Saturday, March 03, 2007

Little Toes

OK, so it's not the best picture! Do you know how hard it is to even get a picture of kitty toes around here?! I have very tempermental models... And not to be outdone by her brothers, wee Miss Mae allowed me to photograph her paw on her terms.

(little wee Mae paw resting on my hand) Awwww!

*News Flash*

Dalarna's sleeve!

So far, so good! I'm about 40% done, with no messy mistakes or missed rows, phew... I'm going to work solely on this over the weekend, and get her done! Seeing Lorraine finish up her Sirdal (and she gave some great finishing tips too) has given me the push I need to get this done.

As I've said before - it's not the pattern - I absolutely love it. It's my own clumsiness when attempting to complete the last sleeve. If I had been paying more attention, I would have completed her by now. But, looks like this attempt is the charm.

Snow, Snow, Snow!

It's been a strange weather week here in Toronto. Storm on Sunday night into Monday, mild weather through the week, then a kick in the pants on Thursday - another snowstorm that came out of nowhere (so it seemed) on Thursday that packed some pretty brutal winds. It then turned to freezing rain (coating my back door shut with ice!), and then rain. Messy. The ice on the trees caused quite a few branches and limbs to snap, landing (of course) on the electrical wires. Which is what happened to me on Friday, knocking my power and telephone service out for about 6 hours. Good times. Today, it seems to have stabilized a bit. It's still mild (-2C), but we're back into the deep freeze this week!

Who's the boss? Mother Nature, of course.

Keep warm! Today I'm off to search for some kind of Kitty Condo for the Little Dudes. Gandalf continues to demolish the old chair. Little sweet pea that he is...


Marina said...

-2C is mild? No thanks! Poor kitties! No power for six hours? Hope everybody kept warm and amused ;-)

Nothing but sleeves going on here, too! Dalarna is looking quite lovely! Your fault if I begin something with just two colours.

Anonymous said...

Do you cut the little darlng's toe nails? That really helps them -- if they can't get grip, they don't want to scratch!

Yes, it can be an exciting experiene -- wiggling cat, 20 toe nails to cut -- x 3 in our case LOL!

Lorraine said...

Bridge- I love the Kitty toes! And Mae is so pretty!
Good for you- snuggle in and get that sleeve done, then you can move on to something else.

It's great knitting weather!

Rachel H said...

It still cracks me up that you have no problem casting on for sleeves on DPNs, but think it's fiddly when you try and do it for top down socks.

Hey! I know! Knit a Fair Isle sock. That way your fingers might just think it's a sleeve and you'll have no problem. :o)

Chris said...

ARGH!! Blogger ate my comment.

My favorite? The Mae paw - awwwww.
*crosses fingers for sleeve*

When did my neighbor across the street build a fence?? ;) The view looks very familiar... We have sunny and +16F today (which sounds warmer than the equivalent -8.9C, doesn't it?).

Looking forward to kitty condo pictures!

Dipsy said...

I can't believe what a lot of snow you've got! Arrrghh! Here it's been raining for days, but it just snowed a tiny bit on the mountains - we still have only gotten a lousy 2 inches down here in the valley all winter long... Insane, I tell ya...
I hear you about taking pics of the kitty-toes - that's what I've been trying to do for the past couple of days, but no sir, my Lady definitely refuses ;(

Anni said...

Good to see the sleeve is behaving nice this time. I'm looking forward to see the sweater.

And oh my - we were having a lot of snow a week ago, but now it's almost like spring time again.

Brenda said...

Yay! The sleeve is behaving! Looking forward to the complete sweater.

What nasty weather! Glad you got your power back.

I hope the kitties like their new condo.

sillyewe said...

Oh, I am sooo jealous of the snow! Oh to stay in and knit while it's snowing...just heaven. ;0) Love the kitty toes, too!

Carrie K said...

You'll do it! I have faith.

Aww, cute Mae! And cute kitty paws. And yes, it's a hard pic to get.

the BookWyrm said...

Oh, man! I go away from the blogland for a few months, and so much happens! Your layout changes, there are TONS of kitty and knitting stories, and even a toboggan ride!

Man. I must not go away again. And now I really, really want to do a colorwork project... but I must make myself finish a project before I start a new one. MUST.

(BTW, I'm on Blogger again now. Not just WordPress.)