Sunday, July 22, 2007


... Amphora.

And a closeup of the motif, and bottom edging. You can't see the whole of the edging, as the facing, which I'll tack down once she's dry, is rolling up a bit.

Phew! She's done! I loved this knit. Nowhere near as difficult as it looks, I look at it and am amazed that it's worked with only 4 colours.

What: "Amphora" tunic, by Jade Starmore from her book "A Collector's Item", size Small.

I Used: 2-ply Hebridean 100% wool, purchased from Virtual Yarns.

Using: 3.25mm and 3mm needles

PITA factor: None. If you're a fan of stranded knitting (and this is NOT a Fair Isle), you'll love this one. The repeats are very easy to remember, as are the colour sequences.

Once I've sewn down the facings, I will post a modelled shot.

Hee hee! So happy!

And now... on to something else! No, not Cicely of York just yet... Another one, which I'll post a picture of next time around.

How Things Go Around Here

So, every evening, the Little Dudes get their dinner in their own bowls. And they line up the same way every time - Gandalf, Mae and then Atticus. I have to place their bowls in exactly that position, or they won't eat out of them. They'll just stand there, and stare at me until I place it in the usual order.

However. Within, oh, 5 seconds of me placing the bowls down in the order above, this happens.

Atticus muscles in on Gandalf, who in turn eats out of Mae's bowl, who has already moved over to Atticus' bowl.

Every. Time.

And, if I were to place the bowls in the order they end up in, they wouldn't touch them.

The bowls must be served to them - Gandalf, Mae, Atticus - in that order. They'll nibble for a second or two, then comes the switcheroo above.

Atticus. Gandalf. Mae.

Every. Time.

They are so funny!


Lorraine said...

Bridge- Good for you, a FO! It looks amazing.

Cats are funny. Chops won't drink out of anything but the dog's water dish.

Lynn said...

LOL I have to laugh at the order of cat food service. I have the same thing here! Actually I always have. I thought it would change with different cats, but its still there. Amazing how they have their own little rituals and if its disrupted, they wont eat.

And GREAT sweater!! I love the pattern to it and the colors blend so well.

Anonymous said...

Amphora is lovely -- congrats on a great FO!

Rachel said...

Hi Brigitte--I've been looking through sites of all the other knitters doing Carrie's KAL and your latest FO stopped me in my tracks. That is beautiful and I love the colors you've chosen! I also scrolled back to see the shawl you are working on...looks great so far. Can't wait to see the FO!

Charm said...

Amphora looks great! 4 colors? Doesn't look like it. Sounds like a project for serious consideration!

Your cats crack me up!

Chris said...

Amphora is gorgeous!! Congrats.

Hee hee - ok, that is TOO funny about their bowls. Little furry weirdos. Love 'em.

Michelle said...

LOVE IT! Amophora is a keeper... now what qualifies it as stranded as opposed to fair isle?
The kitties have the system down to a science... they're just playin' head games with ya.
Now... Amphora is done... Cicely is down the road... how bout that Persian Tiles KAL? We may be able to "con" the rainey sisters into it :)

Sonya said...

Lovely, lovely Amphora!

We have 3 dogs and 2 water dishes. Shane will only drink from one bowl, Lucy will only drink from the other bowl, but Zoey will drink from either. Which is strange because she's the most neurotic dog ever. Your cats are such a hoot!

Carrie K said...

And what to my wondering eyes should appear? Amphora FINISHED! Picture proof! Whoo! She looks great.

That's hilarious about the cats. I love that they stare at you until you place it correctly first too.

Jewel said...

Amphora is gorgeous. The Little Dudes are funny. Thanks for sharing a photo of the chow lineup.

Dipsy said...

Wow! Your Amphora is stunningly beautiful, a real piece of art! Very well done - congratulations!

Ina said...

Beauteous Amphora!

My mom's three cats absolutely won't eat out of any bowl but each one's own, set down in the correct order. If someone who doesn't know the magic sequence has to feed them, dinner can take quite a while.

Shannon said...

Amphora is gorgeous!

bev said...

Brigette - love the sweater! It is gorgeous. And the colors....did you make it for me?
the little dudes look happy with their dining arrangements.
And, I am getting a new kitty! He is so cute and badorable and looks like a little teddy bear!

Traceyleezle said...

I LOVE your FO! Hot dang!

Your little dudes crack me up.

Brenda said...

Amphora is gorgeous! Congratulations!

Kitties can be crazy, but I'm sure it all makes sense to them.

Nicole said...

Only 4 colors? Hmm. I may have to try Amphora when I figure out how to do two colors at once. Would you say this is a beginner-friendly stranded knit?

And I love the Little Dudes. They are just so much fun.

Rebekah said...

Oh your sweater is beautiful!

Bridget said...

I'm glad my cats aren't the only ones who are just like yours when meals are served!

That sweater is GORGEOUS! Congratulations on finishing it.

barbp said...

It's absolutely gorgeous. If only I could. I think I'm going to refer to you as Sensei.