Saturday, March 10, 2007

It's Been A Long Week...


All I'm going to say is that it's been a long one at work... Stupid DST. If computers are so smart...ehn, I'm not even going to say it! So very glad I am NOT on call this weekend for work.

I have much better things to look forward to now that it's the weekend -
Lorraine is coming over tomorrow, and there will be yarn! And it's supposed to be a lovely, warmish (+6C!) day as well. We are doing a yarn swap - my 2-ply VY Hebridean in Witchflower for her Jamieson's DK. Ooooo, the possibilities! Actually, I think I'm going to try for a shawl from the wonderful "Folk Shawls" book, by Cheryl Oberle.

What have I been knitting? Yes, Dalarna's sleeve is in the home stretch. I had hoped she'd be done, however life got in the way, and I've not done as much as I'd like. It's the mid-winter knitting blahs...all sorts of fabulous projects, and nothing done! *sigh again*


I've said it before, and I'm saying it again - I am not the most prolific sock knitter. It's certainly not because I don't enjoy them - I do. And I love a pair of nifty hand knit socks, however I'm just not very...adept at them. I'm not very good when it comes to the top down variety, so I stick to toe-up. Nothing wrong with that! Rachel H. said that she finds it hilarious that I can do Dalarna's sleeves from the wrist up and not bat an eyelash, but when it comes to socks... I more often than not end with a mobius, poke the cats or myself, lose a stitch or my tension is all wrong. She said I should try a Fair Isle sock! Heh heh, thanks Rachel, I think I may do that. Enabler.

"Oooo, hello pointy sharp stick. I can chomp on this Mom, because I believe you snapped one of your needles trying the sock on. Just sayin'."

Well, you get the idea. I'm using some Lorna's Laces sock yarn, very nice to work with, and very interesting colours! I'm usually quite predictable when wearing colours on garments, however when it comes to socks - anything goes. Gandalf is right - I did snap a needle while trying it on. I'm actually doing a bit of a design on the leg, using Wendy's Feather and Fan for toe up socks pattern. Why yes, it is a lace pattern. Why yes, I did mess up the first repeat. It is lace after all. I can memorize rounds of Fair Isle patterning at first glance, but I can't remember the simple formula of a decrease for every yarn over.

"Finally, he's asleep. That kid's unbelievable! Such a pain in the tail sometimes. But awww, so cute and sweet too..."

"I heard that!"

"You heard nothing. Go back to sleep."

"You love me Mae! I love you too! You're the best big sister ever! Even though you try not to show it!"

"For cryin' out loud...keep it down. So. Embarassed. Getthatcameraoutofmyface!"

Gandalf discovers that even though he may get whacked a few times and more, doesn't mean Mae doesn't love her little bro. She just shows it differently...

Now I'm off to search for another set of 2mm needles for the socks. I'm bound to have some somewhere... After all, I discovered the other day that I have 7 - 80cm length 3.25mm needles, not counting the 2 currently being used for WIP's. I have my priorities.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Marina said...

Just curious ... can you remember the charts for Arans and other textures?

I recently got that book and the one by Meg Swensen and Lace Style! I see a pattern there, but just no knitting ;-)

Hope next week is better for you!

Rachel H said...

Hmm, you and one of your knitting friends are getting together to play with yarn this weekend. Me and one of my knitting friends are getting together today to play with drills and hammers and pieces of wood. Luckily, I really, really like playing with drills and hammers and pieces of wood, or I'd think there's something wrong with that picture...

Hey, speaking of Fair Isle(ish)socks, did you see the BMP socks over at Knitty? Do you not see those perhaps on the feet of the red haired geek-to-his-bones boy we keep locked up in that little room on the 5th floor at work? (but, um, fair isle puts 'em in your bailiwick, not mine. Hee.)

Lorraine said...

Bridge- Good for you for getting out of your comfort zone and trying lace and sock knitting- and the color is great, nice and Springlike!

Remember the Sheriff's rule- full disclosure. I have a date with an Aran today.

Chris said...

Mae is so busted! :)

Have fun tomorrow!

Hmm, maybe you need to switch to socks on circs - less likely to break during try on? You are about lace the way I am about fair isle. Probably there's a deal there somewhere!

May we all survive the DST thing. PITA. My local public radio station had an interesting feature on the whole thing, although they didn't mention that poor Canada was going along with the silliness!

DeeAnn said...

A yarny weekend with knit friends, sounds wonderful! I love Folk Shawls, beautiful book. So you're going to stick your needles in the lace ring! Yeah!

I'm trying to resist the need to try Wendy's toe up pattern - I've only done top down so far and still have a few pairs in progress, but that spring color is getting to me ;-)

Congratulations on Dalarna success! Hope you have a wonderful weekend to make up for the taxing week :)

Brenda said...

What is it with black blog kitties and snacking on knitting needles?! First Mayhem, now Gandalf. Copy cat needle chewing!

Beautiful color for the sock. Good luck with the lace. I'm still getting the hang of lace charts. It doesn't help that I can mess up left slants and right slants. I think I am going to try for color coding decreases.

Have fun with Lorraine! And I hope you have a better week at work.

Carrie K said...

Aw, Mae does love Gandalf! How sweet.

DST is EVIL! Don't start me.

That's hilarious that you can knit all those lovely FI's and balk at socks! I like toe down, toe up is so fiddly (says I on the whole one sock I've done toe up).

Hope you're having lots of fun w/Lorraine!