Monday, July 09, 2007

How To Fix Those Knitting Blues

So, I grumbled to Lorraine last week about how I can't seem to stay focused on any one project for more than a few rows, and then my mind wanders and the ADD kicks in.

Oooo, look it's the ice cream truck!!

No, but seriously. With the exception of my Gingko Leaf sleeve I'm working on, and here it is:

I haven't been to overly productive. Speaking of ADD, Gandalf decided playing with the end of the needle was much more fun than modelling for Mom. This represents about half of the sleeve, believe it or not. Of course, much more would have been done had I not chosen to work it while watching "Blood Diamond". And - wait for it - I LOVE this pattern now! Wow, and it only took me the entire body, and about 3 years to get to that realization! *patting myself on head* But, I have to say that the fact the sleeve is going so well is thanks in no small part to Dorothy Siemens' brilliant instructions. The sleeve is practically idiot-proof, follow the chart and you don't even need to think about when to increase, and how to incorporate it into the pattern. My kind of lace.

And I've also been working on socks:

Atticus is much more obliging. Then again, it is July... So, one half of the Lisa Souza Mahogany socks are done, and the second is well on it's way! I have 4.5 hours of "Das Boot" to thank for getting a lot of it done. No worries, I haven't tired of Kiri, I have worked on her, only it really looks no different than last time... And no, I haven't forgotten Amphora. I'm just in no rush to finish it, as it's still a couple more months before I can wear her.

All that to say... I decided to use this I-don't-know-what-to-knit phase to get a head start on my volunteer knitting for the Annex Cat Rescue. This year I'd like to make a pile of kitty blankets, and Wendy was very sweet in letting me use her Kitty Bed pattern from her book to make some kitty beds for sale as well. And a few other things as well.

I don't think I need to worry about not having any spare feltable yarn.

These are just "remnants". Some stuff I have NO IDEA how I got it.

Thanks everyone for your kind words for Jen. The funeral and wake was held last Wednesday here in Toronto, and I think she would have been mighty pleased at how it all turned out. Also with me at the wake was blogless Rachel H., who kindly showed me that yes in fact I CAN turn off my stupid new Motorola Razr.

"I don't know about this phone Rachel, the battery dies awful quick."

"What do you mean?"

"I'm recharging the damn thing every 48 hours."

"Well, aren't you turning it off when you don't want it on?"

"See that's the problem! I don't think you CAN turn this thing off!! I doesn't tell you how to do it in the manual!"

*silence* *crickets in the background*

"No, really!"

At which point she takes the phone from me.

"Oh hey Miss Brigitte-I'm-installing-a-new-server at the datacentre tomorrow. I JUST TURNED YOUR PHONE OFF."

"Oooooo..." *Edith Bunker voice*

Rachel H. and I work together. I'm a techie systems person. She's in Customer Operations. And she had to show me how to turn off my cell phone. What? I just find it so funny now!

If you can't laugh at yourself...!

"Man, vacuuming is HARD work! Gandalf, next time you're carrying the hose, and I'm pushing it around."

"OK Atticus. But maybe I'll use my superpower glowing eyes to make it move itself! Go go Gandalf-Ranger!"

"Oh for cryin' out loud..."


Chris said...

And it looks so pretty with that soft black fur shining through it! :)

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has bits and bobs that have apparently materialized out of thin air!

Hey! You cats! Get back to work!

Angelika said...

Did you find those links?

Guinifer said...

How did you like Blood Diamond? I watched it twice in one weekend. Man, Leo never ceases to surprise.

Yea - (as Chris says) my bits and bobs are outgrowing the bits and bobs corner...

Marina said...

Don't worry! Kidlet #2 who is nearly 12, is the only one who knows how ALL the different phones work.

Don't you only have a quarter of a sleeve left on Amphora?!

Brenda said...

Wonderful projects! (and models!)

Glad you are getting your knitting mojo back.

Do your cats do windows?

Jewel said...

Hey make sure you don't have your Bluetooth turned on. It sucks a lot of juice! I loved my Razr.

Glad to see Atticus is chipping in and helping out. The other two look like they've been working hard too!

Glad you found your mojo again!

Carrie K said...

Well, you're not installing cell phones now, are you? But yeah, funny.

That Gingko Leaf pattern is really pretty! Chris is right, the eagle eye! There is a lovely black fur background.

Atticus! Why are you vacuuming? That's a job for the younger set.

Rachel H said...

Ayup. That one's still funny to me too. ;o)

Dipsy said...

Woah, that's quite a bunch of feltable yarn, ain't it? Quite impressive indeed!
Your furry babes sure look like they've worked quite a lot lately - it's time to rest! Love 'em!

Lorraine said...

Brigitte- To be fair, Atticus does have more cat "real-estate" than Gandalf. Just sayin'.

And this is the chick who laughed at my phone with the antenna!

Anonymous said...

I think I have one of those new Motorola Razr's too.....I bought mine to be able to save music on it and use it as a music player/cell phone, camera (for emergencies) -- I just figured out how to get the memory card in it -- now I have to figure out how to load music on it.

Didn't get to see the HP special on Sunday night -- we don't get A&E -- but I'm looking forward to the movie on Friday!

Rebekah said...

I so know that feeling!

Although right now I'm feeling ADD with absolutely everything. I long for fall. I always get this way in summer.

Sonya said...

You have the loveliest models in blogland! I'm usually the techie in the family and I'm always gobsmacked whenever Kevin gets to show me how to do something. He thinks it's great.

miyamojo said...

My friend had the same problem with that phone! Why don't they tell anyone?
Love your Ginko and socks too - very pretty!
I blame ADD on the heat! ;)
Do your kitties hire out?! m :)

Tracey said...

Hee hee, there IS a kittie under there! Lovin' the ginko.

I find it highly amusing that a "non-techie" had to show you how to turn your phone off. Tee hee.

bellamoden said...

Wait, people want to turn off their phones? *puzzled frown* I never turn mine off, ever. Not that I use my sidekick as a phone, but I digress.

Bits and bobs.... lalalalala I have no idea what you mean! Lol.

The catchen are expert modeling staff!

And good on you for finally finding out you love what you're knitting. That's always a very good thing.

Michelle said...

:) A Persian Tiles KAL?! Count me in....Did you start yours yet? I need to get the pattern and I will be ready to dive in. (HOW Queer and I?).... I keep thinking how awesome it will be to be wrapped up in it while sitting at my son's high school football games this fall. I have VERY high aspirations, huh?!