Sunday, June 21, 2009

Settling In

Wow, it's been awhile! I hadn't realized it's been 3 weeks since my last post.

We've been busy. Kind of. Moving, you know...

I would leave both doors open - the one from the old place, and the door to this new place - to see if the guys would wander down while I worked and moved stuff.

Atticus was tentative at first, but the bravest of the bunch.

As more and more things were moved down, they became a bit more curious.

Did I not say I would never, ever move apartments on my own again? Didn't I say that when I started looking into moving earlier this year?? Aren't I a fool. Well, I did have people help with the big things - but I moved 75% of my stuff by my stubborn self. Now I'm scratched, bruised, I dropped my upright vaccum on my toe, hit my head in the same place twice and my knees are swollen from going up and down stairs a gazillion times. But, I have pretty much everything moved out, save for a few bits.

Now, things are falling into place. The guys are perfectly comfortable in their new home.

Gandalf has his spot.
Atticus still manages to find the most bizarre spot to get comfortable.

And Mae explores her new surroundings.

I think it's a hit.

"Wow Gandalf, this place ROCKS! We're like, really close to the ground now!"

"Can you see Guido? Is he still coming 'round?"

"Yeah! He's across the street, and I can see him! Wow, he's a big cat Gandalf... Um, we may want to rethink our plan of psychological warfare against him..."

"Did you tell people how your knitting stuff was the first to get moved downstairs to the new place?"

Of course.

Although still a little messy. It all has a home.

See, throwing stuff in boxes and bags however they may fall may sound like a good idea at the time, but it does tend to make unpacking a bit...disorganized.

But, every day it looks a bit better.

"Here I come! I love all the space I have run around in at TOP SPEED in! Wheeeeeeeeeee!"

So, what can I say? All is well with the world. Um, make that their world. Happy cats, happy home!

And you know what else was going on here? In between all of the "packing" and moving and work - I paid a little someone a visit.

"...vaguely aware...of camera...really too...*yawn* care..."

Finnegan! I went to visit him and his Moms last week. For a bittersweet visit... See, my sister and sister-in-law are packing up and leaving St. Catharines for Nova Scotia! Which is an excellent thing - my sister-in-law has a great new job at the IWK Hospital in Halifax. They have plans to build a new home outside of Halifax.

I went out for a last visit at their home in St. Catharines before they leave at the end of July. It was a great home, and I'll always have good memories of St. Catharines because of them. And Finnegan too, of course. I always felt so at home when I visited them - I was always welcome, and ALWAYS had a great time. Not to mention always well fed too! So, even though it's sad to see them go, I know that there will be a lot of good memories to be made in Nova Scotia, once I started visiting them when they're settled.

And I still have a lot of stuff to do here to keep me busy for awhile.

I want to also thank everyone for the well-wishes! Yup, it was a doozy of an infection alright. I have my (hopefully) last appointment tomorrow with my doctor to make sure it has completely cleared out of my system. I'm pretty sure the eardrum has healed on it's own (Debby, a perforated eardrum does heal on it's own, and pretty quickly too!), finally.

You know, it's been a busy year up to now, and I'm really hoping that I have a bit of calm and quiet for the next little while. And knitting. I haven't knit too much these last few weeks! Except socks, and few other stealth items.

Back to the business of unpacking!


Lorraine said...

Brigitte- I would say that the new place is much better situated for things like squirrel watching. They seem to like it.

That kitchen is HUGE!

Chris said...

Wow. I love your new place. Love love love!

miyamojo said...

Glad you're all settling in! It's fun to see the guy's new sleeping spots. Hooray for ground level viewing of the world!

Marina said...

It looks great, Brigitte. Lots of space and windows (for the kitties to look out) and light. Do you get to "play" in the garden?

Michelle said...

ahhh! Home Sweet Home at last! What a way to start the summer ~ Congratulations on your new home! Looks as if the little guys have adjusted quite nicely. Now put up your tootsies, pour youself a nice glass of vino and cast on a new project! You do need to christen the place!

Bridget said...

Hooray! And the new place looks really nice - I hope everyone will be happy there.

I've never been to St. Catharines, but I have been to Halifax, and if you decide not to go visit your sister and her family, I will happily substitute, as it is one of my favorite places on earth, and except for the spelling of my name, they won't have to remember what to call me. So let me know ...

I'm glad you are feeling better.

Anne said...

Your new place looks great -- lots of room for your little buddies and all your stuff!

Glad to "hear' you are feeling better -- poor you!

I can feel some good knitting coming on...enjoy!

knitseashore said...

I am relieved to hear your eardrum will mend itself!

Congratulations to you and the kitties on your new home. Big windows are *everything* in terms of stalking the wildlife. The cat across the street, I'm not so sure...

bev said...

So glad to see you back! The new place looks wonderful and HUGE! Settle in and take a few trips to visit family and friends. Well, friends, Central NEW YORK friends. Need some girl company here.

Rebekah said...

Happy new apartment!

Carrie K said...

That is one crazy spot to curl up in. Glad you're all moved downstairs and the cats like it! And that that infection is healing. Yikes.

Aw. Nova Scotia will be fun but it's sad that they're moving farther away.

Diane said...

Congrats on the new place! And what a great idea for getting the kitties accustomed to the new place - they can pretend it was their idea and not be all stressed out! Way to go! Glad to see you back and feeling better!