Tuesday, September 12, 2006

No Such Thing As Too Much Yarn...

Well, such is my belief.

Atticus inspects some of the new additions, and gives them 2 paws up! Not everything is shown, 'cause, well that would be too many pictures and that would be, well, embarassing.

But what a day! I spent this past Saturday with Anne and Lorraine at the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitters' Fair.

Stash. Enhancement.

A great picture of Anne and Lorraine, chatting at the She Ewe Knits booth.

Did you check out the pictures on Lorraine's blog? She's got all the goods on display - the Twisted Tradition designs and all of the Jamieson's that Anne showcased. And a silly picture of me giggling away while demonstrating 2-handed Fair Isle knitting.

I myself picked up "Alcea", from Jamieson's latest Simply Shetland 3.

And other stuff. Lots of other stuff...

Lorraine, showing me the correct way to wear a beret.

I on the other hand, do not look too fetching in that type of hat...

She's wearing the beret and scarf from her "Fair Rosamund" design.

It was a fabulous day Knitsters! Saw all sorts of neat stuff, met some interesting people, and supported some great, small "cottage industry" type yarn retailers from both sides of the border. I was only too happy to lend my support...

And, I think Anne converted one lady over to the traditional knitting side... Heh heh... Reel them in with a twisted design, and the next thing you know it's Fair Isle all the way...

Back at Work

Always a ton 'o' fun...

And back to the Gym


I lazed around a bit too much this summer, so it's now time to get back to a regular schedule! I stick exclusively to classes, and will be heading back to Meditation Yoga on Wednesdays after sporadic attendance over the summer, and maybe a Back Strengthening class on Thursdays. My theory on going to the gym - if I can't do it away from the gym, then I won't do it. In other words, I can do yoga or strengthening exercises at home, but I don't have circuit machines in my basement. So I stick to the yoga and the like.

Can you imagine how buff we'd be if knitting were exercise? No, jumping up and down and throwing things against the wall doesn't count.

"Hey, check out Chaos' new little sister! I think she's kinda cute, but she's a girl so she probably has cooties."

"Aw geez Mom... now everyone'll know I secretly like the little guy... Must remember to smack him upside the head next chance I get."


Lorraine The Knitting Hammy said...

Oooooh GOD! How could you post that Beret picture??????????? I look like my demented Aunt Bunny!
But it was fun, tons of stash enhancers, a great day.
Good for you going to the gym- I myself am a lone wolf, and prefer walking the dog.
Noogies to the Dudes!

Marina said...

Where are the details? I don't recognise those labels.

Lorraine's got panache! She can get get away with anything.

More, more, more! We want to see the rest ;-)

Marji said...

Lorraine looks great in the beret, and I have to say, I think you would too Brigitte.
so what is the green destined to become? and, as Marina said, I don't recognize the label - details, we want details.

Chris said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. And how can you tease us like that, with just a wee picture?? :)

Heh, I think Gandalf might be too old for May right now. Give her a few months - probably about the time he quits worrying about the cooties...

Dipsy D. said...

Awww, it seems you had such a lovely time at the show, how great it must have been being there together with all the other fiber enthusiasts and seeing all those goodies - and getting to buy them! Yummy!
Thumbs up on the exercising thing - after my latest hiking trip I realized I'm in desperate need of some exercise too and mind you, I'll be doing that religiously from now on!

Nicole said...

Aaawww, they're too cute! Cats are so sweet when they cuddle

And is that a little lamb in the Stash Enhancement shot? It looks cute too, though I suspect it may become a Gandalf toy, if you let it.

DeeAnn said...

I don't know, if you get a good rile on, and throw things just right, sometimes knitting can be full of cardio-vascular fun - just like racquetball or something ;)

Looks like you all had a great day! Love that green.

Carrie K said...

That kitty cuddle is so cute! Oh no. Must. Check. Out. Yarn. And. Designs. I just got some from Anne. But more is better, right?

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