Sunday, February 24, 2008

Happy Happy Joy Joy

"Really Mom, stop being so gosh darn picky about your picture. You look fine wearing Mermaid. Besides, you'd think with all the unflattering pictures you take of us you'd be pretty easy goin' with bad flash or a crappy photographer. We are."

Here we are, Mermaid and I... Not the best picture (what can you do when photographers are limited...), but you get the Mermaid-y idea.

Do I love her? Why yes, I do... She fits like a dream, blocked effortlessly, and all in all was a very satisfying knit. You're not doing enough of one particular thing long enough to get bored, and the construction is fascinating. OK.

Well, I thought so!

And you know what? I'd make another one. Any good quality 2-ply yarn such as Jamieson's would work in jiffy. And the results are amazing! The colous are actually a bit more vibrant than they appear above. Again...photographer beggars cannot be choosers. Not to mention fluorescent lighting that makes anyone look like pretty pasty.'s a picture.

So, the deets are Mermaid by Hanne Falkenberg, size Small in Colourway #4. You use a 3mm throughout, except for the I-cord edging along the cuffs and front edging, which require 3.5mm DPNs. I've said it several times before and I'll say it again - this pattern is NOT at all difficult. Once you get the hang of the way the pattern works, and that doesn't take long at all, it all falls into place. Because it all works, through the wonder of modular knitting. The woman is a genius at what she does...

The day I wore it, we took one of the guys at work out for lunch for a belated birthday present. I was walking to the Women's Washroom, when a woman at a table looked at me and said: "Wow, that's Mermaid!!". Heh, we knitters. We are everywhere.

In Other News...

This past week, a huge (and I mean HUGE) fire gutted an old area of Toronto. Thankfully no one was killed or hurt, although 30 people are homeless, and some very old and established businesses went up in smoke (um, including my hairdresser's shop).

I mention this, because my heart momentarily stopped when I realized what was pretty much across the street from the blaze - crazy madhouse yarn shop Romni Wools. As much as I have mixed feelings about the staff, the service and the overwhelming amount of yarn (Dudes, it's downright claustrophobic), it is nevertheless the largest yarn shop in Toronto, and one of the only places you will most likely find what you're looking for tucked away in some corner. If you go, make sure you've gone to the bathroom, someone knows where you are, and you have snacks. Or go with a buddy.

I'm quite sure you would have heard very loud wailing coming from all areas of the city had Romni's been part of the blaze. As it is, I'm very sad about Duke's Cycle, where I've shopped at many times in the past.


As for V-Day...

Atticus got a week's stay... His appointment was postponed until next Friday. He's still pretty much oblivious to it all.

We went ONE WHOLE week without any significant snow! And speaking of snow - yes, my cute little Nordic Sweetheart hat is done! Well, not counting the whole blocking part, but the knitting is. I'm going to block her later today, and post a picture next time around.

"I don't get the whole "don't take a picture of me 'cause I look all blah blah blah". Humans are funny. And not always in a haha way. Well, not that I'd let on anyway."

Hey! And guess what?

I make someone's day! Both Bridget and Marina nominated me for this!

Aw, thanks! If I can make you smile, then I'm happy! As are the Little Dudes. And not to sound corny, but really, if you're on my sidebar, believe me - you make me happy. I learn so much from all of you, and I just love reading all that you have to offer.


And the "injury" I mentioned last week? Getting much better. At least now sitting and lying on my back isn't such an ordeal.

Next week? I may just have something new to show you. And, updated pictures on WIP's!


Chris said...

Hmmm, Gandalf and Atticus make very good points there... ;)

Mermaid looks fabulous! (Marina's going to point out that I have a kit for Mermaid in my closet, I just know it.)

I saw some of the pictures of the fire at Not An Artist's blog - scary!

Lorraine said...

Bridge- Mermaid looks incredible on you- and I love your colour choice.
Isn't that horrible about the fire? For a split second, I was thinking "Romni"- and we woulda had to go down there for the fire sale.

Anonymous said...

Your Mermaid is just wonderful! I love the colours!

Jewel said...

You look fantabulous in your Mermaid. Lorraine's right - the color choice is perfect for you. A fire sale would mean I'd have to hop on a plane and join you guys....

Michelle said...

Wow! you look fantastic as a mermaid! :)
It came out great ~ and fast ~ you've been knitting up a storm it seems :)
Can't wait to see what's next ~ maybe a bohus?!?!

miyamojo said...

Mermaid looks great on you!
Love the colorway! It looks hard.
I can relate re: photographers... lots of 'words' exchanged trying to get me & the sweater in the photo..!!! *ahem* heehee. If only we could be cats.

You and the kitties make my day too! :)

Marina said...

::: wolf whistle ::: Mermaid looks wonderful! Love the colours.

Guess I have to use my imagination how it will look in black and purple since someone still has not knitted hers ;-)

Ha! Ha! Those kittys crack me up!

Kathleen said...

Congrats! I love Mermaid. I've wished for years to make it for my MIL, but sadly my Christmas budget just isn't that big. I shall live vicariously through you instead. :)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Mermaid -- some day I'll have to try one of her designs.

Traceyleezle said...

Yes, why can't we carry around our own personal photographers when we need an FO of ourselves? It's just not fair.

Mermaid is a really flattering knit on you. I'm going to have to pick that one up too.

Glad to hear everyone is safe.

Yes, only cats will let you take pictures of them belly up in the most unabashedly shameful pics.

Bridget said...

Your mermaid turned out beautifully! And trust me, your picture looks like a fashion layout compared to most pictures of me, even under the best circumstances (I always look like I just smelled something icky.)

Fires are scary, but I'm glad the yarn shop was spared.

Who postponed the appt at the vet? Are you sure the call wasn't made from someplace inside your own house??? ;-)

Vaedri said...

Wow - that looks amazing! What a beautiful job. The colours are just lovely on you, too.

Carrie K said...

You always make my day.

Mermaid is gorgeous! You too. Even with that hack photographer you were forced to use. ;)

And OH NO! The fire sounds awful! Scary. But - at least it wasn't the wool shop.....

bev said...

Mermaid is you! The colors are so flattering and the fit is amazing! Beeeeeeeuteeeeeefullll!

Sonya said...

Beautiful Mermaid! Why isn't there ever a professional photographer around when you need one? It fits you perfectly.

Cheryl said...

Looks wonderful on you...stunning

Brenda said...

Mermaid looks great! It fits you really well and the colors are so pretty!