Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Weather Outside is FRIGHTFUL!!!

No kidding. WOW. Well, if you live anywhere in Eastern North America (not just Canada, and not just the United States. North America), you know exactly what I mean.

We are getting our collective asses whuped by a huge snow storm!

This is outside my back door. It's even worse now...

Another view, outside my back door. Can't see too clearly? Looks blurry? That's the snow. Don't get me wrong - I love falling snow, but not when there's a ton of it, and it's windy... and is that thunder I'm hearing? Definitely a day to stay INDOORS. Once it's all said and done, we should get around a foot and a half of snow. Some areas, even more. So, definitely a day to stay in, whittle down my "To Do" list, and knit, of course.

Let's see how I've been managing so far:

* Booked train ticket? OK. Um, train is sold out...who knew stuff like that happens around Christmas time? But I have made other creative arrangements.

* Clean? Wha'? *cough*

* Arrange kitty-sitter? Although I had some interesting offers (Atticus with Lorraine, Mae and Gandalf with Tracey), I figured it would be easier if I asked my friend Raven to come by. Um, she's a bit closer than Mississauga and Pennsylvania.

* Wrap stuff? Nope. One word - "Gandalf".

* Do I have stuff to wrap with? Yup.

* Pack the Christmas stuff? Oh, that's funny. Try the morning I leave.

* Knit something for Finnegan? Um, not yet...

* Finish my Christmas knitting? Yes, no, almost, yes and almost. And let me tell you? The first "almost"? I had barely 2" of contrasting yarn left over after I cast off. How's that for cutting it close? Heh heh... The 2 last ones are extra knitting projects I'm making for my SIL's parents. Not to jinx anything...but wow, I think I may just do it... Except for the "no" one. Recipient, a non-knitter, will be able to experience to joy of opening a box of yarn! And peeps, we ALL know what an experience that is!

This week - yearly physical, finish knitting, clean, pack my stuff... Yikes! My shopping is 95% done, and...and...oh, I have got to get more organized next year. Then again, I say that every year... Oh, and "work" in between all of that. Which did NOT leave me alone all week. I had hoped it would calm down? I had obviously misplaced my hope...

"I don't care about some snow storm, cousin Finnegan told me that you're going to visit him?? Does that mean you won't be here? With me? I mean, us? I don't recall you clearing that with the Kitty Counsel."

Hey, did any of you read this fantastic blog entry from Bridget? It is worth a read if you haven't, and if you have... it's still good for another giggle!

I'm still trying to figure out what to take with me while I'm away... I'm thinking probably Delores, and maybe (maybe...) Western Seas as the easy project. I'm pushing 2 years since I started it, a measure of time that doesn't make me too happy. It's a Starmore dammit. For shame Brigitte. *hanging head in shame*

I'll be glad when I can pick up my knitting again.

What about everyone else? At least let me see what you're knitting!

Have a good one everyone! And stay safe and warm in this awful weather.


Lorraine said...

Brigitte- Bring everything- you must be prpared for all knitting contingencies.
Has Atticus packed his little mousies? Aunt Lorraine will be happy to pick him up- there's room on the bed for him!

Chris said...

Hmm, looks like Monday's going to be a work from home day for you! Aren't thundersnowstorms weird?! It just seems so wrong.

Yikes. You have a lot to do!! I think I need a nap after reading your list... oh wait, I haven't even been up for an hour yet... ;)

Silly Gandalf, the Kitty Counsel NEVER clears absences, so why bother asking?!??

Bridget said...

That's a lot of snow! We've just gotten rain. Which is better than an ice storm anyday. But a snow day from work would be sooo nice ...

Thanks for the mention on your blog about the kitties' letters! (Tess is really hoping for that WMD, by the way.)

I hope you have a great holiday, and that the kitties do as well. Though, with you abandoning them and all, well ... ;-)

Marina said...

Better you than me ;-) We had a bit of snow yesterday and today, we've got winds and the phone line is down!

Your list looks a bit like mine but I'm just going to ignore it.

If I don't hear from you again, hope you have a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Hope there's yarn under the tree for you ;-)

Anonymous said...

Two inches left over! Yikes! That makes me very, very nervous. And don't let Marina fool you - two years plus is the NORMAL time span to knit a Starmore. I hope.

Wow, snow. I mean, snow! I had no idea. It looks like so much fun.

Creative travel solutions? Dog sled?

Michelle said...

How long will you be away??? I hope you have a wonderful holiday! Stay safe, warm, and surrounded by wool! :)
I'm a bit surprised that no one is talking about any resolution knitting...
Maybe we need to come up with a KAL or Knitting resolution :)

Sonya said...

Oy! The snow. A little over 12" here. Definitely take everything. You never know what you'll be in the mood to knit. And by all means, get Kitty Council approval!

knitseashore said...

We lucked out on the coast, 3" plus lots of ice and slush. Too slippery to drive anyway, and a good excuse to stay in.

I'll check out the cats' letters to Santa. He's already done his shopping though!

Have a very safe trip and a Merry Christmas!

miyamojo said...

Wow! Frightful is right!
That amount of snow would shut us down!

I'm sure Finnegan would be ok if you didn't have time to make him something. Maybe you should take Gandalf to be his buddy while your there...?! :)

Have a wonderful time! m :)

Rebekah said...

Seems everyone is digging out from snow, except me. Your welcome to ship it all my way. Even if I have to dig myself out, I'd be happy.

See now the dog counsel always clears absences because then there's a better chance at getting into goodies like butter and fresh baked bread.

Rebekah said...

Shoot I forgot to change the buttom to Rebekah at Knit KNack on my last comment. Anyway, that is who I am.