Sunday, September 07, 2008

Good To Be Home!

Hi! I missed you guys! I realized just how much as I caught up on my blog reading.

Thanks to EVERYONE who wished me a happy 40th birthday! There were some who unfortunately didn't leave a return contact e-mail address - so to all of you, thank you! It's nice to be thought of so kindly.

I wuv my blog friends!

I had a great time visiting with my sister and sister-in-law, and of course - the little man Finnegan.

"Oh, Auntie Brigitte! Come back! I miss you! Look at me! Look at ME! LOOK AT ME!"

Finnegan is so funny.


The Little Dudes in the morning: Hey. Hey. *whack whack* Hey. Nope, she's not getting up. HEY! HEY! Lady! We're HUNGRY! Hello?


The Little Dudes when I come through the door: Oh. Hi. *yawn* *stretch* Nice day? Good. Oh look, it's almost 5pm. You know what that means.

Finegan when I'm knitting: Please Auntie Brigitte, may I sit on your lap? Please?

The Little Dudes when I'm knitting: Comin' through. Sittin' on your lap, move this thing. Hey! Did you POKE me with your needle??! Watch it. Sheesh...

OK. Maybe they're not that bad... Wait. Yes they are.

But they were happy to see me, and they were well looked after and spoiled by their Auntie Raven while I was away. Mae even allowed Raven to PICK HER UP. Amazing for the little Miss Shy Girl.

Aw Shucks!

Look what I received from both Lorraine and Michelle!


I'm supposed to nominate 4 fellow bloggers in return - but why stop at just 4?

Let's see... There's of course Lorraine and Michelle themselves - Lorraine is such a good friend, I know I'll always have a laugh (we have the same twisted humour...). Not to mention she's a really good cook. And such a cool Mom... And Michelle? Totally buy my Avon stuff from her if I lived in the US. And believe me. I'd be her best customer!

And then there's Carrie K., I love her wry sense of humour, and we ALWAYS have something to talk about (and talk, and talk and talk...), she's a great shoulder to lean on; and my lovely, wonderful friend Chris, whose blog brightens my day and who's there to support and encourage me no matter the issue (we're both gluten-intolerant. Oh, and computer geeks. As a matter of fact, our lives are parallel in so many ways, it's twilight zone-ish.); Anne for being my source of all things Jamieson's, as well as being a friend (how lucky is that?!!); Shannon for trying out new stuff and having *such* a cutie puppy; Tracey for her humour, her adorable kids, and for being a fellow redhead; Bridget for her hilarious stories and writing style (not to mention having the coolest name. In my humble...); Michele for being a super knitter (not to mention modest) with the most talkative, yet strangely inanimate, housemates; Carolyn for inspiring me to knit on with my Starmore projects, and being so passionate about hers (wow, go have a peek - she just picked up a 1st and 2nd prize at the Alaska State Fair!); Jewel for being...Jewel - always funny, always kind, and with great taste in colour (pink!) - and Mia of course; Nicole, who expands my mind and makes me smile with her thought-provoking posts, and an adorable kitty; Brenda for encouraging me that I will be a better sock knitter (one day), and for sharing some pretty yummy cocktail recipes... And last but not least - Marina. For being Marina - one heck of a traditional knitter, and someone I can e-mail and say - "what the hell!", and she'll know EXACTLY what I'm referring to.

WOW. You guys make my day! I'm very lucky.

I thought this would be a very fitting Memory Lane picture this time around. With my sister looking over, I'm about to blow out the candles on my Smarties birthday cake! I would be...2? By the looks of it. (Man, was I really that blonde?!!).

"Mom's home."

"Really? Get away from my butt."

"Well, I'm going to say hi to her. You guys just lie there like lumps."

No, really, they were happy to see me! And there was very little destruction while I was away, although Gandalf did discover my latest tomato hiding spot... What is it with that boy and tomatoes??

Have a great week everyone!


Lorraine said...

Bridge- Finnegan is so cute- and it illustrates the wide difference between cats and dogs- you own dogs, cats own you.

A smarties cake- wow!

Marina said...

Too funny! Did Finnegan get some special treats for all the love he showered on you?

Congrats & thank you for the award! Not that I deserve it.

Yum! Smarties is an International food here and has the price to prove it. My kids have to make do with M&M.

Chris said...

Welcome back! And thank you - the parallels are eerie, aren't they?!

Carrie K said...

Welcome home! Typical greeting from my household too. My next cat is going to be a dog.

Thanks for the award! I see I'm in good company.

Okay, WTH does WTH email mean? lol.

Bridget said...

I'm so glad that you had a good visit, and a good birthday.

I laughed out loud at the pictures and the captions - I especially like the "get away from my butt" one...

Thank you so much for naming me in your list! It really made me smile, and it's nice to know that friends really do like you, you know??

(Plus, now I'll have something to post about this week ...)

Michelle said...

Welcome Home! LOVE LOVE LOVE the smarties cake ~ very retro!

miyamojo said...

I'm glad you're back too!
Finnegan - the smiling dog - seeing him makes me miss having a pup around... and that cat vs dog talk is sooo true & hilarious!

Thanks for the ribbon! You're such a sweetie! I love your blog too. :)

Lynn said...

GOtta love the difference between the two species. One will love you to death when you get home, the other will look at you surprised that you were gone! LOL

Carrie said...

Happy Birthday a couple of days late! So glad you're appreciated at home. And congrats on your award. It's quite shiny =)

Nicole said...

Hehe! I love the Finnegan/Little Dudes comparisons. Though they love you too... especially when you do feed them! (and even more especially when it's tomatoes, from the sound of it!)

knitseashore said...

Congratulations on your award, and your birthday! I always have fun visiting and reading about your little dudes! What you said is SO true. Lorraine too. I know my place around here, and it's not alpha. :)

Sonya said...

Finnegan continues to grow in cuteness. And I almost spit soda on my screen when I read the "Really? Get away from my butt" comment. I love your smarties cake! I remember more than a few smartie-induced tummy aches. Evidently there's a limit to how many of those one should eat.

carolyn said...

I love your cat vs dog dialog. It is so right on!
Hope you had a great trip and I be your little dudes really missed you a lot.

Shannon said...

Awww your guys love you! Although I agree with you, it's the same with my own pup. Be grateful Finn is so little!

Rebekah (Knit Knack) said...

Okay, your comparison of the kitties and Finnegan was too funny. Its so true, dogs are so much more excited at the presence of a favorite human. Every day when I come home Django is literally bouncing off the ceiling so excited I've come home once again.

I've missed your blog, I"m glad I'm able to take some time to return to blogworld.