Sunday, April 26, 2009

Brought To You By...

"Mom's been busy lately. So, opposable thumbs be damned, we're bringing you this week's post."

"It's all work, work, work. Personally, I don't get it. But, it keeps me in food and litter, so whatever."

"She has been knitting though. That vest thingy with all the different colours Gandalf likes to sleep on. Oh! And that big blue thing too, with the funky stitches that make her say nasty words. I've heard her."

"Work yes, but she did go to the Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic this week for acupuncture. Boy, did that make her happy! Her stomach is so much better! And other stuff too, but I won't get into that...Hey Atticus? Do you think Mom'll notice that the place is a mess?"

"She's been busy! And besides, we're moving, so stuff is all over the place."

"Oh, that's not good for the Feng Shui."

"Feng Shui??! When did you get all traditional about that kind of stuff? And what's with the front paw cross? You look like a girl."

"Hey! What's wrong with that?? You look just fine Gandalf."

"Thank you Mae. Anyhoo, we've been busy too - what with squirrels and birds and the first thunderstorm of the year. AND - there are all these big empty boxes all over the place! Cool! But, for some reason Mom gets annoyed when I go a little overboard with them. Although she did laugh when one fell on top of me and I couldn't get out."

"That thunderstorm sucked."

"I'll say! That was scary! So. All that to say, Mom'll be back next week. Hopefully with something that is either finished, or like, this close to being finished. And, I think we may see Auntie Lorraine next week too!"

"Awesome! She loves me... OK, so have a good and safe week everybody!"


Chris said...

Good job with the post, guys! We're having our first thunderstorm of the year right now.

Michelle said...

You guy make your mom proud! Perhaps a t.v sitcom is in the making? I am glad to hear that with all your mom has on her plate right now, she is still knitting ~ can't wait to see some photos of the F.Os not that your pictures don't totally make my morning!

Lorraine said...

Bridge- I think Gandalf is secure enough in his manhood for such posturings.

I hope to see you babies this week- if mom is up to it.

Tell her we missed her yesterday.

Marina said...

Wow! She must have been really busy to have missed a yarny, good time with Aunt Lorraine. Good thing she has you guys to pick up the slack.

Bridget said...

Well, I'm glad to know that all is well - you did a great job!

And Gandalf, the Garden Kitty sits with his paws like that all the time - prompting us to call him "Mr. CrossedPaws" ...

Carrie K said...

How could she not love you, Atticus? Fabulous post! Next time you might want to show us pictures of her knitty things but pictures of you guys are always good.

Boxes! Much fun.

Sonya said...

Such articulate kitties! Empty boxes are fun for everyone.

Brenda said...

Well done, kitties! I feel very informed. Since you didn't need thumbs to post, I think you are ready to help pack.

miyamojo said...

I love you too Atticus!

Gandalf looks like a Pharoah Cat, you know, Egyptian.. not feral! who said that?!

Mae, keep those boys on their toes!

Rebekah said...

Boy guys it was great to hear from you. I'm impressed with your kitty vocabulary, my dogs could never use words like Feng Shui.

sillyewe said...

Hilarious! I love Gandalf watching the squirrels. So cute! We have a glass storm door and the birds taunt our younger cat much to her chagrin.
And the food incident??? Of course it was the crappy food. I liken it to kitty potato chips. Why eat the expensive good-for-you food when you can eat crap on the sly? (wow. I am not even going into the psychological implications about myself, there) LOL And the next day? I kid you not, they opened a bag of Ramen noodles.
Really nice to see you. :0) Thanks for stopping by! I miss you guys.

bev said...

You must be busy if you turned the blog over to the boys! Brave, brave woman you are. And, Jack says that Gandalf does look like a prissy girl. He needs to uncross those paws and act like a man!
Jack can be so rude sometimes.