Sunday, June 17, 2007

On The Right Track

Your Life is 9% Off Track

No doubt about it, you are living the right life.You've made some great decisions, and they've definitely paid off.Keep it up. You're on the right track!


Must try remembering that as my ears protest the hot weather and changing barometric pressure... Don't ask how. Hasn't been a good weekend at Chez les Petits Dudes - ear infection and a perforated ear drum. Nice.

It could be worse, I always remind myself of that.

So - check it out! I'm doing pretty well, I must say! Only 9% off track! Yay me

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there!

"My life is 0% off track! I've got it good!"


Brenda said...

Brigitte--I hope next week is much better for you! Glad to hear that Gandalf's life is going so well.

Marina said...

I've got to take that quiz again! This time, I might not exaggerate how bad I have it ;-)

Ear infection, I understand , but perforated ear drum?! You need to take better care of yourself.

Yup, the two legged children feel that the four legged children have it better!

barbp said...

Poor you with perforated ear drum and infection. I know that pain, I had a ruptured ear drum when I was young. Heal well.

I'm at 17% - I thought I'd come out higher but it's probably the work life that's bringing it down. Glad to see you so high!

Jewel said...

Owie!! I Hope you're healed in no time!

Lorraine said...

Bridge- Major bummer.

But at least your life is on track. That's gotta be good.

In my youth, (?) I decided I wanted to be platinum blond, and actually blistered my eardrum with bleach. Oh, what I sacrifice for my beauty!

Debby said...

The barometric pressure changes give me bad sinus headaches. So far my ears have been OK -- I do hope you have some pain medication as a ruptured ear drum sounds awfully painful!!

Rachel H said...

40% off track. Um, oops. Not a surprise, but oops.

Hope your ears get better soon.

Marji said...

Perforated ear drum? yikes! how long will that take to heal? Can you still fly? Take care of yourself girl.

Tracey said...

Ack! I'm 29% off track...*sigh* and it's probably because of the things I find important, aren't important on this particular quiz. Oh well. I'm happy!

Feel better soon!

Carrie K said...

9%? Show off. No wonder you're having health problems - even it out! ;)

But poor baby! Perforated ear drum? Ouchouchouchouchouch. I can't even handle water from the shower in my ears.

Nicole said...

Yikes! Hope you feel better soon. Though how did you perforate your eardrum? Not with knitting needles, I hope.

Chris said...

Damn, I'm 18% off track... Aw, I wish you were haning out with me in the Rockies and the Black Hills - I am having zero allergy symptoms. There's no humidity worth speaking of here - what a difference that makes.

Dipsy said...

Ouch - these ear issues sound incredibly painful - fingers crossed that you'll be feeling well again very, very soon!
In that quiz, I scored 19% off track - hmh, I wonder where that comes from? ;) Anyway, thanks for sharing, I really enjoy doing these fun little quizzes!