Sunday, May 10, 2009

Party Time!

Hard to believe that despite this:

I was able to do this:

Finish Isobel of Mar. Yay me! OK, to be truthful - I still have to block her, and sew on the buttons, but despite that - she is finished. And guess what? All those worries I had about it maybe being too small? For nothing. She fits perfectly. And long enough that I can pass her off as a coat, and not worry about looking tubby in it. I loves her.

For those of you who are wondering - Isobel of Mar is the adult version of "Secret Garden" from the Starmore book "The Children's Collection". I knit her using Hebridean 3-ply in the "Summertide" shade. The colour is much more vibrant that it appears in the picture - it's a beautiful shade of blue, with flecks of green and gold. And it's just the right shade to perfectly show off the little details this coat has. Although - if you're not a big "finisher", this may be a bit much as the buttonbands and the collar are added separately, which in itself is not a big deal, but the execution of the collar at least is probably a bit more involved. But the results are worth it. So happy! Thanks to Marina for discovering this gem, and putting the bug in my ear to make it as well.

So, as I mentioned - that I was able to concentrate long enough to finish it up is pretty amazing. It's been rather hectic around here: work and the never-ending mega-project; a crappy bout of shingles that just had to rear it's head NOW; my upcoming move downstairs and the clutter of my apartment now (and clutter in my own home makes me cuckoo); and of course, listeing to the Bickersons downstairs yell and scream at each other... Just a few more weeks, I tell myself. Just a few more weeks...

I picked this up yesterday for the guys, mainly because I thought the name was hilarious:

Party Mix for Cats. You can't tell, but the expression on the cat's face on the bag makes him look like he's on speed or something. Despite being the ultimate in kitty junk food, I decided to pick some up to liven up the Little Dudes Cocktail Hour of 9pm.

"Party on, Gandalf."

"Party on, Atticus."

"Mae's World! Mae's World! ...Party time...Excellent... *guitar riff*..."

(Hopefully you remember your SNL from the early 90's...)

OK. Time to hit the laundrymat. I really let it go way too long this time. You know, when it comes to my home, I have two wishes. One - a cleaning lady. And two - my own washer/dryer. One day...

I leave you with this little gem I snapped this past week.

I have to wonder how comfortable it can be to sleep with your head on the window sill, but, he looks pretty content in his sunbeam!

Hey! And to all of my mom friends - Happy Mother's Day!


Lynn said...

Excellent SNL reference!!! LOL

good luck with the move, that is one thing I HATE to do. My son wants to change his room to the front bedroom which is now the office/craft room and it just makes me ill to think what all has to be done.

Marina said...

Hey! Even kitty mums deserve a Happy Mother's Day, especially when they spoil them.

You're welcome. Yours looks wonderful and the colour is gorgeous.

Hang in there! They'll be out soon and hopefully the landlady will install laundry facilities soon too.

bev said...

Thanks for the belly laugh first thing in the morning! Loved it!!!

The sweater is so pretty. When do we get to see it on? Maybe once I have my Starmore finished I could beging another one! A girl can never have too many Starmore's in her wardrobe.

Lorraine said...

Brigitte- I of M is amazing. Really nice job.

Party Mix- that's too funny.

Chris said...

Isobel of Mar is gorgeous!!!

Oh, moving. Gah. Looks like you're making good progress packing.

Do I even need to ask if the kitties liked their party mix?!

Bridget said...

Party on!

Isobel of Mar looks pretty amazing, I can't wait to see a modeled shot.

Moving is a pain, but at least it's usually worth the pain. And I wouldn't ever care in the world if I had someone to clean my house for me, as long as I can keep my washer and dryer forever ...

Michelle said...

I love Isobel! You've got to post a photo of you actually modeling her. Hats off to a huge success!

carolyn said...

Party Mix... for cats. Too Funny!

I love your Isobel... and in an "extinct" color! How great us that. Hardly anyone else will have a sweater knit from Summertide, and certainly not Isobel of Mar.
Sorry to hear you are fighting a bout of shingles... that is the pits!

Carrie K said...

Isobel looks fabulous! Glad she fits. Her collar can't be any more fiddly than that picked up mitered corner on Mary that's stumping me currently. I think.

I love that picture of Atticus snoozing partly on the windowsill. Cats. They get comfortable in the weirdest positions.

miyamojo said...

A cats gotta do, what a cats gotta do, to get the sunbeam tan! Great photo!

Oh, I just love Isobel too! I think she's perfect is every way!

Party on... even if the treats are gone...

Brenda said...

Isobel of Mar is fabulous!

I'd rather pack then unpack, but neither is a thrill. I think you need a special party treat for doing all that work.

Sonya said...

Kitty party mix! What could be better? You need some human party mix to get you through your move.

Isobel of Mar is gorgeous!

Nicole said...

Lovely sweater! I look forward to seeing a modeled shot one of these days!

Rebekah said...

Cat party mix, I wonder what kind of cocktails one serves with that. Parrot Vodka?

Oh your sweater is absolutely lovely!