Sunday, June 28, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Let me be upfront. If you're hoping for some knitting content, well. You'll be disappointed. It hasn't been a knitting-heavy week. I can get pretty single-minded when it comes to organizing the new apartment, and once I've gotten everything just so, it's almost time to go to bed! All I can manage are a few sock rounds.

So single-minded in fact, that I didn't even photograph them!
If I ever thought that the guys would have any issues with being in a new place - well, those thoughts are out the window.

They continue to be enthralled by the wildlife.

"Whoa!...hey!...what the...hey!...hey!...get off my lawn!...hey!...yeah! you! get!...don't you poop there!...don't you...hey!...sheesh..."

"Officer Atticus, at your service, Ma'am."

"Don't call me Ma'am."

Atticus does indeed take his guard cat duties seriously. Anytime anyone comes to the back door, he meows up a storm (Lorraine, you know exactly what that's like!), and paces in front of the door. Anyone silly enough to say "aw, aren't you cuddly boy...", and reaches out to him will likely get his hand whacked. Scritchies are not permitted until Officer Atticus has sniffed you out first. If you pass muster, he'll then allow you to enter. And give him scritchies, of course.

"Mae! Get down from the table!"
"Make me. You're outside."

I have to say, ever since we've been down here, Gandalf has stayed off the counter. Probably because there is no view from there, the back doors are much more entertaining. Mae however, seems to like the table. I'm not too pleased about that, but then again Mae's pretty finicky, and she won't make a habit of it. Atticus hasn't figured out that he can jump on the chair to get to the table (a good thing), and Gandalf just uses it to get the window sill. Yet another view for him to watch the wildlife.

So, all is well in our world. I'm really happy at how it's all looking!


Except for *one* very annoying, very untimely, and very, very stinky snag. City of Toronto civic workers have decided that this would be an AWESOME time to go on strike. It affects all sorts of things - one of the biggest being garbage and recycling pickup. See, as I was packing to move down here, I said to myself - "self, don't bother going through everything now, just wait 'til you're downstairs, and you can get rid of stuff then.". Smooth move. Now I have 3 discarded pieces of furniture, and old futon mattress, and about 3 garbage bags to throw out. Not to mention the Little Dudes...unmentionables... which are quadruple bagged and out on the deck. The recycling can go in the containers outside, that's no problem. And I can take my Green Bin stuff and dump it in our composter in the backyard. It's all the other stuff that's proving to be a problem. There is a "temporary" garbage drop off not too far from here, but I really don't want to have to cart the garbage there. I don't want to add to the mess if I can help it. My landlady said they will cart away the furniture and mattress to the landfill themselves, so I don't need to worry about that.

Anyway. It could be worse, right? I could have kids in a City of Toronto-run daycare, and have no other options.

My little corner of the world...

Have a great week everyone! And next week - knitting! Really!


Anne said...

It's going to be great to have the yard and your cats will love the "up close and personal" relationships they will develop with the local wild life LO!!!

Here's to your new place (holding up my cup of tea0!

Hope the garbage strike doesn't go on too long....fingers crossed.

Chris said...

I'm glad you all are getting settled in so well! Chaos is my guard kitty, although you'll need to visit for, um, about two - four years before he'll let you pet him...

UGH about the garbage strike. Hope that gets settled soon...

Marina said...

That's great that the kitties have settled in without any problems. All those windows! Anyone feel tempted to run out?

Hope the strike ends soon.

miyamojo said...

I'm glad Mae is looking out the window too. Glad Atticus is taking his job seriously... can't just let anyone stumble in. And Gandalf, how do you get any sleep with all there is to see outside? :)

Garbage strike... no fun.

I love your deck!

Carrie K said...

"Make me. You're outside." That Mae, always the pragmatist.

They do look like they enjoy the new digs! And knitting comes after moving. Generally.

Yuck on the garbage strike. We had one for a few weeks. YUCK.

Lynn said...

I"m so glad that this move is proving to be a good one!! It's amazing how well cats can adjust to any situation.

Sorry to hear abt the garbage strike, but thankfully that can't go on TOO long, right?

Tess said...

Atticus - excellent duty as a watch cat, the jihad is proud.

Bridget said...

Brigitte - looks like things are all the way they should be (except for the trash thing, but that is out of your control). I'm glad it all went well, and that you are feeling at home in the new place.

Give the kitlets some scritches from me!

Lorraine said...

Bridge- You don't need a burglar alarm- you have Atticus.

So glad you're getting settled- love the patio.

Sonya said...

Well it looks like everyone is settling in nicely! (Who knew Mae was so sassy?) It looks like a lovely home, kitty-approved. Hope the garbage strike doesn't last long! Which reminds me that I better change the cat litter soon.

Rebekah said...

The kitties sure do seem to be enjoying their new place!

knitseashore said...

Guard cats are the best -- no one suspects they are watching, and they will use their weapons if they have to! Tim doesn't let me out of his sight if I'm home alone and a stranger knocks on the door.

Hope that garbage strike ends soon. It's going to be too warm to leave all that stuff hanging around.

Enjoy your patio -- perfect for knitting!