Sunday, July 05, 2009

Back to Business

Oh, it's certainly nice to get back to a routine. Change is always good (in this case - moving). But when it comes to a girl and her knitting, it really is nice to be back in business.

Yesterday, I picked up my Windsor Waistcoat, and couldn't believe I'd been away for so long! I missed my Fair Isle... (Those of you who have not yet joined the FI fold will probably shake your head. But worry not. We will bring you over. Oh yes. We will.) *sigh* It was so wonderful...

And! You know what I managed to do this past week? I actually finished something!

Now, this picture is a bit of a tease. In that you can't tell much from looking at it. I wasn't going to post it, because it is a stealth project. But, I decided to anyway because you can't tell a thing from looking at it. When I get it nicely blocked and figure out how to photograph deep red, I'll post it in Ravelry.

In the meantime...

"...picture sucks... You woke me up for this?? AND you're showing the wrong side..."


I also have another stealth project going on! But - there will be no tease pictures. Instead - have a peek at my project page in Ravelry... All the sneaky details are there. But shhhhh! It is to be a surprise!

Instead, I'll show you a gratuitous picture of a Baby Atticus.


Hard to believe this is the same little baby Atticus!

Back in the present...

"Gandalf, what are we going to do with the squirrel if we actually manage to catch it? I mean, seriously."

What you can't get from this picture is Gandalf's tail swishing back and forth, as he tries to fit into the role of Tough Dude.

It must be a boy thing. Because Mae? Could not care less.

"I save up my energy to hunt for real prey, should the need arise. Boys are so dumb."

Mae has always been the "huntress". In the 11 years I've lived at this address, she has caught 2 mice. Not bad for a house built in the 1890's, with the original basement still unfinished in places.

As for the rest of the week that was... I officially finished unpacking all of my stuff. I do have 2 more pieces of furniture on the way, stuff my sister and SIL are giving to me before their move.

My intention is still to NOT dispose of my garbage in the temporary dumpsites opened by the City of Toronto for the duration of the city workers strike. And, after I saw how much has been piled up already...forget it. I will wait it out. I am not contributing to THAT mess. Oy... So, I'm being extra vigilant with what I do throw out. Good habits to keep for the long run, I guess.

Hey! I wonder what knitting surprises are in store for next week...?!!?


Sonya said...

Pretty stealth project! Shhhhh.... Looks like the little dudes are settling in! I know what you mean about getting back to FI. It's killing me to wait until fall for Henry VIII.

Lorraine said...

Brigitte- Now I'll have to go and check Ravelry.

It looks like the guys are happy- I'll be over to check out your new digs soon.

How's the new bed?

Chris said...

Ha! Give up on the FI Fold...

Glad you're mostly settled in! But ugh about the strike still going on...

Girl kitties are definitely more serious about the hunting. :)

Marina said...

You finished it! Nice!

That Chris is stubborn. We'll need to work on her a little harder ;-)

miyamojo said...

Mae is so funny, losing beauty sleep for sneaky knitting photo...yes, boys are dumb! ;)

I'm off to look @ Ravelry too.

I miss FI too... kinda in lace mode for the summer.

Carrie K said...

Atticus was an adorable kitten.

Mae is right.

Oooh, cute stealth project! And now I know what you woke Mae up for to pose with too.

FI is completely addictive. You think you can go without and then you knit a FI finger cot.;) I should start Henry.

Rebekah said...

Django wanted me to tell the cats that after you catch the squirrel, you shake it really really hard and bring part of the squirrel tail fur into the kitchen.

I absolutely adore doing fair isle, I absolutely am terrified of steeking after my last steeking debauicle. Hours working on a sweater, mere seconds watching it start to unravel after cutting open the steek.

I should have gone with my gut feeling that knit picks wool of the andes and crochet steek do not work together.

Oh well, lessons learned.

Michelle said...

Wow you have been a busy knitting girl! Don't tell me you are starting your holiday gift list already? I will most certainly die of organizational envy! :)

Bridget said...

Ahh, baby Atticus is so sweet and cute! Not like Grown Masculine Hunter Atticus who is just intimidating.

Or not.

I am nearly finished with my first FI, and am quite pleased with myself. Which usually means my downfall is imminent ...

knitseashore said...

Oh, your kitties are too funny. I'm sure Mae knows exactly what to do, but there's no way she's telling the boys. :)

Will check out glad you are back into the knitting again, even though you make me too envious.

The Caring Infernal Warden said...

Haha. Atticus sure does look different!

Scheherazaad said...

Your cats have settled in nicely. Now that you can knit again I'm sure you will too. I'm off to have a look at the stealth knitting