Sunday, November 08, 2009

Cats In Hats

When I was planning my move to this apartment, I looked for suitable curtains for the french doors in my kitchen, leading out to the deck. I didn't want something heavy or dark, just something to let in the light, and allow for a bit of privacy. I settled on some off-white "netting" type curtains. Perfect! My sister helped me pick them out, and I bought a nice curtain rod that even matched the hardware on the cupboards. It was a great look, and I was quite pleased.

However. Someone had other ideas. And it's probably not who you think.

"I have no regrets."

So, looks like that experiment failed. I have a pair of curtains I'll put up that should do the trick for now. Ones that will hopefully not shred quite so...easily. I don't want to have bare windows, I need to have something there. *sigh* I keep forgetting that my home is their castle. Not mine.

I actually have a finished piece of knitting to show off!

Kittiwake is complete. It was knit on 3mm needles, and I used a little over one ball of AS' Scottish Fleet in Navy Blue. It is much more "stretchy" than I anticipated - Scottish Fleet is like twine to knit with. Not my favourite yarn, but I have to say - the results are worth the rash on my finger from the yarn, and the stabbed index finger from the needles (the dryness from the furnace didn't help either). I haven't decided if I'm going to add the tassle or not. I think it's fine the way it is, and being such a dark colour - you can't really see where the stitches are gathered at the top.

So - did I enjoy it? Meh. It wasn't the most enjoyable of Starmore projects - primarily because I chose to use such a dark colour. But, I'm very pleased with the results, and VERY glad it's finished.

"*sigh* I'm 11 years old, and yet..."

"Hi Everybody! Sorry I missed you last weekend - apparently Mom's Internet service was down because the company she uses are tools. That's what she said anyway. Look! Here I am, with Big Daddy. You may call him Atticus, but he's Big Daddy to me. "Daddy" because I'm pretty sure if Gandalf is my Cat-Mom, then Atticus must be my Cat-Dad; and "Big" because. Well. C'mon. He's big... But he rocks! When it's night time and we're all sleeping on the couch, no one but Big Daddy will do."

"Here I am with Gandalf. I love him. He's like the coolest big brother ever. Except when he goes all Cat-Mom on me, and grabs me by the scruff of my neck. He gets all worried I'm going to hurt myself, blah blah blah... I mean really. Look at me! Aren't I getting big? Last time I went to the vet, Mom said I weighed 4.4lbs. Wow! Oh, and speaking of the vet's office. Not liking the needles. And I can do without them taking my temperature. And Gandalf told me something about going there to get my warbles removed, whatever that means..."

"And here I am cuddling up to my sister Mae. She can be crabby sometimes, and she's not much into playing with me. But, as long as I behave nicely, she lets me lie down next to her. If I get to be too much of a pill, as she calls me, she hisses at me. And boy can she ever hiss! And she can really get mad too! Phew! I guess she's just not into playing Gladiator with me. I wonder if she has warbles?"

"I really love being underneath stuff. Just like Gandalf! Mom says I can sleep through an earthquake, whatever that is. But. In case you think that I'm all about the napping and cuddling, let me remind you. I'm only 3 months old."

"See? Here I am waking up Big Daddy from his nap."

" *sigh* long 'til those warbles come off?"

"Mom says I can be a little pooper, but then I snuggle up on her lap, and that makes her go all "awwww" and stuff. Well, thanks for stopping by everyone! I'm glad Mom has so many friends out there. It makes me feel special all right! 'K, nap time. Bye!"


Bridget said...

I love the hat, and in my opinion, no tassle is needed.

Love the kitty pictures, however that last one should be illegal, it's so cute ...

Sonya said...

Oh, Mae! Who'd have thunk it? I see Malcolm continues to entertain. ;o)

Chris said...

Mae?! Mae did that?! *gasp*

Wow - 3 months old already?!? You're getting so big, Malcolm!

Anne said...

Ahhhhhhh.......makes me want a kiten too!

No kittens, no kittens, repeat after me - no kittens!!!

Lorraine said...

Bridge- Malcolm is a pooper, but he's a cute pooper.

Rebekah said...

Cute hat. Tassle, really, no, I don't think so.

If it makes you feel any better, Abner and Django ate our leather couch one day, and our loveseat the next.

Carrie K said...

I believe Mae is tired of letting you redecorate the house. First, Malcolm then curtains.....who do you think you are? lol.

Malcolm is so cute!! Kittiwake too. Sorry about the undignified modeling but that was the best view of Kittiwake.

miyamojo said...

Mae?! LOL! I can't believe it!

Love your hat. Looks great on Daddy & Gandalf.

I can't believe how fast Malcolm is growing. He's so cute. :)

carolyninalaska said...

Love your hat model!
Your poor curtains. Good luck on finding kitty proof ones. Our cat climbed all of our curtains which became more or less shredded after awhile.

Brenda said...

I am shocked Mae was so naughty! I'm not surprised she is unrepentant however,as she is a cat.

Great hat! I don't think you need a tassle.

Malcolm is settling right in.