"Dude. There can be 2 mom's with the same name. It's just that the spelling is different."


"The spelling is different? Ohhhh. OK. Well, I guess so then. Atticus?"


"So, could there be 2 Atticus' too?"

"Whoa. Let's not get ahead of ourselves!"

Really must booby trap computer while I'm at work. Seems someone is getting too familiar with surfing the Internet.

Oh boy.

Anyway! Hey look! Surprise! Pardon the bad office lighting and slightly constipated look. We had just rolled back into the office after our 2.5 hour group lunch. Heh. But look! Yes, that's right. I cut A LOT of hair off, and boy does it ever feel LIGHTER. I never realized I had so much hair. But, it was a long time in coming, and I'm very pleased with the results.

Yay me! (Nice sweater Brigitte. Why, thank you. :D )

"I'm here for no other reason than to show you all how handsome I am. Despite the crappy lighting. That is all."


Lorraine said...

Bridge- The hair is fantastic- you brave girl. Love the sweater too.

How nice of Bridget and the kitties- is there something going on with Tess and Atticus?

I knew Jamieson's would see you right- it was just bad luck.

bev said...

Glad to hear you got the yarn situation taken care of. Too bad it was at the expense of all the time and word on the Hearts though. Love the hair! Now your sweaters can be seen first, then hair, then applause! And tell Gandalf that Jack is no longer grounded. He cuddled really well last night and I gave in.

Chris said...

Your hair looks great! And gosh, nice sweater, Brigitte. ;) I'm glad Jamieson's responded appropriately!

Marina said...

Oh, look! Is that a kitty helping you hold down Delores?

Good! I hope they solve whatever it was that caused the problem. Is it something that could affect my 20 balls?

The hair looks wonderful. The sweater? Reminds me I should dig mine out ;-)

Anonymous said...

And quite handsome you are too.

Whoo hoo on Jamiesons! Oooo, aaaah @ Delores. And hair? Who looks at hair when you have on a sweater that cute?

Nice gifties from the other Bridget! So which one of you spells her name correctly, hmmm?

Bridget said...

Delores looks pretty, I'm always impressed with your fair isle knitting ...

So glad that everyone enjoyed the goodies, it was fun getting them together. Sorry to confuse the kitties though. (If they are like mine, it's not all that hard ...)

LOVE your haircut!

And Anonymous - regarding the spelling of my name vs. Brigitte's, you'd have to take that up with my mother ...

Tess said...

Dear Atticus's mother ~

Please pass along my thanks to your boy for his nice note, offering to join my kitty jihad. I think he sounds like an excellent foot (paw?) soldier. Tell him that I will be in touch soon.



miyamojo said...

Atticus - you're one of a kind!

Brigitte - nice hair cut, love your sweater too. Glad Jamieson's came through.

It snowed here... not thrilled.

Michelle said...

I AM SO IMPRESSED with the hair AND sweater! You look great!!

Sonya said...

Delores is looking lovely! I love your haircut too. You are a brave one.

I'm glad Jamieson's came through. Still a bummer about the hearts tunic though.

carolyn said...

Hey... your hair looks great!
Nice sweater you're wearing too.

I'm glad Jamieson's came through for you. It's just too bad that you had to put all that time and effort into your hearts sweater.

Raven said...

Hair cut!!


DeeAnn said...

Glad to hear about the great customer service, the pattern was becoming disturbing.

Hair looks awesome! Isn't it fun? Shows off that sweater great too.

Ooooo Delores! I actually just realized that was the stitch pattern I fell in love with from her Fair Isle Knitting book, I'm a little slow sometimes ;-)

knitlisted said...

Wow, that is some gorgeous fair isle work.

Nicole said...

Such a handsome guy you have there... :)

I'm glad you got a quick and favorable response from the Jamieson people! I'd hate for it to be otherwise.

(Hey! I got a real word as the verification - "hyper"!)

Jewel said...

Atticus does look handsome and almost regal sitting there. Your haircut looks cute! I just wish I had the courage to cut mine.

You look fab in your sweater, too!

Cheryl said...

The hair looks great, mine is just short of my waist now and has been trying to strangle me so it may need to be reprimanded. The sweater is gorgeous as well.