Sunday, August 09, 2009

Pretty Post With Project Pictures

OK, let's see if I can find where the pictures are saved.

Yay, it worked! Oh, this isn't the picture I wanted, but. Enjoy. :D

Look! Here are the projects I told you about last week.

Phew! There she is, in all her glory - Windsor Waistcoat. Pretty, huh?! The only thing I did differently was use a 3.25mm instead of the 3mm specified. By knitting the extra-small size in a larger needle, I ended up with a finished measurement of 39", which is exactly what I wanted. Doesn't Lorraine design a cool vest?! And you can get your very own pattern by following the link... Just sayin'.

And to keep things "simple" (or so I thought), I started work on my Thistle Bag, courtesy of the fine folks at Virtual Yarns:

Oooo, pretty! This represents about two-thirds of the first half. Trust me. It's a LOT of work. Those fun little Trinity Stitch bauble thingies in the centre of the thistle? Nasty. But - it will be worth it all when it's done; I try to work on it every other day, but by the end of the night, my arms are sore.

(Kitty break)

"What am I looking at?"

"The squirrel! See him?? He' at him go! Look Mae!"

"You're weird. He's outside. We can't catch him."

"I'm gonna get you! Squirrely...squirrel...squirrel..."

Atticus is ready to pounce on the squirrel, despite the window. And I kid you not - Mae? Just sits there, looking outside. Sometimes she'll watch the squirrel, sometimes the birds, but she doesn't get all "squirrely" (heh). Live and let live is her motto.

OK. Back to knitting stuff!

Look what else I've been working on!

Now this one really makes me happy. The colours could not be more perfect together, and it knits up like a dream. As I mentioned previously - it's quick and easy too. Can't go wrong with no colour changes and 4mm needles.

It's St. Aula, knit using stashed 3-ply Mara and Machair. I should have more than enough to knit the "standard" size, and the hood as well, although I haven't decided which colour I'll use for it. I've almost completed the 2nd go-round of the chart, so I'm more then half way to the armholes.

Now, I've also been working on Delores, and the Mystery Pressie, but no pictures this time. Next week...

I'm feeling every bit of my nearly 41 years today - I pulled a muscle in my lower back yesterday bending over to do something stupid. As a result, I have to use whatever is handy to get up from a sitting or lowered position. Ugh... It's fine when I'm sitting or standing. It's just getting from one position to the other that's a bit...problematic. And you know what? Nothing I take seems to ease the ache. I've tried Ibuprofen and Aceteminophen, but both do diddly. Guess I'll just have to wait it out. Oh! I just remembered I still have some Tylenol 3's from my ear infection/hospital stay earlier in the spring! That ought to numb pretty much all pain...heh.

"What do you mean - do I want a baby sister?? Why? Why would I want a baby sister??"

Yes...what is Gandalf talking about??!


Chris said...

Ouch!!! Maybe you should go get it checked out, in case it's more than just a muscle? I hate getting older. I feel so decrepit sometimes - like last week when I pulled a muscle in my inner thigh stretching so that I wouldn't pull any muscles while I was biking.....

Nicely alliterative post title, there! And wow, that Thistle Bag looks intense.

Baby sister, hmm? Do you have a specific baby sister that you're scoping out???

Sonya said...

Yow! I hate that hurts-to-move feeling. Have fun with the Tylenol 3s though.

Your projects are all looking fabulous! I love the Windsor Waistcoat more every time I see it.

Mae unmoved by squirrels? Who'd have thunk it?

miyamojo said...

I hope your back is feeling better. I can't stand pain.

OOhhh! Love WW, Thistle & I WANT St Aula! gimme gimme!

Gandalf - so you can rough house! And you won't be the baby! That's why!! :)

Melvin said...

Geez Louise you are talented!
Get better with that back pain! I know the feeling after sewing all day. I'm always writhing in pain from sitting in the same spot. haha

carolyninalaska said...

WOW!!! Pictures are really worth having to wait for!!! I might have to buy more yarn for another St. Aula in "your" colors! Gorgeous! You really make me want to drop everything and start on both that and Windsor... you know how hard it is to wait for something new. Thistle looks wonderful too.

Hope your back is better quickly... I hate back aches.

Bridget said...

Nice pictures! And it looks like there is plenty of entertainment for the whole family ...

Your knitting projects are absolutely beautiful - you have been busy that's for sure.

I hope your back improves soon. In the meantime, try to take it easy.

You know my opinion on the baby sister issue ... ;-)

knitseashore said...

Your knitting is so gorgeous! I hope your back feels much better soon and the T3s work their magic.

Baby sister?! You have us intrigued now. Hope the kitties will be OK, whatever you decide.

Carrie K said...

The Windsor Waistcoat is gorgeous! Hmmm. Must. Have.

St Aula is pretty and the Thistle Bag looked complicated from the gate but pretty!

I love the three of them lined up at the window. Four? Any particular 4th in mind? hmm?

Rebekah said...

Sorry to hear about your back!

Love the vest, its gorgeous. and St. Aula, I'm drooling!

Michelle said...

Wow girl! You are a talented knitter. Your projects are lovely.

Brenda said...

Such beautiful projects! I love the two colors of St. Aula together.

I hope your back is improving!

Very curious about the baby sister comment...

Lynn said...

HHHmmmmmm, could it be a new fur baby is on it's way??? Great projects too.

mrspao said...

Lovely projects - your vest is very pretty. Hope your back recovers quickly - can you get a hot bath.

Lorraine said...

Bridge- Hope your back is better- it can really cramp the knitting style, so to speak.

I guess a decision has been made about the new addition.

Shannon said...

Can you please rub some of your stranding/fair isle skills off onto me? Pretty please?

kimberly said...

Wow, that's a lovely batch of projects you have going. I may have to go order the St. Aula kit now . . .

Hope you are feeling much better!