Sunday, November 15, 2009

Some Real Progress

I really do have some real progress.

It's the body of St. Aula - completed! I always feel that once I've finished the body of a stranded project, the rest of it is just good ol' gravy. Today I plan on cutting one of the armhole steeks, and starting with the first sleeve.

I'm really quite pleased at how nicely the shoulders lined up. So pleased, I'm going to show you a crappy, slightly out of focus picture.

Well, it's actually not as bad as I thought. Nice, huh? I really love working on this project. For awhile, it was a bit hit and miss, as the boy would get seriously into either a) chasing anything that dangled, and would get his lethal little claws caught in the floats, or b) chomp on the stitch markers.

"Who? Me?? Oh, come on. I wouldn't do believe me Big Daddy, right?"

"Wanna bet?"

"Well, I would NEVER pull on your knitting. I'm too well-behaved."

"Well, I probably would because I'm not always so well-behaved."

Malcolm now passes out after their dinner, so it leaves me with a good chunk of time to work on St. Aula before he wakes up and the Witching Hour begins once again. As with most things on a kitten's brain, he loses interest as soon as he finds something new to look into.

"Gotta go."

Mostly to places he probably shouldn't be exploring.

"Ooooo, forbidden..."

By next week, it'll be a new area. I'm just crossing my fingers that he won't pick up on Gandalf's bad habit of jumping on the kitchen counter.

I have a goal of finishing St. Aula by the end of the year. In January, I'll be pulling out my beloved copy of Norsk Strikkedesign, and clicking away for the "Knit a Norwegian" KAL. You'll have to wait and see what I plan on making. So, I really want St. Aula completed by then. Oh, and another project that I didn't photograph, because it's kind this point.

So, it should be completely doable... *knocking wood*

And of course, come January when the KAL starts, Malcolm should *hopefully* be less into yarn and more into something else. Although I don't want to think what.

There's nothing like mealtime to bring everyone together.

"...nom nom nom..."

I have to finish up by telling you all how THRILLED I am to finally be back working on my own PC. Sometime during the summer, the harddrive failed (and boy did it ever). Well, I finally have it back, and better than new. I have Lorraine's son Alexander to thank for taking care of it for me. It works like a dream!

So happy! *sniff* What did we do before all of this technology?? Probably knit a whole lot more.


Marina said...

Dude, you didn't wait for me! Guess I won't be wearing my St. Aula this winter. The colours you picked look wonderful.

Love the new addition! My little, old, orange kitty went to the big litter box in the sky in September.

Chris said...

*sniff* He's so big!!

Damn. Look at how fast you're knitting! I'd better get my accursed sock finished, eh?! :/

Yay about your computer!! Was he able to resuscitate the hard drive?

Bridget said...

Ooh, St. Aula looks beautiful!

I'm glad to hear that Malcolm is doing well, and is so busy. Little boys need some activities, right??? ;-)

miyamojo said...

St Aula is so beautiful! So, did you take the photo of it while the kids were eating? How can there be no furry face, paw, tail, on it with 4 cats in the house? You amaze me. They listen to you. :)

Glad you got your computer back! Yeah, what did we do pre-internet?

bev said...

aren't computer problems a kick in the pants? My trusty old laptop failed during the summer as well. Your new baby is as cute as can be and your sweater...All I can say is "What a beauty!" You are such a great knitter and you actually finishe things! LOL
Missed you and your blog btw.

Rebekah said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Kitties and knitting, of course.

Lynn said...

Yes kittens are energetic huh??? LOL Oh and I did flinch when you said claws in the floats. YIKES!!!!

Sonya said...

St. Aula is so pretty! Fabulous shoulder seams too. I love the kitty dinner picture.

Carrie K said...

St Aula looks fab! The shoulders are perfect.

Malcolm is so big! What did he get into there? The china cabinet?

Mae is a sweetie pie.