Sunday, December 02, 2007

Lost and Found!

Yay! I found my mittens! And would you believe they were in the ONE place I didn't think to look. (No, really? That never happens.) In the laundry bag. Don't ask me how. Or when. ('Cause that would be admitting to the last time I, uh, did laundry...)

They're back in their rightful spot now. Phew! Yesterday was a cold one - when I went out in the morning it was -12C. So, I pulled out my beloved chullo and Norwegian mittens! So, hey! The wind really goes through those mitts at first, but once you hands heat up, you feel NOTHING. They warm the hands up nicely. And the chullo? I still love her. Light as a feather and warm. *sigh* Ah the wonders of knitting never cease.

So, I have some updates. I'm still working on my Christmas knitting (go to Ravelry, look me up and you'll see one of my stealth knitting projects), but I'm also working on other things too. Because I can. lovely Cabled Cricket sweater from Debbie Bliss. Coming along nicely, with the front and back completed, and a good start done on the first sleeve.

"Nice work Mom... So, when's it gonna be finished? I can see myself rolling around in this..."

No time soon! But, I'm not bored of Fulmar at all. I just find the gansey yarn (AS' Scottish Fleet) a little tough on the hands. Some days I can manage 15-16 rows, other times it's only around 6. But that's OK - I knew from the start she would be a long-term project. Gandalf does like the Scottish Fleet yarn, and Atticus has developped the annoying habit of chomping on the stitch markers as I'm knitting along. Such a good boy...

I plug away at Laleli on the weekends. However, I did learn last week that watching Daniel Craig in "Casino Royale" while trying to knit Fair Isle? Not always a good thing. Tends to get a little...distracting. But, I've started on the V-neck decreases, and I'm still in love with the beautiful design and colours... Ah Fair Isle! I luvs you.

And what else...? Oh, my stealth knitting project! I finally found the magic one, thanks to a suggestion from Lorraine, but of course I can't post anything about it. So you'll have to check it out on Ravelry. I've also completed a bunch of catnip mice for the Annex Cat Rescue, which my friend Raven stuffed for me at work on Thursday. Not a chance I can do any of the stuffing or stitching up of the mice at home! The Captain gave me a catnip toy for the guys yesterday. I thought it would be OK - it didn't smell as strong as the stuff Raven had provided. I was's catnip... Anarchy and destruction soon ensued, with Mae in a catatonic state for the next several hours. They're still rolling around on the floor, over the spot they demolished the catnip toy yesterday. That stuff is SO BANNED in this house!

"Atticus, what's up with Mae?"

"What do you mean? Oh, the food?"

"Uh huh...Why she eating so much? I hardly had a chance to get any supper last night, she was scarfing back the cat chow like it was going out of style! Is it a girl-cat thing?"

"I think it's just a Mae've seen her with the catnip?"

"Oooooh...OK. So it's the catnip makes her get the munchies? Wow. I thought it just made her loopy."

"Which is why we can't have any more of it in the house, otherwise we'll never get anything to eat!"

"Gotcha! Man, Mae's weird sometimes..."


Chris said...

Very glad the lost was found! You must be knitting up a storm over there. :) Hee hee - wait till you see pictures of the latest 'nip toy Chaos and May got... it's as big as May!

Bridget said...

You're really on a roll! I'm glad you found your mittens, I really hate when I misplace something, because I'm usually very good about having things properly put away.

I love the color of the Debbie Bliss sweater!

Hee hee. Catnip. Even the most dignified cats get silly ...

Lorraine said...

I made the mistake of bringing home some nip, and KC had his nose in the air like a hound dog and sniffed it out.
Then he got all aggressive and went downstairs and pooped.
I hate a cat who can't handle their nip.

"My name is Chow, and I am a nipaholic".

Marina said...

The Cabled Cricket sweater looks lovely. Love the colour. You've got me wondering whether I could use a 50/50, wool/silk mix for some of the AS patterns.

Silly Mae! Don't let our side down!

Nicole said...

Yay! Found mittens are a good thing!

I hope Mae recovers from the 'nip... and before she eats enough to starve Atticus, too. Poor kitties. :)

knitseashore said...

I'm glad you found your mittens! Can't wait to see your secret projects soon.

Catnip isn't huge at my house, and I'm not sure why. Charlie used to love the stuff but Tim and the new girls don't seem to be affected.

Rebekah - Knit Knack said...

Yay! I'm glad you found your mittens. YOur cable sweater makes me crave some cabley sweatery goodness. I'm sooooo tempted to cast on. Although I really should work on my Dale first. Sigh.

Sonya said...

Mae's got the munchies! I love it. Glad your mittens turned up. Your projects look great. I always like Debbie Bliss' cable patterns. Great color too!

Dipsy Doodle said...

LOL!!! Mae would have a blast with my boys - catnip? Yessir! Munching down food as if there's no tomorrow? Sure!!! Cats rock, that's for sure ;)
And I'm totally impressed by the heaps of goodies you have in the works these days - everything is going to look so awesome - keep the pics coming, will you?

miyamojo said...

Yay! You found your pink mittens!
I like the orange cable sweater too. Fulmar looks great!
Poor Mae, any more catnip and she will loose her girlish/kitty figure! ;)

Nicole said...

*nudge* Go read my blog post for today. =)

Carrie K said...

Wow, those cabled sweaters are looking GOOD! And you're trucking along pretty good on both of them. I love the color of the Debbie Bliss ones too.

Poor Mae. A little nip now and then and she gets talked about. It's so hard to be a girl-cat. Besides, she needed the calories to store up for the harsh winter ahead. Right? Better than stitchmarkers, Atticus....

carolyn said...

Nice to know someone besides me loses their stuff in the laundry. I lost an entire sweater once that I had put in a different basket... then wondered if I had lost it at work. I looked for it for at least a week.
I'm so glad you found that mitten.
You're way ahead of me on Fulmar now. I can't work on mine everyday, and seems like, before I know it, I've only worked on it once a week!
I love that toasty, amber-warm looking cabled sweater... it looks so perfect for winter!

Traceyleezle said...

OK, crazy question here. Over at STR there is a Grinchy sock kit w/ a picture of a very Finnigan looking fellow in it. IS it Finnigan?

Shannon said...

Atticus looks like he's going after the cat food a bit too much too ;)

bellamoden said...

Gandalf is just so silly!

Yay! Found mittens? Very good thing.