Friday, August 25, 2006

Clawing Away At Too Many WIP's!

Dear Marina:

I had my Mom take this picture to show you that Western Seas is still getting a lot of attention (but not as much as me!). Here I am trying to smooth it out so that it looks nice. *Ehn!* There we go, doesn't she look great?

I'm a big help.

Love, Gandalf

Thanks to the little man and his maneuvering to help get it into proper photographing state!

I always do this to myself. You know, get into one of those "organizing" frenzies where all I want to do is catalogue my knitting magazines and bookshelves, and alphabetize my fridge (it's a Virgo thing - hey, guess who gets to wear a silly birthday hat in a week!? No, not Atticus. Or Mae.). Eventually, I get to my WIP's, and I get overwhelmed.


If it kills me...

1. Ophelia
2. Western Seas (I'm going to bring her over to my sister's next weekend)
3. Amphora

These are the priority! I hate having these seemingly unloved WIP's around (but they're not unloved!). If I tire of Sleeve Island on Ophelia, I'll finish Amphora's body, and de-Ophelia my brain for a bit.

Arangenser, my poor lovely Aran, will be next. I hope I'm not being overly confident when I say she should go fairly quickly.

I sound like a broken record! Haven't I moaned about this to you all before? Well, Diva was in the mix, so let's say it's an update.
Gandalf reminds me that when you get in the way of a kitten and his pouncing, you run the risk of becoming a casualty.

I'd forgotten how funny those little Psycho Kitten episodes can be, you know when they go all whacko on the pillows and whatever else gets in the way. Right now, his favourite thing to play with is a toilet paper roll. Hey, it's cheap, and he's happy.

And everyone is still getting along nicely, and I've only seen Mae assert her dominance with him. In a nice, cat-language sort of way. So far, I haven't seen Atticus do so. Although... he does clean Gandalf's head, and holds him down while doing so. I believe that's one of their methods. Ah, the mysterious world of kitties. It's so funny to watch them interact. Mae can be quite cute with him, cuddling him and cleaning his...areas...and swating him upside the head when he gets annoying. Atticus just continues to be the big goofy Big Brother.

Right, I'm off for a high-fat, high-calorie but oh-so-yummy breakfast, so - have a great weekend Knitsters!


Marina said...

Thanks, Gandalf. You're a good little dude for helping your mom with Western Seas. Isn't she gorgeous? Soon it will have a neckline & sleeves and look less like a kitty blanket ;-) Love, Marina

Hey Brigitte, we all know about being overwhelmed by our WIPs but I have a feeling that it's not going to stop me from casting on Leo very soon! But, I've made a timetable and "found" some extra time!

Marji said...

I think it's a change of season thing - the itch to catalogue, organize, and prioritize. So when will the weather cooperate and start the change of season?
I think I'm the only knit-blogger out there who doesn't have cats to take pics of.
Araganser? is that a meld of gansey and aran?

Lorraine The Knitting Hammy said...

Hey Bridge- Kittens are alot of fun, they have so much energy- and sharp claws!
Love the idea of the hign calorie breakfast- go big or go home!

Dipsy D. said...

Gosh, you sure have a couple of WIPs going on, and heaven knows they all look amazing already!
Your life sounds really busy these days with your kitties - there's hardly a peaceful minute with the furry ones, is there? So you certainly deserved that high calorie breakfast - yummy, sounds perfect by the way!

Nicole said...

I love Psycho Kitty episodes! It's funny to see our (my & hubby's) 3-year-old cat still act (on occasion) like a Psycho Kitty. Especially now that we have wood floors, and she's used to carpet. Very amusing.

Good luck with the WIPs. I'm doing the same thing and trying to get mine finished. We'll see how well it goes.

Chris said...

Chaos wanted me to tell Gandalf "Good job with suckering her to think you're helping with the knitting. That will be useful later, Little Dude!"

Marji said...

i scrolled down and saw your progress on Araganser, and then googled it and found it in the Norsk Strikkedesign book. I am seriously in love. Is it ia fun knit?

Carrie K said...

What a nice kitty. So helpful. And cute.

I'm a Leo and I'm having the same categorizing/cleaning/finishing something urges.

So....would that be Sept 4th?