Thursday, August 31, 2006


Weeeeee!!!! Knitsters, I'm on vacation!

No alarm clock! No work clothes!

No pager. Sweet Alice Starmore. No. Pager.

Can you tell that makes me happy?!

So, I am off to lovely
St. Catharines, Ontario to visit my sister and sister-in-law (Finnegan's Moms!). This has become a yearly tradition since they moved out there. It's about an hour and a half from Toronto, in the Niagara region, famous for it's orchards and wineries (ooooo baby!). The tradition? Celebrating my birthday on Saturday. Someone asked me if I mind people asking my age? Not at all - I turn a young 38. I always view my age as something to be proud of - and something to celebrate. Which I do. Heartily! My sister is an excellent cook, and always makes the most wonderful meals. This year is my first birthday since being diagnosed with Celiac Disease, and she's even searched the 'net for a gluten free chocolate cake recipe!

Awwww, shucks!

Brigitte admits to another WIP...

I had the best of intentions, rumaging through my embarassing stash to look for some yarn for some volunteer knitting I'll be doing for the
Annex Cat Rescue.

When I came across this:

Oh. Hello.

This would be "
Lush", from Kim Hargreaves. Started last December when I was still in my old apartment next door.

I packed her away in one of my yarn bins. And promptly forgot her.


I guess I got caught up with the move, and unpacking. But no more!! I will make it up to her. She's not difficult, or a bore either. It's knit cuff to cuff on 4.5mm (huge needles for me!), with short rows (why do I always gravitate to WIP's with short rows?) and neckline shaping, so it's never dull. And the Rowan Kid Classic? Love it! The colour, Crushed Velvet, is actually much deeper than it shows up in my picture above. The colour on Kim's site (the link above, nudge nudge) is actually much closer to the actual.

Stay tuned.

What I Will Do On My Late Summer Vacation

My poor, neglected Western Seas. Lorraine has warned me that I will go batty with one WIP.

Thanks Hammy. You know me well... But, I will do my best! Thanks to Hurricane Ernesto, it will be nothing but cold rain the entire long weekend, while not a bad thing, will mean a lot of knitting time. It's perfect for movie knitting. And Not-My-Turn Scrabble knitting.

Must. Finish. Western Seas.

Above you see my progress thus far. Closer to 10", and I have a total of 12 before starting the gussets. Less than I thought, but we'll see how I do.

Wish me luck. Think of me.

The Little Dudes






WeeeWeeeWeeeLookat...*clunk* *zzzzzzzzzzzz*

*honkshu, honkshu*

Yup. Kittens. One minute tearing the place apart. The next. Out like a light.

"Finally, some peace and freakin' quiet..."

The life of a cat.

"For cryin' out loud, that kid's a hellion. Man, I'm bushed..."

Enjoy the long weekend Knitsters! I'll be back on Thursday, hopefully more relaxed and with much more Western Seas to show off.


DeeAnn said...

OK, we need more detail than that ;-)

Wendy said...

Have a great vacation and a happy birthday!

Marina said...

Have a Happy Birthday, Brigitte!

I'm with Lorraine. You need something else, something a bit easier on the fingers?

Yikes! How could you forget something so pretty? Yum.

Enjoy yourself!

Lorraine The Knitting Hammy said...

Hey Bridge- Have a great time- it's nice to get a break.
If you go nuts with only one WIP, don't come crying to me..............
Love the Kitty Poos!

Jewel said...

Happy Happy Birthday! Show us your progress when you get back.

Chris said...

Happy birthday!! I hope you have a lovely vacation.

Hee hee - Gandalf looks to be at that lanky stage, all leg leg leg.

Rachel H said...

Happy Birthday! And have a great vacation.

*lol* - my verification word is 'poopd'. Fitting with the little dude shots today, no?

Cynthia said...

Happy Birthday! Have a great time with your family. I'm watching the Western Seas with great interest - if you can endure it maybe I can too...

Marji said...

Happy Birthday kiddo! Have a great vacay and good time with your sisters. There is something kind of wonderful I think about taking only one project, directed knitting as it were. No reason not to just sit down and get it done.

Nicole said...

Happy birthday! And have a great vacation... I hope there's lots of stress-free knitting time in there, somewhere!

Carrie K said...

Happy Birthday! And have a great vacation.

Such. Cute. Kitties.

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Brigitte! Enjoy your weekend. I was thinking of you as I stood in the pet shop, looking at the gorgeous 3 month old orange/white female cat up for adoption from the Oakville Humane Society -- would Daisy and Caelee like a new friend.....what DH would say if he came home and found a new kitty living here......but very fortunately, a young lady dragged her Mom in, insisting that they adopt this gorgeous little kitty....and they did - I went back to make sure LOL!

Anyway, have a great one!

Dipsy D. said...

Have a Happy Birthday, Brigitte - all the very best to you! May all your dreams and wishes come true in this new year of yours!
Love the cat-pics as always, and such great WIPs you've going on - awesome! Have a wonderful vacation!