Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Done. Almost.

Gandalf makes up for being a pill earlier in the week.

"Great. Chaos and Mayhem warned me about being used as a prop."

What is that, that knitted thingy being so expertly modelled by Gandalf (models only use one name, you know)? Why, hello SECOND AND LAST DALARNA SLEEVE! The sleeve, she is finished. Brigitte, she is relieved. Not for a moment did I not enjoy working on this project - I just got a little too ...comfortable... in how well my first Norwegian project was going. And it brought me down a peg or two by reminding me that if I didn't pay would make me pay attention.

So now the steeks are sewn and ready to be cut, and I have only the neckband to knit up, and the sleeves to sew into place.

I need advice! I will not be able to give Dalarna her bath in order to block her. I took Lorraine's advice and "washed" a small swatch of the red yarn, and lo and behold! The red runs. Good thing I checked it out BEFORE plunging the whole thing in water. If the red would have run into the white... And then it would have become the most expensive and elaborate kitty blanket ever. The design sure to induce seizures in the cats should they stare at it too long (hee hee, anyone remember the Simpsons episode where they go to Japan?!!). But, what I'd like to know - to block it, should I pin her down, spray, and steam? Let me know what you think.

And speaking of Lorraine -

"Wow Auntie Lorraine, you tell the best stories! Is it true Kitten-Chow gets to drink water from a great big doggie bowl? Really?"

(Atticus in the background, vying for attention, paw on her leg) "Hi. Hi. Hi. Auntie Lorraine? Auntie Lorraine? Hi. Look. Lookatme! Hi!"

Lorraine came over this past weekend. We swapped yarn, showed off projects, and Gandalf and Atticus thought she was just the coolest. Here they compete for her attention, Gandalf nicely mellowed out after rolling around in Lorraine's Aran WIP that she brought over to show (oh, and the colour? It's even better than it shows up in the picture on her site). We had a great time! As always :) !

If you've been reading this blog for awhile, you know that I normally keep to myself when it comes to current affairs. This is a knit blog, after all. But - this makes me so happy.

How the "mighty" have fallen. Give up your Canadian citizenship to become a British Lord, eh Conny? What's that? You want it BACK now?? Screw over the "little people"? Let's see how well the "little people" treat you in a US jail.

OK. I feel so much better now.

"Oh! I'm so excited! Is it true you might be coming over for a visit soon!? We can play with Sheepie! And go for walks! And play in the backyard! And watch TV! And you can give me all kinds of love and attention! So. Excited!"

Finnegan asked his Moms if I could come over for a visit in April, although the Little Dudes have not been asked yet...



the BookWyrm said...

Aaaw. Gandalf is such a sweetie. How could he not make up for being a bit of a nuisance? All he has to do is look cute. Which comes all too easily for the Little Dudes, doesn't it?

Darlana looks lovely. But alas, I have very little experience in blocking, and so won't offer my thoughts as they're just as likely to be wrong as right.

Chris said...

Yay for finished Dalarna sleeve!!! Heh, Gandalf, you were warned, but...

Yikes, the red runs?? Do you have a little swatch you can try steaming, etc, to see what happens?

Lorraine said...

Bridge- Your lucky you weren't missing a Kitty after I left- but Atticus is a little too big for my purse!
I could have, however, taken Gandalf- as he was so in love with my yarn!

Dalarna is almost there- WoooHoooo!

Marina said...

Gee, I don't know but it looks good!

I don't think you should tell Gandalf that you're going away ;-)

Sachi said...

Well, I'm glad it's the second and LAST sleeve because I was going to have to ask some questions. ;-)


Jewel said...

I'm happy Dalarna is getting there! I had no doubt Auntie Lorraine would fall in love with Gandalf. Black kitties are just the bestest.

Dipsy said...

Your pet pics are always the best, that's for sure! Gandalf is *so* cute - but hey, Dalarna is too, of course ;) Yay for finishing the sleeve - seeing that pattern I know it would take me ages and ages to finish it - if I'd ever finish it at all - so I'm absolutely impressed on how you knit it up pretty quickly - it's a beauty indeed!

sillyewe said...

Ahhh, I can't find your email! Anyway, I HAVE seen it and I like the gold colorway is afterall, Rheingold... ;0)...but I do like the new one. Abalone is to die for.
Dalarna looks great! The red running scares me a little. How will you wash it? Dry clean? Whatever the case, it is looking lovely. It will be great on you. So what's up next??? (evil laugh)

Brenda said...

The second sleeve looks great! I have no idea about the blocking. If I were lost in the wilderness and had your dilemma, I would try the steaming vs spraying on little swatches. Good luck!

Gandalf is such a cutey! Hey, it wasn't a bib. He has nothing to complain about.

Carrie K said...

Finnegan is a cutie pie.

Aww, how cute of Gandalf! And Atticus. That paw!

Dalarna looks very lovely. I was thinking steaming to block it too but how are you going to wash it? Dry clean only, I guess?

I so wanted to say something like 'but did you check row 8 and 9? They look wrong!' but that would be too, too cruel. And Gandalf might get mad at me.

Anni said...

Congratulations with the second sleeve. Not fair that the red runs after all your troubles. I have no idea how to block it. Hope you find a way.

Rebekah said...

OH my, the red running is not a good thing. I was goingt o suggest the same as Chris, try another swatch in the methods you mentioned. Also, isn't tehre some type of thing you can buy at the store that you put in with your wash and it grabs the colors when they bleed so they don't bleed onto each other. Memory fails me though as to what it's called, but it might be worth looking for and doing a test run.

It's sure a great looking sleeve though.

Cynthia said...

I'd think steaming slightly safer than spraying. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. It looks wonderful!

Carrie K said...

Did I mention that I hope Black fries? I hate those kind of people.

junie said...

Dalarna Sleeve is beautiful. You girls are doing some beautiful work on the Dale KAL. Good going. I was over at Lorraine's blog and her Sirdar is simply Wonderful.
(hope I spelled that right)

Still stuck on Beadwork. Front #2 and then the bands and buttons! Done. Why is it that I really grow to hate each project when it is 75% done? I sooo want to start another project.

Abalone I think. And, something lacy.

DeeAnn said...

Congrats on making it to the finishing line with Dalarna! It is such a gorgeous sweater :)

Reds are notorious for bleeding, even in drycleaning. Woolite has a new All Colors version out that is supposed to prevent the dye from redepositing but I haven't tried it, vinegar in the water can often prevent the bleed from starting, I do use this method often but it depends on the type of dye used. Sounds like you may have a few swatch experiments in your future :)

Amazing that you weren't short a little guy after Aunt Lorraine's visit, looks like she's the cats meow! ;) Glad you two had a great day!