Sunday, September 28, 2008

It's Fall...Time For Little Joys

It doesn't take much to make me happy, especially in the Fall.

8 hours slow cooking in a crock pot - happy!

Apples and gluten-free crumble in the oven?

Mmmmm, happy...

How about a birthday care package from a good friend?!

Chris, Chaos and Mayhem sent pressies for my birthday! There are 2 books, both with a Minnesota twist, some "Socks That Rock" in "Fairground" (mmmm...), some Cherry Tree Hill laceweight Suri Alpaca yarn in a discontinued colour (pink!), a coaster, stitch marker and...this knitter's best non-human-or-feline friend in the whole world - pink Post It Notes! Gandalf tried to snack on them, but hey, I'm faster.

Thanks Chris! Packages? A very big joy. And being thought of for your birthday? An even bigger joy!

And speaking of Gandalf -

"Gandalf, come here for a sec. You have goop in the corner of your eye."

"OK Mae."

And finding a comfy place to snooze?

Always makes Atticus happy. Actually, he can pretty much snooze anywhere, and he's happy.

"Gandalf, hold still!"

"No Mom, I gotta go and let everyone know that Auntie Raven shaved her head! And I'm thinking you need to vacuum, cause there's fluff on the floor!"

"Yeah well, whose fault is that?? ...mouthy little cat...i'll get the vacuum out all right..."

That's right! And as promised - a link to Brian's "Luxography" blog, where you can go and have a look at the pictures he took of the big event. Raven did exactly as she said she would - cut off her more than 5 feet of hair, all in support of cancer research, and the Annex Cat Rescue. So go, read all about it!

And you know what's going to be another little joy?! When I get to show you an FO next time around that I'm absolutely tickled about.

I LOVE the Fall.


Chris said...

You're very welcome! Glad you liked the goodies. Although... I think Bachelor Brothers is Canadian, not Minnesotan!

Lorraine said...

Bridge- Nice haul from Chris and the kitties.

It's so nice and cool tonight, and that makes me happy too.

Carrie said...

Hey, happy birthday! Fun! You got some great prezzies (waves to Gandalf). And now I want to go and make Apple Crumble, with all those apples I'm not getting time to make applesauce out of. Hope you had a great day!

Marina said...

Now those are the kind of presents I like!

I would show you the pressies the family gave me, but first I have to lift the carpet and remove fixtures & fittings from two rooms, mostly by myself!!

Angelika said...

Temps in the 50s in the mornings makes me sure want to pull out the knitted socks, a wool sweater and the crockpot. A couple hours later it's in the 80s and I have to shed that stuff again. Let me know when dinner is ready. :)

Nicole said...

Oooh! Crock-pot weather! I love that weather. Need to pull out the crock... Mmm.

Scritches to the kitties!

Bridget said...

What a great post! And I have to ask - when you said that you got to the pink Post-It notes first, you did mean that you got to them first to take them away from being nibbled on, right? ('Cause surely *you* weren't going to nibble on them? Not that there's anything wrong with that ...)

miyamojo said...

Ohhh! Home cooked meal... yummy!

Gandalf - thanks for the update on Raven. She looks great! 'Hi' to Mae & Atticus too!

FO?! YAY! More joy! :)

Sonya said...

Yummy crock pot food! Great prezzies too. Tomorrow is supposed to be our first cool day. I may have to throw a roast in the crock pot to celebrate.

Carrie K said...

How inculcated am I that I immediately wondered what you were dyeing in that pot?

Bachelor Bros is so cute. Ditto w/Monica Ferris, although she gets fluffy after too many books. Nice haul!

Cute kitties. As usual.

carolyn said...

I can't believe that I missed wishing you happy birthday!
Missed it by a lot, as it happens.
Well, Happy unBirthday!
Looks like a great meal... yum.
Say "hi" to the kitties for me!

Michelle said...

hmmmm after looking at your crock pot for the past few days I'm getting more and more inspired to take mine out of storage! what's cookin' in yours?

Brenda said...

Chris sent you lovely pressies! That STR is really fun.

We've actually had a sprinkling of rain here today, the first rain since February. Fall's a little different here in California.

Rebekah said...

Oh I love fall. Chili, Slammer Stew, split pea soup. I just love my crock pot!

Plus apple time. We have an orchard about 3 miles from our house, one of these years I'm going to make the time to make apple butter again.