Monday, August 21, 2006

All Sorts of Stuff

Well, meow there, all my new friends in Blogland! My Mom says I need to be a polite Little Dude and thank you all for your nice comments about me! It hasn't gone to my cute little fuzzy kitten head... Although I've pretty much taken over the coveted Chair-Next-To-The-Sunny-Window spot from my big brother. I just look cute and he caves in...

Can I tell you? I adore my big brother Atticus! He's so nice to me, shows me how to do stuff like not bonk my head against the window, and use the litter box (I don't think Mom liked me using a corner of the couch), and he lets me chase him and sleep next to him and we do all sorts of neat stuff together! And, I gave him kitty head-butts today, and he cleaned my head! (Mom note: Awwwww....!)

Here we are eating. I'm eating the Big Cat food, no more of that kitten crap for me! It's the big time, baby!
(Mom note: uh, no.)

*sigh* Life is good!

I even love my sister Mae too, although she pretends not to like me. She let me nap next to her this morning, but then she decided I was getting annoying, and jumped up on the table where I couldn't reach her. Oh well, she's a softie, even if she won't admit it.

See? She may look like "Gawd, he's still here?? Man...", but she lets me snuggle with her at night!

I don't think there's an area of the apartment I have explored!

Guys, life ROCKS at my new home! Thanks again for welcoming me, even though this knitting thing isn't something my Mom is too tolerant about me learning... Dunno...

Knitting - it really does happen!

I have to say, Gandalf and his siblings have adjusted wonderfully! Pretty much within 24 hours.

So, I got back into doing some serious knitting -

Ophelia's first arm is at the cuff stage! Wheeee!!! I would have probably had the cuff done and the stitches of the 2nd arm picked up if it weren't for Gandalf and his Flying Walendas maneuvres on me. She's coming along well, if I do say so. I did one less peree repeat just before the cuff began. I have freakishly short arms...

*Have you seen the Whiskas commercial where they do scenarios with grown men in the cat roles? There's one for Hank the Kitten? Yeah, well, that's Gandalf, jumping from one thing to the other, including yarn... I'm pretty sure I've seen the commercial on both Canadian and US channels. The commercials are very original and well done, not to mention hilarious.*

And although I did say I wouldn't start anything new (what? Cynthia does it too!) I caved... But look at what I'm cheating with!

It's "Elizabeth I" from Alice Starmore's Tudor Roses. I joined Marji's Tudor Roses KAL, and after a brief stint thinking I had sufficient yarn for "Katherine Howard" (nope), I decided I would work on Liz instead. It is what I originally bought the yarn for (2-ply Hebridean from Virtual Yarns).

I am really enjoying this knit. The attention to detail - short row hemline, darts, and the delicate centre pattern make for a beautiful design. The 2-ply yarn, and I've never used AS' 2-ply for anything other than Fair Isle, makes an incredibly supple fabric, which suits the design perfectly. I've only just started the centre pattern, but check out Marji's amazing progress on her "Elizabeth I"!

So, it's been a busy time Knitsters!

A lot of you have nifty buttons - I'm hoping to load them soon! Keep 'em coming.


Marina said...

Awww, that's great that he has settled in so easily!

I blame poor Cynthia too for starting something new ;-) Ophelia is looking very pretty and Elizabeth, elegant (even though it looks purple to me)!

But being the party pooper I am, I hope we've not forgotten about our "one day a week devoted to Western Seas"?

Lorraine The Knitting Hammy said...

Hey Bridge- So glad the little Dudes are getting along so well- btw, Kitten-Chow never ate Kitten food- his motto is "go big or go home".
Ophelia looks lovely, and I can't believe you got so much done on Liz- you're a maniac!

Carrie K said...

Mae looks like she's going to swat him one. Snuggles at night indeed. She's going to be mad you're spreading those rumors....

Little Dude is so cute! and such a nice big brother.

A Liz!! And a Liz that's so much farther along than the one I started in......June? Whenever I got the yarn. I love that lilac color.

Chris said...

So sweet!! Gandalf, you are darn cute - it's good you live so far away, or I might be tempted to kitten snatch you.

"Liz" is looking great!

Cynthia said...

So it's all my fault? ;-)

You know you needed to start Liz ! It was calling to you...

I'm going to have to get busy and redeem myself. Can't have y'all thinking I can't finish those sweaters.

Ophelia is awesome and so is Liz.

Gandalf is adorable - I'm so glad he's settling in (and taking over).

Marji said...

Ophelia looks great, and the Liz in that heathery purple is beautiful. (unlike Marina, I love purple!) I might maybe have to try some of that Hebridean 2 ply. Soft you say?
You are really flying along.

DeeAnn said...

Vanessa swears by the 2ply and I've always wondered if it was as soft as she says - it looks awesome in Liz! and booking along on Ophelia, you prolific ladies boggle my mind but sure do treat my eyes!

Kitten love!!! Oh he is just too damn cute for words :)

Dipsy D. said...

Awww, I want to cuddle your futty babes right now! Lady's been looking at the PC-screen with a very interested expression before, oy, I think she'd like to come over and play along! I love your little ones so much!
And you've been so productive - Ophelia looks absolutely fantastic, and gosh, how much did you manage to knit on Liz? You're a knitting machine! Fantastic work indeed!

Nicole said...

Ophelia looks great! That's it, I *have* to learn Continental now so that I can do a Fair Isle, too. Not that I don't have enough projects in the works as it is...

Love the cat stories. keep 'em coming!