Sunday, January 20, 2008

2 in 1

"Well... I'll be a son of a gun..."

It is possible to have 2 FOs in one week. That's 2 FOs. One week.

I know! I can hardly believe it myself!

It's the Seaweed Scarf from Virtual Yarns (actually, it was a swap with Lorraine), done in the Selkie colourway. This picture really does show the variegated colours of this shade.

OK. It's lace. So let's see... There is nothing wrong with the pattern. The instructions are clear, and the chart is...well, it's a chart. The instructions indicate you should complete 50 repeats of the 12 row chart. Some nights were good, and I could easily manage 3 or 4 repeats. Other times, if I could get in 1 without messing up, that was a pretty good outing! I didn't want too long of a scarf, so I figured I'd complete 35-40 chart repeats, and call it a day.

That day came after dropping oh, around 14 f-bombs (and other assorted colourful language) in one row. So, I decided I'd better cast off before I unceremoniously dumped it in a corner and forgot about it for another year or so. I think I have 34 repeats. More than enough! It blocked out nicely, and is more than long enough.

And yes, I'm proud of it. Yes, I'll be using it. No, I will never knit it again. Nothing against the's just me and lace. You know. We need breaks. However, I will admit that I do not count this as the "other" lace project I'd set as a knitting goal for 2008. We do still have 11 months.

Wow. I actually have room on my knitting table. AND. I haven't felt the urge to start something new. Yet. AND. I have 11 rows before the I-cord cast off on Mermaid's right front. Then it's the sleeves...and then... Oh, let's not get too ahead of ourselves.

And yesterday? I worked on Delores. Yes. Delores.

In case you've forgotten.

I figure I've Laleli's chart pretty much down pat, so I can work on her for smaller periods of time or during the evenings after work, and still get a lot done. Delores on the other hand has colour changes nearly every row, and requires a bit more concentration, so I'll probably work on her during longer stretches of time (read: kitty nap times). Gandalf thinks all of those neat ends are pretty cool to play with.

If I thought I'd lost my knitting gumption, it was short-lived. It's back! I can actually contemplate starting something new WITHOUT GUILT. Well, not that I ever really felt guilty starting something new in the past...for long.

"Tell them about your bum knee, Mom!"

Oh right. The right knee from hell! So, I've had fluid on it since before Christmas (I know...I know, should have had it looked at sooner...), and it's been getting worse these past few weeks. It doesn't hurt, what hurts are the other muscles in my knee I'm straining trying to guard the swelling. I've iced it, kept it elevated, blah blah blah, and it's still there. I know it's because of two things - I haven't been wearing my arch supports (and I am now), and my days of wearing heels are over. *sob* (On the other hand...this does mean I get to go shoe shopping!) So, I'll be heading back to the doctor's next week to have them drain the fluid from the knee (eeep!), and head to physiotherapy and get fitted for some custom orthotics (gotta love insurance...).


I feel some yarny self-medication in my near future.

"Way too much going on here...finished knitting stuff, Gandalf sitting still, Atticus getting in the middle of a picture...way too much..."


Lorraine said...

Brigitte- The lace is amazing- you gotta love the result.

I hope it's not "age"- first the orthotics, then the compression stockings, next comes the walking frame.

Sonya said...

It's good to have those f-bombs in the arsenal for just such an occasion. It is gorgeous lace! Well worth the frustration, I think. (Said the woman who has yet to actually knit lace.)

You have my sympathies on your knee. Ouch. At least you'll have the consolation of shoe and yarn shopping.

Chris said...

Do you mean FOs, not WIPs??? ;) Gorgeous lace, even if it was painful to do.

Get the knee taken care of!! :( I'm sure walking on snow and ice isn't doing you any favors, either.

Michelle said...

Who needs heels anyway!? Foot surgery this August guaranteed I would never (not in this lifetime) be wearing heels again. My foot is permanently fused into a position that does not flex... so flats for me :)..... hey they're "in" anyway!.... you are in the midst of a knitting frenzy my friend! The scarf/wrap is wonderful. I love the color! Now justawaiting.... any bohus bonus on the horizon :)

Anne said...

Sorry to hear about the knee -- get it looked into, get those new shoes, break them in yarn shopping!

Hi Dolores -- haven't seen you in a while.

Caelee is telling me she wants equal billing with Daisy -- now I've got to take her photos too LOL!

ali said...

Sorry about your knee- hope it's feeling better soon (if not already!)

The scarf looks luxurious- enjoy it!

Happy knitting-

Carrie K said...

Poor Mae, all that exhausting finishing and bad knees that some people do not go to their doctor's on a timely basis to attend to. Ahem.

But gorgeous lace! and perfect time to cast off. And Delores! Wow. New year indeed, eh?

miyamojo said...

Hooray for your lace scarf! It's fabulous! Atticus - the Hebrides Kitty! Has he claimed it as his?

Hope your knee is feeling better... Maybe you can reward yourself for going to the doctor's... you know, buy or start something woolly! ;)

carolyn said...

WOW! Seaweed looks great. This picture is much better than the last one too!
It's so beautiful, I would knit one, except, you know... it's the dreaded "L" word. (LACE)

Hope your knee is better... I hear you on that one. Had to have one of mine injected last summer.

Vaedri said...

Beautiful lace!

I'm the same with not going to the doctor when I should. Something that would have taken a couple of visits and some mild discomfort ends up in pain and misery. Some day I'll learn - hopefully.

Hope you're feeling better soon!

knitseashore said...

I hope your knee is better! Mine's been acting up on and off since I fell on the garage floor with the kitty carrier in hand on the way to the vet...but we won't talk about that. :) Thankfully Rainy is fine!

Your lace is beautiful! I'm in awe of your colorwork. I think that it is much harder. Someday I'll work up my courage to tackle it.

Jewel said...

Congrats on the seaweed. It's very pretty. I hope your knee gets better. Tell Gandalf to help you out around the house! ha ha

Rebekah said...

Very nice. And wow 2 in a week - now that is cruising. I'll be fortunate I think if I get two FO's this whol eyear :-)

Love the sweater and kitty pictures.

carolyn said...

I just wanted to say hi, again... even though I already commented on this post...
You are so brave to knit lace. It will take me years to forget my horrible July experience with lace and to think maybe this time I can do it!
Hope the swelling in your knee is all gone. I had to get one of mine injected this summer... a new arthritis fix and it's been great ever since. Hope yours is OK without any intervention though.

Traceyleezle said...

So proud of the lace, I'm sure you are too. I'm sorry to hear about the knee, but new shoes who can beat...wait a minute, did you say Gandalf sitting still?!