Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Continuing Saga

Some things never change. And that can be good thing.

Atticus does his Atticus-thing on one of his Atticus spots.

Mae won't hold still for the camera.

And Gandalf relaxes. He does do that from time to time.

And the stuff that changes? Well, it's all good. Folks, it looks like we have found a new home. Fingers crossed! I had the choice between the one I told you about last week, and another one I came across by chance earlier last week, which I like even more than the first one! In a building! With laundry! And 2 bedrooms! With big windows! And lots of closet space! And heat I control! Me! But of course, until it's signed on the dotted line... but I'm confident. And I remain positive.

Thanks again for all your support! Of course, in the past week I haven't had any door incidents. Then again, I ended up working from home most of the week due to an eye infection that was, well, gross. Thanks to the power of antibiotics and warm compresses, I'm on the mend. But I have to say - I am becoming completely paranoid at every small sound.

I did hear from my neighbour downstairs, she had some *interesting* news to tell me - her mail-thieving, door slamming, screaming shrew of a sister has moved out. Moved back in with her mother. Aw. Shucks. And to think I could be out of this place by mid-March. Apparently, she'd had enough of the streetcars, her sister and the new stud-muffin, and of course, me. My heart. She breaks.

Regardless. The sooner I'm out of here, the better. As a few of you commented - if it no longer feels like home - it isn't.

Moving to a new apartment should send the Little Dudes into therapy. Except for Atticus, he adjusts pretty easily to things. But Mae and Gandalf? Oy. They get freaked if I move a chair, or vaccum their sleeping spot. So, if anyone can offer tips on easing cats into a new home, let me know!

In the meantime...

I made a hat! Cute, huh? Carolyn made one as well, which I thought was too cute to resist. It's "Ardvey" from... AS' "In the Hebrides". I never noticed it until I saw one done up on Carolyn's blog. It does look kind of funny now, but it fits beautifully! And I still do need to block it though. I used some "Black Water Abbey" yarn I had left over from something or other (shhhh...I know, I didn't use Starmore yarns! But what Alice doesn't know, won't hurt her...).

And to go with it?

A pair of moss stitch mittens, also in red. I'm using some Mission Falls 1824 wool. The pattern is from the Mission Falls "Smitten" booklet, and they will grow into the "Blossom" design.

Why the new projects? Stress. I simply could not concentrate on anything bigger or more complicated. I was all thumbs trying to work on Isobel of Mar (and I'm *this* close to finishing the bodice). And Windsor Waistcoat? After having to rip out 3 rounds, I decided I should stick to something easy. Knitting definitely calms my nerves, but this time around, I just couldn't concentrate properly. I tend to internalise stress, to the point I don't even realize what I'm doing to myself. Then I realize I am "out of sorts". Regardless, it's not healthy, I know.

The prospect of moving isn't the stress factor - it's the current living arrangements. Well, I'm dealing with the problem, and I hope that it will soon be resolved.

Fingers crossed!


Chris said...

Ouch - your poor eye!! Hopefully that's over with now.

I am so glad that you have two very good sounding possibilities for places to live. And besides the whole "if it doesn't feel like home..." bit, it sounds like you have the moving momentum going. Nothing better for clearing clutter and lightening the load than moving!

Hmm - I haven't actually moved with cats before. I'd think making sure that you know where their favorite blankets and toys are right away in the new place so you can put those out and start getting the home smell going.

Lorraine said...

Bridge- As you know, we literally moved up the street, and Chops peed on someone's leather jacket. So I have no advice for you.

BUT I love moving- it's like a new start, and can be so much fun.

Don't stress- look forward to a new place.

Bridget said...

HOORAY! It sounds like you will have a nice place to live, regardless of which one you take. I'm so happy that it is working out that way.

Glad your eye is feeling better.

As far as moving with cats, the only cat we've ever moved with was our original kitty, Molly, and as long as we were with her, she took everything in stride. So I've got nothin'. Sorry.

Tess said...

Lt. Atticus ~

I hear that you are likely moving quite soon, and that your mom is worried about your siblings adjusting to a new place.

May I suggest you take the opportunity to practice some of the most important Kitty Jihad and World Domination Plan (KJWDP)behaviors?

Just a suggestion, of course.

BTW, have you ever seen the movie "Gaslight?" Just an idea ...

Lynn said...

I can't imagine living in a place whre I couldn't control my own heat or a/c! That's just insane!! The 2 new places sound nice. I've moved so many times with cats and they all react differently. What I ended up doing is making a room theirs. I kept the cat litter in one corner and their food and toys in another. This room was usually my bedroom. They would spend the first day under the bed, but as time went on they would venture out to check out the new house.

ONE IMPORTANT NOTE, one moving day, keep them in one room while you move, either at the new place or the old. Only until the moving is done and the door will no longer be opened should you let them out. You don't want them running out during the moving madnes and lose a dear friend.

miyamojo said...

I internalize stress too. That's so typical that the shrew left right before you move. It sounds like moving is meant to be though, because you now have 2 choices!

I love that hat! Now I really want one, since you & Carolyn have one & I wanna be cool like you gals. ;)

Kisses to the kitties. I hope they remember that you're going with them, so it'll be ok. :)

Michelle said...

It sounds as if you'll have a lot of new beginnings this spring! and that's always exciting and inspiring! The hat is toot sweet! I too have been knitting the small stuff but oh so much fun and rewarding to have finished objects in no time!
as for the little guys.... they'll settle in just fine~ anywhere you hang your heart is home sweet home!

carolyn said...

I do hope the cats adjust quickly and easily. Hope you get your "dream" apt.
I hope this is an encouraging note: we drove from Alaska to California and back with 2 cats, and although they were quite stressed at times, they did get used to the changes quickly. (I'm not suggesting you do this though!)
VERY CUTE hat... although, I would think so, wouldn't I? It's great in red!

Carrie K said...

Just keep them locked in (but I think they're already indoor cats). It takes about 3 weeks for them to properly inspect the new premises and declare it home, so it's just a matter of time. You're bringing all their stuff, so that should help.

She had enough of you? Whatever. Move.

Those mittens are really cute! and the hat too, although really. NOT Starmore yarns? Quel horror. :)

bev said...

This is exciting! A new home for you. At least you are doing the move this time...and, speaking of moving with cats. Jack didn't mind too much at all. I used his bedding, unwashed of course, took his litter box, uncleaned for 1 day - 2 would have been too much to handle - and placed it all in the room I wanted him to use. Then I shut the door and let him prowl for a day or two before letting him out to explore his new surroundings. When he felt uneasy he would go tearing into "his" room and stay there. But then, Jack is easy and not an Atticus if you know what I mean.

Raven said...

Agree with Lynn -- keep the cats in one room on moving day -- maybe even put a sign on the door so no one accidentally lets them out...

Before you move, you might want to pick up some Bach's Rescue Remedy. (See if the Loblaws close to you has it? Will be cheaper than at a health food store.)

Once they're in the new place -- if they (or you!) seem kind of stressed out, a few drops in their water might be helpful.

Whether or not you believe in aromatherapy and alternative medicines, some people swear by this stuff.

Good luck. Let me know if you need an extra carrier or something.

Brenda said...

I hope your eye is better!

So glad you have choices in new places.

I'm trying to remember when we moved a cat when I lived at home. She made the move well. She was confined in a room with water, food and a litter box in our old home (that was otherwise empty). She didn't go to the new house until water, food and litter box were already set up (basically she was the last thing moved). My mom showed her all three immediately (since food and water were upstairs and the box in the basement, there may have been a couple of trips back and forth). Then we let her do her own exploring. She didn't have a bed or blanket that were "hers," but I think if she had, Mom would have had that out too to show her.

Sonya said...

I'm so excited for you! Moving into a new place is so refreshing. No advice on the kitties. There's no easing them into it. Glad your eye is feeling better. And great hat!

Traceyleezle said...

Oh I really hope this goes through and you can move outta there!

Hope your eye feels better too. Eye infections are always gross aren't they?

Can't think of anything to help with the kitties.

Marji said...

Oh Brigitte, I'm so sorry to hear all that's been going on.
I agree, I'd be nervous too.
Fingers and toes crossed for you on the new space.

Nicole said...

But I love new projects! They're great therapy!

My best advice for moving with kitties is to not let them escape. We usually lock ours in a bathroom until we're ready to move them, and never have their bathroom door and the front or back doors open at the same time. And then when we get to a new place, again with the small room until we're ready to let them explore a bit.

Debby said...

I think in your heart you've already decided to move, so even if the unruly neighbor is gone, you'll be a lot happier in a new place.

As for the cats, we moved ours about a year and a half ago. Definitely keep them in one room with their things as the other commenters said. I'd also recommend Feliway if you have it available in your local pet supply store. You can get a plug in or you can get spray (for the carrier, the car, the room they will be in). It has lab created phemerones in it that cats have in their cheeks, that they use to mark all of your furniture and belongings as "theirs." If you spray this spray in the new home, it should help to calm them down.

I actually wanted temporary tranquilizers for my cat, but he was on a lot of medication at the time, so the vet recommended an herbal pill crushed in their food, like what Raven described. It took my cats a day or two, but they were fine once they saw their things in the new house, and knew we were staying there too!