Friday, January 12, 2007

Le Stash, Part Deux

OK, I guess if I'm going to 'fess up to having an out of control stash - may as well lay it all for you to see.

Uh. That would be under my bed. Meet Ziploc XXL bags #5 and #6. Both are labeled "Mixed", and have a mixed (you don't say Brigitte) variety of yarn, including *gasp* cotton!

The little "one-of-these-things-is-not-like-the-other" bag is my odds and ends bag. Lots of odds and ends. Lots. And no Hebridean or Jamieson's either. Um, that would be in Rubbermaid XL bin #2... (Right now, my sister is nodding her head and saying, yup, she probably has the bin labeled too...)

And this is the "whatthehellwasIthinking" box. Just that. What was I thinking. Not that there's anything wrong with any of it - the colour's off, or it looked better in the store/online.

Yes. That's an old computer harddrive box. Note my lame attempt at camouflaging the box with my harem pillows.

Nice. Oh, next post - I flash my WIP's, and I'm going to list them on the sidebar. Because kicking my own butt often doesn't do the job. I need you to help me with that.

WOW, I'm so thrilled at all the new commenters! Hi Brenda and Tracey and BVD! Hey, I've checked out your blogs, and will be adding them to my list. I love this blogging thing, and meeting all kinds of interesting knitters. Keep 'em coming! And thanks to everyone for your comments on my Central Park Hoodie. It's knitting up so quickly - I have the fronts/back completed, and half of one sleeve done. And, no, I haven't been neglecting Dalarna - the sleeve is half done, and will get most of my attention this weekend.

Next to "Rome", which starts up again on Sunday night on the Movie Network here in Canada!

Speaking of TV - allow me a few lines to rant on something that, although was on the Canadian channel, is probably no different in some newscasts in the US and other parts of the world.

OK. Can you explain to me why David Beckham signing with a North American soccer (football) team merit TOP spot on the newscast, above, oh I dunno, the police manhunt for a guy WITH A GUN in Sick Kids Hospital here in Toronto? OK, so we're all bummed out about Afghanistan, Iraq, the economy, gas prices, global warming, crime... but please don't dumb me down by leading off with a gossipy piece about someone who lives a lavish lifestyle I cannot, and do not wish to, relate to. Oh, and yes I know, I do have a choice. And I think my choice will be watching "Crossing Jordan" re-runs on A&E from now on at 6pm.

Just sayin'.

"You tell 'em Mom! Yeah, let's watch Animal Planet instead!"


Lorraine said...

Brigitte- the good thing is that those bags under the bed act as really good insulation, so you'll be nice and warm this winter.
(Of course, I've been to your place, so I've seen the stuff you haven't shown.)

Chris said...

Wait, what's that Lorraine's saying?? You haven't shown everything?! 'Fess up!

Those bags? Chaos and May would chew through them in MINUTES.

Marina said...

Oh yay, trying to skip part three, are you? I haven't forgotten what you wrote about devoting one day a week to Western Sea ;-)

Carrie K said...

What would be REALLY impressive would be for you to drag out all your yarn and lay it out in one great big pile.

Haven't shown? Good gravy.

Oh yeah, Western Sea! My, my, you do have a lot of WIP's, don't you. Oh, I'm going to be so good at nagging you.....

Jewel said...

I can't imagine anyone worth $250 million. It's so stupid.

I'm looking forward to the next installment of "Brigitte's Stash Diary". :-)

Tracey said...

Hey, right back atcha! Oh, and just how do you expect us to nag you about WIP's when we ourselves (I'm sure I'm not alone here) have many of those lurking somewhere ourselves? I think watching Animal Planet helps build kitty-esteem.

Marina said...

So you only showed 3 VY boxes in Part 1. Where are the others?

Dipsy said...

Hm... I know I'm being nasty now, but thanks god Beckham and his idiotic wife are off Europe now - now you guys overseas will get your share of the hype, part of what we've suffered from for the last years... And I hope with all my heart that I won't ever hear anything about them again ;( Won't happen unfortunately, but perhaps, if they're off to L.A., the day may come when they're not so "interesting" for the European yellow press anymore. I'm *soooo* sick of them...
But all this doesn't mean that I couldn't look at Beck's cute lil' face for the rest of my life - LOL :)

Kathryn said...

I just love your rug! (At the bottom of the stash picture) Did you make it? It's gorgeous!

Louise said...

I often feel the same way (about the news I mean ... the stash is something else). They gossip, they don't give the news !