Monday, January 07, 2008

Good Therapy

I was feeling a bit bummed by the end of the holiday season, and even though I'm now able to work on my own WIP's, I found that I couldn't really concentrate on too much.

Have you seen this movie? I had been wanting to see it for awhile, and something always got in the way. I finally got my chance on the weekend.


If I giggled my way through most of it, I nearly choked laughing at one of the final scenes of the movie. Those who've seen it know exactly which one I mean. I'm pretty sure Atticus had his paw ready to dial for help, because I was nearly crying. I honestly cannot remember watching a funnier scene in a movie.

Anyway, all that to say, that scene alone kicked me out of the post-Christmas doldrums, and I'm pretty sure I've landed in a good spot.

I can safely say that the orange cabled thingy, or "Cricket Cable Sweater" (you know, that orangey-rusty cable know...) is done. I'm finishing up the cap on the last sleeve. And, as I've already completed the neckline, it's just a matter of sewing her up! Wheeeee hoooooo!

And next - I don't know, what next? I have 2 choices to tackle here: finish up Mermaid or finish up Arangenser. I THINK I'm leaning towards finishing Arangenser. I have about the same to work on both, maybe a bit more on Arangenser. OK, so there is more to do on Arangenser. Right. Anyhoo. My reasoning is that Mermaid can be worn well into the spring, however Arangenser, being a really, really thick Aran done on 5.5mm, has a relatively short life, even with this cold winter. So, I'd best get her done.

Poor little wee Arangenser. I do love you, however you really are a bitch to knit, thanks to your lack of written instructions, and your insanely small chart... Where everyone one of your lovely little stitches for your entire sweater is represented by a tiny little box on a page of 9" x 11" size book. Ah yes...

So, maybe I'll be going back and forth between the two. Arangenser and Mermaid, that is.

Oh wow, by the looks of it, there is still a LOT to do on Arangenser... That's where it's at right now...

Fulmar and Laleli continue to be exempt from such reasoning. Just because. But they are growing, and I'll have proof next time.

And for those of you NOT sitting down - please do. Because this just might mess with your mind.

Top. Down. Socks.


I know! Although it's only going to be stocking stitch, I will be trying out the fancy doo-dad heel on the pattern that came with the yarn (direct from Nova Scotia, in yarn store that carries A WHOLE WALL OF FLEECE ARTIST AND HAND MAIDEN YARNS, thanks to my sister and sister-in-law. Who, have I mentioned, have bought a nice little parcel of seaside land quite close to said store, that has A WHOLE WALL OF FLEECE ARTIST AND HAND MAIDEN YARNS. Just sayin'.)

Let's not mention the fact that the yarn is quite dark, and may make for picking up heel gusset stitches quite difficult for a first time sock-downer. I'm smart like that.

A lot of you are going on a yarn diet this year, and those of you that are - hey! Good for you. I mulled this one over in my head, and said to myself "Self, you're no good with diets, unless it's made up AND cooked up for you by someone else. So, don't commit to it!" I'm good at talking to myself. Instead, I do plan on being extra careful, and like Jewel said - be sensible about each and every purchase I make.

As if.

I do have plans for a Bohus in February/March when the ol' annual bonus comes in. That and a VY purchase. Or two. Because I would hate for them to think I'd stopped thinking of them and what I could do if let loose on the Isle of Lewis. I'm really thinking about Strathglass, and maybe the blue/green version of Luskentyre. We'll see... Oh, and I need some Frangipani for Sand Dollar (the adult version that only has you cast on over 500 stitches (524, but who's counting?).

See? I SUCK at diets.

"Thank bloody hell she does... Otherwise she'd drag us all down..."

Hey, I don't think I showed you this picture.

Hee hee... That would be "Twinigan" and his cousin "Minigalf". I made Finnigan a little knitted black kitty Gandalf, so that his little twin above could have a buddy on the couch at my sister and SIL's.

What? Twinigan would have been lonely otherwise...

Next time around, I'll show you some progress pictures. Some Laleli, a little Fulmar, and an FO!


Michelle said...

Hey girlfriend.... I ordered my kit! I'll wait for you and Lorraine....but I'll post a photo when it arrives ~ it was shipped on Jan 2nd! woohoo!!

Chris said...

Minigalf is adorable!!! Awww... Hmm, maybe you could take that wee chart to a copy place and get it blown up? Would that help?

You have so much planned! Wow. I'm with you on not doing well on diets, but doing better with "being careful."

I'm glad you're out of the holiday doldrums, too!!

Carrie K said...

Twinigan and Minigalf? They are so freaking adorable!

I was going to advise what Chris did. Take the chart & get it blown way, way up. I had to sign a waiver at Kinko's the last time but since it was for my own personal big deal.

I had Holiday Hermit bad this year. Next year, I swear, I'm going to go to some nice snowed in lonely place (with a full restaurant and yarn shop).

knitseashore said...

I haven't seen LMS yet but thanks to your recommendation, I'll check it out.

As long as you have a plan for the yarn you buy, you'll be fine. Being careful is the way to go. :)

P.S. Love the minigalf!

Marina said...

If being careful means having a project in mind when purchasing, I qualify!

How come you get your bonus months before the husband who works for a Canadian company? They haven't even told him how much of a raise he's getting this year, not that it is ever much.

I like your choices, but I would go for the yellow/original Rheingold!

Bridget said...

Twinigan and Minigalf are great!

You sure have a lot planned. I have some rough ideas, but keep on getting sidetracked.

Last year, I tried the Knit from Your Stash challenge, and I actually did pretty well. But a large part of that was that there was a period of about 6 months when I didn't even have an extra dollar to buy yarn! I do try to be careful, and most of the time, I do OK. I'm betting you will too.

miyamojo said...

I suck at diets too!
Atticus is so funny! heehee!
Yes, Twinigan needed a buddy.. and who better than Minigalf?!!
I should make a Tuxedo Kitty (2 Socks) seeing as how he hates me!!
I wish I were close to finishing something...anything...please! m :)

Traceyleezle said...

You have been busy. Wow. I need to bump that movie up on my queue for Netflix because my butt is so stuck in the Christmas blahs. Someone said recently depression is the common cold of the mind...I think I have the flu. Bah. Can't wait to see this heel.

Brenda said...

Arangenser is so gorgeous, Brigitte! I am in awe. Looking forward to seeing all your projects again. You pick projects with such great names.

Hurray for the top-down socks! 2-3 st garter edges on the heel flap make picking up the stitches a snap (at least for me). Good luck!

Lorraine said...

Brigitte- Yeah, there was a rumour that VY was looking for you- they haven't heard from you in a while.

I hate to be a pill, but project monogamy isn't your strong point- not that there's anything wrong with that.

Twinigan? You guys have lost it.

Nicole said...

Very pretty projects, though the sound of that chart has me running far away, no matter how pretty the finished product...

Minigalf is so cute!

Jewel said...

Congrats on the socks! You can do it! MiniGalf is too adorable. I think Mia needs a MiniMeems. No wait. One of her is enough.

I've got my Bohus ready to go. I can't wait!!

Sonya said...

Love the Arangenser! Gorgeous. I'm with you this year on trying to be a little more deliberate in yarn purchases. Diets suck. Besides you wouldn't want to worry the VY people.

Twinigan and Minigalf are so cute!

Knitting Granny said...

Catching up on my blog lurking (reading)... Thanks for sending out such great posts. Aranganser!! Just beautiful! Did you make up the pattern? And, please, what yarn is that??? I love how it show-cases the stitches. Smooches to your little four-footed friends.

Marji said...

I know exactly which scene. Funny!
You have the pattern for Sanddollar? Lucky.
Socks?!? thunk