Sunday, December 09, 2007

A Whole Lot o' Nothing...

See, that's the thing with Christmas time... Although a wonderful season, you have a whole lot of nothing to show for the knitting you've been doing. And I've managed to squeeze in quite a bit. I just can't show any of it here. On Ravelry, yes!

And of course, work plays a part. I will spare you the details of how there is a mad rush at this time of year to spend the last of the budgets purchasing (really cool stuff though) servers and cables and spare blades. I think Chris may be the only one remotely interested in that kind of hardware...

Then I realized on Friday that hey, Christmas is really only 2 weeks away. And I'd better get a move on my list of things to do before I head out to my sister's in oh, 2 weeks time. Like finish up knitting, book my train ticket, clean, arrange kitty-sitter, wrap stuff (and believe me - this is NOT an easy thing for me to do. I suck.), oh, I suppose I should check that I have stuff to wrap WITH, get my laundry done before I head over, pack, pack the Christmas stuff, oh, yeah, knit something for Finnegan...!!!! And I'm scheduled for my yearly physical at the doctor's at some point in between all of that. Oh, and finish shopping. And figure out which knitting project to take with me. Mermaid? Laleli? Fulmar? Western Seas (oh, you jest...)? Delores? Hey...maybe I'll take Delores...

*breathing into paper bag*

At least work should settle in nicely next week, as the mad rush should be over.

OK. So what have I been knitting?

Well, these little babies. What may look like a bunch of balls are actually kitty mice that I knitted up for the Annex Cat Rescue. There are about 15 of them in the pile. And the picture was taken at work, at my desk, with the cellphone. Once knitted up, there was NO WAY I would be able to stuff or stitch up the mice at home. Catnip usually tends to incite anarchy in this house. The pattern for the mice is from Wendy, who kindly allowed me to knit them up for charity, with all money going to the Annex Cat Rescue. Thanks Wendy!

"...what is the Matrix...?"

There was a very good thing this week though - I won a contest!! Yay me! And I'm so thrilled - I pick up a beautiful crocheted snowflake from the Bookwyrm (drop by and say hi!). I don't crochet, and if I did, I don't think I could make such a lovely design. She makes them using a teeny tiny hook, and THREAD. Which is like knitting a gansey on 2.5mm needles... Once I receive it, I'll post a picture. Thanks!!!

Oh - do you drink water from these Nalgene bottles? If may be interested in this.

Wow, and that's it! Have a great week everyone!


Michelle said...

Gezzzz my friend you better be breathing deeeeply into that paper bag! :)
I say we scrap it all and start a bohus KAL?! what ya think?!
Your mice are toot' sweet! there will be some pretty pleased pussy cats this Christmas I'm sure.
I hope you have a fantastically magical holiday! and that the knitting fairies are overly kind and generous to you!
Merry Christmas!

Sonya said...

Those mice are so cute. The kitties will get hours of entertainment! I'm glad you mentioned that it's only 2 weeks until Christmas. I have to finish a pair of Endpaper mitts that I promised my mom last winter.

Marina said...

Two words. Gift bags!

Every few years, I brave the after Christmas sales and stock up on them. I've also been known to recycle them ;-)

Hmm, tough choice. Western Seas when you need something mindless and a FI for those other times.

Chris said...

Better keep that paper bag handy!

I don't have tons to wrap, but I always end up waiting until I'm about to walk out the door to Xmas, since these two like to rip open packages.

Glad to hear that work's going to quiet down very soon. :)

miyamojo said...

Those mice are really cute - lucky kitties! I was just thinking of Finnegan - the smiling dog!
I'm madly knitting too... while asking myself WHY I always wait til December to do gifts?!
I like snow too, just not commuting in it. Good reason to retire...! hehe!
Have a great time with your sister/family over the holiday! :)

Lorraine said...

Brigitte- whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? 2 weeks away?

Where the hell did the time go?

Awww, man!

Jewel said...

Clearly, you need a clone of yourself..... I'd volunteer to be the kitty sitter in a heartbeat, but I'm a few miles away....

Carrie K said...

Take some nice lace to knit, why don't you? [ducks and runs].

Two weeks? Plenty of time! And nice mice for the shelter kitties.

bellamoden said...

Three weeks to get *mumble mumble* skeins of yarn dyed and skeined, aw crap.. Thanks a lot :P

*steals your paper bag*

Nicole said...

Thanks for the link! And the snowflake is in the mail... I have no idea how long it will take to get there, but I sent it on Friday.

Marji said...

That is really terrific of you to knit all those mice.
It's come down to crunch time hasn't it? Where did all the time go?
good luck getting it all done.

Traceyleezle said...

Holy Bananas girl, you are busy. I will gladly kitty sit for you, provided you drop them off and pick them up. Eeps about the bottle thing.

Leigh said...

What cute little knitted mice! And what a cute cat. Back to camera is a favorite pose around my house too.

knitseashore said...

Love your mice! Did you know there is a group on Ravelry called Helping hands for homeless animals? They knit mice or blankets or other things for local shelters. There's a KAL (very flexible rules) too.

I hope you get everything done and can relax!!