Thursday, June 14, 2007

Do You Feel Tom Is More Talented Than Jerry?

What to do, what to do...

When I was going through my yarn stash, deciding on what to sell, I came acrosss this little number - - in kit form, from White Lies Design.

I thought it would be something I'd like to try, so I decided to keep it, even though it had been sitting in the stash for, oh, 3 years. and lace... After 3 attempts at the startup row (which includes the casting and re-casting on of 193 long-tail cast on stitches), I did manage not to mess it up. I managed around 8 rows of it last night...but you know? After sleeping on it, and mulling it over today (my priorities at work, heh heh), I don't think I'm going to go any further. I'm just not that woohoo'ed with it. And that's the way it's been lately. I haven't worked too much on Amphora's sleeve, so I've been playing around with this and that. So, I think I'll probably work on a tank of some kind with the yarn - 50% wool/50% silk in black. We'll see... Summer knitting blahs really suck when you're primarily a traditional knitter...


Hey! So, look at what Gandalf got in the mail from his cousin Finnegan! A pressie for his first birthday!

Crazy Cat Lady action figure! He, uh, hasn't allowed me to open it yet... And there's this quiz on the back of the package - "Are you a Crazy Cat Person?" - answer "yes" to at least 7 of the 17 questions, and you are one!!

Like - "Do you feel Tom is more talented than Jerry?" and "Have you ever had to explain to a police officer that the stuff in the bag really is catnip?". So, I, uh, answered "yes" to more than 7... Moving on.


Every Thursday over the summer, the city of Toronto invites local farmers to hold a Farmers' Market at various city locations, and lucky for me, one is just outside my building. So, we end up taking an extended lunch, going to all the stalls, then hitting one of the food vendors - yummy stuff like back bacon sandwiches, roast pork, roasted corn and yams, and bunch of others. AND - they have live music too. Until the end of July, it'll be jazz and big band acts, in preparation for the huge Toronto Jazz Festival! It is just the best way to wind down the week. And the weather has been perfect so far. Here's my haul today:

Some homemade organic guacamole, zucchini, really new new potatoes, AND - some of the season's first strawberries! Not shown are the yellow cherry tomatoes that were scarfed back at work... Oh, and I'm sparing you from seeing a picture of the "elk-meat cat and dog treats". Trust me. But - here are the Little Dudes sampling the unusual treat...


Atticus - LOVED them. Gandalf - LIKES them. Mae - pretty MEH about them...

Then again...Atticus and food go hand in, well, paw. Well see. Next week I'm going to try and remember to bring my camera to the Farmers' Market, and show you how lively it all is.

So, I'm going to look through my stuff, and see what I can figure out to do with this lovely black wool/silk yarn. Hopefully, I'll have something done by the weekend.

Enjoy the rest of your week!


Nicole said...

Poor kitties with weird treats. At least their mommy thought about them and got them treats, though.

I agree with you on the lingerie kit. I would be meh about it, too. Good luck coming up with something fun to knit from the yarn!

Brenda said...

I love the picture of the cats and the treats! They're not sure if you brought them a good thing.

I like to knit lace, but I like to knit lace that someone other than me and M will ever see.

I hope you find a good pattern for the wool/silk!

Rachel H said...

I avoided the market today, since last week's 'just gonna have a look' somehow brought two pies, butter tarts and the organic black bean dip from the same place you got the guacamole from into my home.

Lorraine said...

Bridge- I guess you didn't share the guacamole with the dudes.

I kind of wish we had cooler weather all year, just for knitting purposes.

barbp said...

It's so wierd because I totally have my knitting desire back. Bacon sandwiches - peameal bacon sandwiches? Yumm.

Little dudes are too cute!

Jewel said...

Crazy cat lady. Hee hee. I love it! Our kitties are similar with kitty treats. Meems could care less. She sniffs them, licks one and then watches the other two scarf it down. Aren't farmer's markets great?? One reason I love living in California; there is one down the street every Saturday.

Marina said...

OMG, Brigitte! Now I know who buys those things to knit ;-) Not that there is anything "wrong" but I was just curious.

I'll never be able to look at other crazy, cat ladies who knit and blog without wondering whether they have the same taste too ;-)

Chris said...

I've seen that action figure, but always been afraid to take the quiz....

Knitting Pure & Simple has a nice basic tank. Knit.1's Spring/Summer 2007 issue had a few cute tanks in it, too.

Oh, the Farmer's Market sounds great! I found a tiny little market on the Mall in front of the State Capitol here in Denver and there was someone there selling gluten free cupcakes and crumb cakes!!!!!!!!!! :)

Tracey said...

Crazy Cat Lady...lolz.

Debby said...

Happy belated birthday to Atticus. Such a cutie! He looks great for 9!

How is your lace UFO coming along?

Wear the Crazy Cat Lady badge proudly! (Chris and I were the only ones at GYGIG with kitty badges pinned to our outfits, but we got cat awareness going in spades, LOL). :)

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure I'm a CCL too!

Carrie K said...

Hand and paw. lol. Atticus is just willing to sample new things. A lot.

Who isn't a CCL? I'm pretty sure that's a quiz I'd get more than 46% on.

That Farmers Market haul looks awesome. Ah ha! That's why I woke up today dying to go to the San Francisco Farmer's Market! (I didn't). Yum yum.

That corset is cute, but way too much work for something you can't strut on the street.

At least I'm hoping you wouldn't strut in that on the street.

Dipsy said...

That pic of the cats with the treats is just hilarious - they're obviously so not sure what it is that you brought them or if it's a goodie or not - love that! ;)
And I do agree with you on the lingerie kit!

Marji said...

That is one sexy knit.
and interesting. But I know me, and even if I got it knit, I'd be highly unlikely to actually WEAR it, ya know? So, if you knit it, would you wear it?
Love the produce. Lucky you!

want to let you know that I may actually cast on with that cotton I got from you last year - have options up on my blog. It's too freakin' hot here to knit with wool. There isn't enough air conditioning in the world that can overcome our high 90's.

Can I say the cats are hilarious.