Sunday, June 29, 2008

Little Gems

Have you seen this little gem? No? Well, do yourself a favor, and have a look.

Because it's one of the funniest things I've seen on TV in a very long time... Even Gandalf perks up whenever he hears the music.


"Oh c'mon, that song was so written for me! I mean, look at me...Danger! Danger! "

I got into one of those weird modes last week, and decided that I absolutely had to re-organize my stash... Because. You know. It makes the ridiculous volume of yarn that much more easy to sort through when you get into that must-use-it-now mindset. I have to chuckle though. How is it that I can remember (for the most part) what yarn I have and where it is, but I always loose my pen at work and can't remember where I put my head on any given day?? Anyway, as I was putting things away, I noticed Little Dude Gandalf lounging amongst the Mission Falls.

Sinks. Behind toaster ovens. Under rugs. Knitting bags. It's all fair game to him.

So, I had every intention of posting this past week, but one thing or another got in the way, including a nasty bee sting (I'm not allergic, but I do get a reaction after after being bitten); an allergic reaction to mineral makeup face powder (who knew that one of the ingredients, bismuth oxy-chloride, would actually be pushing chemical particals into my skin...); a surprise party for my boss' upcoming wedding; and so on...


But it didn't stop me from doing this...

You see. Now that Columbia is waiting to be seamed, I decided I needed something relatively simple to work on while "distracted" (watching TV) - enter Hearts Tunic, from Jamieson's Simply Shetland 3 book. I'm knitting it using Jamieson's Heathered Aran in "Lacquer". The colour is actually a deeper red than what appears above. Anne's shade chart is a better representation of the deep red. Now that the bottom trim section is complete, it is moving along quite quickly.

And not to worry!

My other WIPs - Laleli, Delores, Fulmar and Arangenser? They haven't been forgotten - they just require a bit more...attention. Something I don't always have at the end of work day. And if I'm really feeling particularly hazy, then I just work on the straight 12" of stocking stitch required for the body of my Dale - Sapporo 2007.

(Oh, ow! Musn't allow small black cats to jump directly on bee sting while sitting in this chair. Ow ow ow!!)

"...*snore* *snore* mmmpphhhhmmmmffff *snore* *snore*..."

And Atticus would like to thank everyone for his birthday wishes. Also. Now that he's 10, he has earned the right not to have to put up with silly birthday hats.


Bridget said...

Words cannot describe that commercial ... though, the whole diaper/thong thing with sumo wrestlers creeps me out I have to say ...

Your new project looks great, I love the pattern.

Hope you'll feel better soon. I had one of those weeks, too - misery loves company, you know.


Anonymous said...

I love that commercial!!!

Have you seen the Michael Jackson Indian Tribute dancer???

Marina said...

Watching the commercial was worth wiping coffee off the monitor and my papers!!

I prefer your version of Lacquer ;-) God knows what was going through my head when I bought 21 of those. I don't wear red!

Hope the bee sting feels better soon.

Lorraine said...

Bridge- The Sumos are a great advertising concept- I couldn't figure out what it was at first.

The tunic will be lovely in the lacquer red. I would have loved to play with the Gandalf-Man in the yarn.

Hope you feel better.

Chris said...

Oy, what a week! I was just reading something about how sunblock with microparticleized (sp?!) minerals like titanium dioxide is actually really, really bad because it goes into your skin. Argh. So much for being vigilant about wearing sunblock...

That commercial. Whoa. *blink blink*

Carrie K said...

Excuses, excuses. :)

I love your stash. Is that "fun fur"? lol. Hope your bee sting heals! Ouch.

The Hearts Tunic looks good! Nice knitting for TV watching.

I'll have to check out the commercial at work. You know, where I have audio.

Kevin said...

My eyes!!! I may never get those images out of my head. Love the Hearts Tunic. I needed a mindless knit for summer too.

Nicole said...

Hehe, silly Gandalf. Doesn't he know you have to spin fiber before it goes in the knitting bag?

miyamojo said...

That commercial is so funny!

I know what you mean about stash stats... but, I can't remember what I wrote on the grocery list... priorities you know!

It's nice to have a mindless project, so you still feel productive. Luv those hearts. :)

knitseashore said...

Ohhhhh...hearts tunic! Ohhhh...cute kitty in knitting bag!

Marji said...

I love the hearts.
I go with Bridget on being just slightly creeped out by big guys in diapers...

carolyn said...

I loved that commercial!!! It's so funny and the great thing is that it makes me feel so skinny.
I forgot to comment on your great pink socks... what a color!
The new red hearts look great too, and I already know how nice you look in red so it will be wonderful. (Your Poetry in Stitches red and white sweater)
Sorry I haven't written for so long... we have been having lots of trouble with our internet and I couldn't get anyone's blogs to load.