Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Bizarre World

It has still been quite cold here. Although, at one point, the temperature went to above 0C, causing a bit of a melt. Then, as things go in this part of the world, they dropped drastically within 12 hours. Resulting in these:

Pretty, aren't they? These are steroid-sized icicles that formed in front of my living room window. HUGE. And probably more than a bit dangerous to anyone standing below them, should they snap off. Luckily, they melted away after the last mild spell late last week. It sure made for a pretty picture though.

I really want to thank everyone who offered support, and weighed in on my apartment challenges. You guys really are great friends! In a way, it gave me a push to start looking elsewhere! And, I'm waiting to hear back from one location I looked into and really liked. A nice, big 2 bedroom in the area - in an apartment building with LAUNDRY (you have no idea how good that sounds to me). It's in the same area I live in now, and it's practically lake front. As a matter of fact, my bedroom would look out onto Lake Ontario. Nice... So, we'll see! I'll let you know how it went next time around.

So. OK. Maybe I'm being paranoid of late. But. I noticed something odd yesterday, and I'm not quite sure what to make of it (well, of course. It's me, after all...). Mae had her appointment at the vet yesterday morning (more on that later). Now, normally, when I leave the house, I leave by my back door, and will come home through the front door, to pick up my mail. Because I had her in the carrier, and it was -16C outside, I decided I'd leave by the front, and wait on the porch for my ride. I locked the deadbolt on my door. I've only done it a hundred times. I NEVER lock the door handle, simply because I don't want to lock myself out if the door closes behind me as I'm getting my paper or what ever else. So, it's NEVER locked. Ever.

Then, why is it the door handle was locked when we returned home from the vet's???

Does it lock itself on it's own? No. You probably know the type of door handle lock I mean - the ones with a twisty little thing in the handle itself. Either I manually lock it myself from the inside, or I lock it with a key from the outside. Neither of which I've ever done in the 3 years since these new locks were put in. I am quite sure I didn't lock it when I left with Mae. Actually, very sure.

So, my tired brain is trying to figure this one out. How did it get locked??? Who has a key? Few people do, actually. The landlord does...but - she wouldn't come in, would she? I wonder (because I can't shut my head up) - does my neighbour downstairs have identical keys to my place? See what I mean? This is just bizarre. I've gone over every step in my mind, and I just can't figure it out. It doesn't lock itself. The deadbolt isn't connected to the door handle, so locking one doesn't lock the other. And if I had accidentally locked the door handle? I can tell when I pull the door shut - the door handle wouldn't turn.

This isn't the first time this has happened. Other than being away and the guys being looked after by their Auntie Raven, the handle is never locked. I can remember this happening a couple of times before, but just shruging it off. This time, because it was early, and I had Mae with me in the carrier, I made an effort not to pull too hard and "slam" my door as I was closing it. I know I turned that handle - it was NOT locked. I'd like to think that if it were the landlord, they'd at least let me know that they were in my place.

Man, I have to move. And soon.

OK, on to something else.

Yes, Baby Mae had her annual physical yesterday. She's such a good girl, and everyone at the vet's office commented on how pretty she was!

Of course she is.

"I'm not impressed with the probing and needles. But, there are some very nice humans at that office. I'll give you that much."

Completely freaked out, she didn't flinch or lash out. Even when they took her to the back to draw some blood (at nearly 10, it's a good idea to check for age-related issues). Even when Benny the rambunctious 9-month old puppy decided to introduce himself. She does need to have some dental work done though, which is scheduled for February.

I was initially supposed to bring Atticus along as well, remember? Well, I decided that it probably wasn't such a good idea - not because of the hassle of taking both of them in at once, but because someone being left alone at home was an even worse scenario. Gandalf has never been on his own since he came to live with us, and he probably would have had a meltdown of epic proportions if he found himself alone. He does get a little anxious sometimes if he doesn't know where I am. Little munchkin... :(

"Me no like to be alone..."

So Atticus goes in 2 weeks. He should make up for Mae and Gandalf being such well-behaved sweethearts at the vet's... Heh.

And one last thing:

How did this happen?

And this?

I pulled Diva out from the closet earlier this week, and noticed 2 holes on the collar, and one on the cuff. I thought it was moths, but none of my other sweaters have holes in them.



Marina said...

The place you're looking at sounds delightful! Crossing my fingers you get it.

I definitely hope it's not the people downstairs. And landlords? I think should be required to take a course.

Poor Diva. I hope you have enough to repair her.

Lorraine said...

Brigitte- I absolutely NEED laundry facilities- I think the time is right to move on.

A whole bedroom for your stash! And a lake view- whooohoooo!

Raven said...

re: locks

That's creepy. And no, it wasn't me. :o

Chris said...

DEFINITELY time to get the heck out of there. *fingers crossed about that new place*

Ack about Diva! :(

bev said...

Can't wait to see your new place. I know it is yours, just know it! The lock thing is too scary to think about. And how did you survive so long without laundry facilities?
Sad Diva. I had moths once that only went after one sweater, but they left evidence of their occupation other than just holes. Hope Diva can be repaired. Jack say hi to Gandalf and suggests keeping a low profile at the vet's. He says to keep a really loooooow profile and they may not even see you!

miyamojo said...

Very Creepy! I would stick a piece of transparent tape over the top of the door & upper wall (parallel to the side of the door) & leave through the back door. When you come home, enter through the back & check the tape on the front door. If it's no longer stuck on top, someone entered! It works! I've used it!

I'm hoping you get the place with a view too. Sounds wonderful. :)

carolyn said...

That is just too spooky!!! Time to move for sure. I hope you get the new place that sounds so nice! And laundry... I wouldn't want to live without that anymore, although we did for quite a while.
Hope you have enough yarn to fix Diva! You look so great in that one, as per Ravelry.

Bridget said...

I understand your laundry thing - when we moved into our house, and I got to have MY OWN washer and dryer, I was in heaven! I kept showing them to people. (Most of whom didn't seem all that thrilled, go figure.) Anyway, I hope the nice place works out, it sounds so lovely!

Mae is a pretty girl. I'm glad she got a good report.

The same sort of thing happened to us in one of our apartments. We found out via a neighbor at home during the day that sometimes the repair people would go into various apts to use the bathroom when they were on different floors, rather than go downstairs to the rest rooms for building staff ...

Boy I couldn't WAIT to get out of there!!

Rebecca said...

I once had a landlord that felt like he could enter my apt. when I wasn't there.... it's time to move for sure!

Rebekah said...

Just a plethera of mysteries! The door, the holes. I'm stumped.

I think a move is in order, if its a possiblity. And a window looking out on Lake Ontario, oh how jealous I am! I love bodies of water, but particularly bodies of water in cold climates. Give me the ocean, in nova Scotia.

Good Mae.

Carrie K said...

Look at those icicles! It's like Carlsbad Caverns.

The lock is mysteriously locked? It is past time to move.

Poor Gandalf. Separation anxiety much? Glad it's just the dentist for Mae, the pretty girl!

Discriminating moths? Probably just snags you noticed at the same time.

Michelle said...

ugh! too frustrating ... the holes ANDS the lock?! I agree... you need to find a new place ~ AND ~ fast! The bedroom overlooking the lake sounds like a resort! Go for it girlfriend!

Sonya said...

You have got to get out of there. I hope the lovely place near the lake works out. I'm not surprised that the vet people found Mae to be quite charming. Can Diva be fixed?!?

Brenda said...

I hope the new place (or another as good) works out! Laundry is a MUST! And a lake view--I'm envious.

Poor sweater! I know you can fix it though. Are you assuming it's kitty teeth? Has Mayhem visited you, or is she teaching Gandalf her bad tricks?

Nicole said...

Ugh. I'm not going to try to get rid of your paranoia, because I'll probably end up somehow adding to it. :p

The holes could still be moths, though. They can be picky little twits.

knitseashore said...

Oh, I really hope your next post is to tell us you've found a wonderful new place that absolutely adores cats as tenants. :) Your home should be your sanctuary and if you don't feel comfortable there, it is definitely time to find a place where you will be.

I'm sure lots of us will be volunteering to help you move that stash. :)

Traceyleezle said...

Ack, how crazy weird. I hope you get into that other place and soon. Laundry facilities are a very good thing too.

Aw Mae, you are a princess too.