Saturday, September 16, 2006

Yarn, Yarn and More Yarn

Well, there's a lot to be said for the power of blogging and the Internet. When it comes to knitting - it has you bring out your WIP's for everyone to see, it gives you a medium for showing off your FO's, your friends can offer advice and encouragement (one of the best aspects), and you can also be right royally chastised for NOT displaying your loot picked up at a Knitters' Fair.

Me sorry...

So, here are some more details. Atticus and Gandalf decided they'd better inspect the goods as well, just in case there was something worth munching on.

Some Aran weight Philosopher's Wool in a red. I'm going to make an outdoor, cabled coat.

I love a vibrant colour for winter, and this sweater should be warm enough for mild-ish winter days.

"This had better not be another kitten..."

Some lovely spring green Peace Fleece for a top-down hoodie.

"I'm not picking up a scent...we may be in the clear..."

"Woodstock" yarn from Needful Yarns, in a marled dark purple/black. This is quite a departure from the usual for me, but it was a case of loving the finished product displayed - a car coat. Should be a quick knit!

(But not until Ophelia's done, I know Marina...)

"What if you're wrong? I like being the only Cute Kitten..."

"Thrum" mitten kits, one in black, one in grey.

And Gandalf looking mighty cute, I might add...

"You know, you could stuff me in your mitts for extra warmth...Just sayin'."

And here's the "Alcea" kit I picked up at Anne's booth - She Ewe Knits.

It's in the latest Jamieson's book - Simply Shetland 3.

Beautiful colours! And, the book is quite good, there are a few textured designs and a gansey that would be lovely to make...

"OK, inanimate sheep, try not to steal my thunder. It's still all about me..."

Phew. OK, and there are a couple of other things I won't show, because they're to be pressies... It was a pretty productive day, wouldn't you say?! Also not shown are the sundry needles I picked up at a great price, and the blocking wires.

Marina is applying pressure to Cynthia and I... She's going to be reminding us of our unfinished Fair Isle projects (hey, mine's on hiatus) until they are done! Once I'm done with Kim Hargreaves' "Lush", I will be devoting 100% of my knitting time on Ophelia's last arm! Lush is in the finishing stages - I'm completing the bottom cuffs now, and after that I have the arm cuffs to complete. Sew her up, and she's done!

Then it's All Ophelia, All The Time.

Atticus and Gandalf, in a "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" moment. What you can't really see is Gandalf (in the Steve Martin role) with his little arm around Atticus' (in the John Candy role) back.

Later, once they woke up to the fact Atticus was not the soft pillows of Gandalf's dream, they were all - "hey, whoa, uh, heh heh, uh how 'bout those Leafs, huh?!"

And, I did not want to close off this post without wishing my wonderful sister-in-law a very happy 40th birthday! How does the birthday girl celebrate? By running a marathon - the New York City marathon in November (after running one in Montreal last weekend...).

Myself, I'd by yarn.


Lorraine The Knitting Hammy said...

"where's your other hand" "between two pillows" "those aren't pillows.. aaarrrrgh!"
I LOVE that movie. And Atticus is a great Del Griffith.
Thanks for the show and tell- I didn't get a chance to check out your stuff. The Peace Fleece Hemlock is great.

Chris said...

Gandalf is so cute. I'm going to have to keep May away from the computer so she doesn't develop a crush. She's too young for boys! And if Chaos starts to feel paternal, he might have to come over and beat the crap out of Gandalf. LOL!

Marina said...

I was hoping to see Simply Shetland 3 in "real life" but the silly shop which is the only one in Cincinnati which sells Jamieson didn't bring the "good stuff"! Hope they learnt their lesson and not bring the froufrou stuff as their place was deserted.

Marji said...

LOL, me too, I'd buy yarn! Happy B;day to her anyway, and she should be an example to us all.
Meanwhile, what a great haul.
Last time you posted about Lush I took a window shopping trip over to Kim Hargreaves, and almost broke down...but, not yet. Can't wait to see Lush.
and you're right about the internet connectivity keeping us on our toes. Nice thing, that.

DeeAnn said...

Great haul! And yeah, they call you out good when you don't give up the full disclosure don't they ;)

Loves to the little dudes.

Dipsy D. said...

Now, that's certainly one huge yarn haul - I totally love all the yarns and colors you got, I'd love to jump right in there and touch it... feel it... drown in it! Looking forward to seeing all that you're going to make with it!
I love Gandalf!

sillyewe said...

Isn't Marina great for that kick we all need?? She constantly reminds me to keep on track...and I still stray. ;0) I love the spring green Peace Fleece you bought! What a great color. And the SHEEP!! Awwww! Now to Ophelia, woman! :0)

Anonymous said...

Wow, you did quite a bit of shopping in such a short time -- I'd call you a super shopper, power shopper, supreme stash enhancer -- after all, winter is coming, and you always can use more insulation. (That's one of my favourite excuses!)

Carrie K said...

Me too. What better way to celebrate anything? Happy Birthday to your sil!

That sheep is cute. That P,T&A pic is adorable. The yarn too.

Now go finish Ophelia. I'll wait here....