Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Life, She Is Tough...

"Sometimes, it's tough being me. Mom's listening to her 80's music again. Which is not a bad thing necessarily. A little Joy Division, a little Crowded, I'm partial to the really cool Canadian bands like Tom Cochrane/Red Rider, and the Box..."

"No crappy pop though. But I really have to draw the line at recreating some of those videos. I'm not talking about U2 (back when they were cool and relevant) on the roof of a building. I mean like wearing a flower pot on your head like DEVO. OK. Actually, only Gandalf is doing that..."

"Are we not kitties? We are DEV-O!"

"See? Man, what a geek..."

"Now. See my face? It's the face of a slightly nervous cat. OK, maybe not so much now. But! Let me tell you, we had some pretty fierce weather last Thursday. Not like - oh, Atticus wants sympathy kind of bad weather. Like. Atticus is mush kind of bad weather. Some places had tornadoes! We just had really high winds and lighting and rain and rain and rain."

"Can you tell? No? Well, believe me. That rain was POURING down. Our power even went out! And a big tree down the street fell down. And it flooded the backyard and the basement too. And then, the next thing you know? Sun, and cooler by about 5 degrees (Celcius, of course). Crazy crazy, let me tell you."

"Right. That's it for me. As you can see, it's been a stressful week. And recounting it to you all has been tiring, *yawn*. Gonna have a snooze now. 'K, ROCK ON everyone. I think Mom wants to show some knitting stuff now."

Well, Atticus is quite chatty, isn't he? But, he's quite the guest blogger, I'll give him that. He's right when he says it was a pretty fierce storm we had last week! Although we were lucky within the city of Toronto, there were tornadoes north of the city. Pretty rough stuff. Even Gandalf was a bit nervous, and normally storms don't bother him. But, Mae slept through it all. I suppose the day she flips out over a storm is the day I really worry.

You know what? I have been knitting. Despite the icky heat and humidity of last week. It may have been the first stretch we'd had all summer, but let me tell you. That fact does no make it any less palatable to me. Knitting becomes...a bit hard. I still did manage to work on some stuff. One being Delores, my long suffering Starmore Fair Isle jacket.

I have less than one pattern repeat to go before reaching the neckline! Gandalf would like you to take note of the armhole steek.

"See? Between the red and green stitch markers? Mom alternates the steek colours each round; some knitters do it the other way. I guess at the end of the day, it's whatever floats your boat. Anyway. I thought I'd just show you that. For some reason, Mom says I wasn't supposed to be in the picture. Which. Makes no sense to me. Why wouldn't I be?"

"Are We Not Kitties, Mae?"

"Oh God shut up. Please."

"We Are DEV-O!"

Gandalf Questions Things, Part II

"What do you mean, do I want a baby brother? Why?? Why would I want a baby brother?"



Lorraine said...

Bridge- I always alternate my steek colors- as they as less likely to unravel that way. At least, that's my theory.

I was thinking of you on Thursday Atticus.

miyamojo said...

Tornado?! Yikes! Storms scare me too Atticus. Glad you survived it!

Yes, you are DEVO Gandalf - lol!

Delores is so pretty - hooray for armhole steeks! (I do mine checkerboard too)

Anne said...
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Anne said...

Thursday was awful wasn't it! Happy that you are all safe and sound!

Glad to see Dolores back out and about.

Chris said...

Gandalf, you should go ask Mae and Atticus what that question means. ;)

Yikes - you woulda thunk that some of that weather craziness would've dissipated by the time it got to you! Glad things weren't worse.

Guinifer said...

Sounds like there is some kitty temptation going on?

Michelle said...

Delores is looking mighty good!

Carrie K said...

I love Mae. She cracks me up.

Gandalf did a bang up job pointing out your steek. I've read that the alternating colors is more stable for a steek but I'm afraid I'll cut the line crooked.

Poor Atticus! Storms like that are scary!

A baby brother! oh boy!

Sonya said...

Ewwww, I hate tornadoes. Atticus is quite the chatty kitty. Probably leftover storm nervousness.

I've done steeks both alternated and not. I don't know which is less likely to unravel, but I like having that nice straight line of color to cut.

knitseashore said...

I love 80s music. Must go look up Joy Division on iTunes. I forgot about them, but love New Wave generally.

Mae does crack me up. I am worried for them about this baby brother business. :)

Shannon said...

Delores is lovely! If Gandalf wants a younger sibling, do send him my way. Although said sibling will not be here till Christmas time!

Rebekah said...

Beautiful sweater!

Poor kitties. Django sympathizes he gets very distraught about storms as well. Abner likes to go outside and be brave, but Django hides in the bedroom.