Sunday, February 03, 2008

When Life Gives You Snow... make snow pictures. :)

Not the best shot, I took it with my camera phone for all my west coast friends to see. This is a shot of what it all looked like in my neighbourhood after another foot of snow fell on Friday. Nice to look at. Treacherous to walk through. A neighbour of ours was hired to shovel the snow for us while the regular caretaker was away. At $20 an inch... heh, I'd of done it! Ok, not really.

It was a weird week in weather, let me tell you. Although it didn't get as cold as it did in some areas (it was -59C with the wind on the Prairies - YIKES!), we got our share of whacked out winds. So whacked out, my beloved pink hat blew right off my head (it's me. Go with it.), and into the path of a oncoming streetcar on Wednesday. Not salvagable. At all.

So, I had good reason to start this. Out of necessity.

It's the "Nordic Sweetheart Hat" from She Ewe Knits (a free download to boot!). I'm using some stashed Jamiesons 2-ply in Sorbet, and Natural White. The section above is folded up for the brim, you repeat the chart twice, before moving on the the rest of the hat. Then you unravel the provisional cast on, and knit a facing. Should be nice and warm. And I have enough yarn to make a pair of mittens as well!
It shouldn't take me long to complete it (I hope...). So, my model (guess who...) decided he no longer wanted to sit still with this half-finished fuzzy object on his head after hearing the birds chirping outside. He tore off for the window, and somehow managed to get it wraped around his waist. Good boy. I takes 'em as I can get 'em.

Knitting the hat shouldn't take away from finishing Mermaid either. I've completed one sleeve, and am well into the second (although I don't have a picture to show you). Or the vest. Michelle asked whether or not I'd have both Mermaid and the Wheat Cable vest done by the end of February. Um, OK. No pressure! And maybe the hat too! But I'm going to stop there with any more knitting promises though...

Hey, and look here! I received an award from the very kind and sock-tastic Brenda!
Aw shucks, thanks Brenda! I'm also so pleased you find my wee blog excellent, and I'm happy it makes you smile. I know there are a lot of blogs I love that are out there too - and I don't think I could nominate just 10. But, I do love my morning cup o' Chaos and Mayhem, as do so many others I'm sure, and my almost daily chats with Carrie.

Believe me - if you're on my sidebar - you ARE most excellent!!

"Mae? You awake?"

"I am now."

"Am I most excellent?"

"Huh? At what?"

"You know. Just being me. Am I not most excellent?!"

"You know. I have no answer to that. Let's see, you hog all the good napping spots, bug me when I'm in the box, ambush me when I turn a corner, try to scarf back all the snacks before I can get a share at bedtime, and meow like a banshee after you've done your business. Oh yeah. Most excellent."

"But I think you're a most excellentest sister!"

"Really? Well. OK. Then I guess you are my most excellent little brother. How's that?"


Bridget said...

Well, let's see ... now that I've knit approximately 3/4 of a sampler sized tam (plan to finish today), and have become an expert in colorwork - ahem - I'm going to have to download that hat pattern ...

It's not fair that some areas have had way too much snow and ice, and we've had about 2 flakes all winter!

Love the kitty conversation!

Anonymous said...

February is a perfect time to be knitting the Nordic Sweetheart hat -- I hope you enjoy it!

Lorraine said...

I think your hat had a deathwish- a streetcar can kill it nicely.

Chris said...

Aw, thank you!!!

*holds a moment of silence for the pink hat, may it RIP*

Lovely new hat, though. And that Mae-Gandalf conversation is very sweet.

Hee hee - Mayhem feels the need to squeak and carry on when she's doing her business, too. Thanks for sharing, May!

Carrie K said...

Excellent convo between Gandalf & Mae. And thank you! Ditto.

Wow, that's a lot of snow!

Knit the Sweetheart hat first - baby, it's COLD outside! Negative anything??? Cannot fathom.

Jewel said...

Awww.... it looks like Gandalf is wearing the hat around his tummy! Mia sends her sympathy. You're making that pink and white hat for me, right?

Sonya said...

Sorry to hear about the demise of your hat. I love the Nordic Sweetheart hat! Poor Mae; can't even nap in peace.

I'm indexing a book on Canadian politics. I'm embarrassed to admit how little I knew!

Michelle said...

Wow, we haven't even had a dusting yet~ its a bit sad :(. I'd like to have at least one good blizzard :)
k now, no pressure, really, no pressure....
but how march looking to start our ehem... eh eh ehem....
bohus knitting?

Nicole said...

I love the kitty conversation! But does that mean that Gandalf can understand sarcasm? =) Hope you are able to move on from the loss of the poor pink hat. (Oh wait. You are already knitting its replacement. Never mind. =P )

miyamojo said...

Wow! That's serious snow.
I agree... finish the hat first! :)

Gandalf - you're an 'excellent' model! Everything looks wonderful against your black shiny fur!

Why is it that everything you knit... I wanna knit too??!! ;)_

Rebekah said...

Oh that is such a cute hat! I'm going to have to bookmark that page.

carolyn said...

Great hat! I have to zip over to look at that pattern too.

I hope your weather has warmed up... it sounds terrible, but good cat-napping and knitting weather.
You did get quite a bit of snow there!
You have been knitting up a storm... makes me feel very unproductive.

Brenda said...

Thanks, Brigitte--I had no idea I was sock-tastic. Bummer about your hat, but you have a great new one started.

Gandalf is such a cutie! And being an older sister myself, I think Mae is very kind--kinder than I would be.