Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ups and Downs

"I'm so sweet and soft! That's what they tell me at the vet's office. Not such a bad place when you consider all the attention I get. *sigh* Oooo, should I tell Atticus that Mom booked an appointment for him next? Hee hee..."

"Tell me what?"

Aside from all that vet stuff... I did manage to do this:

I finished knitting Mermaid. Anyone who's completed Mermaid will be wondering why I didn't do a 3-needle bind off on the sleeves as indicated in the pattern. That's because picking up the stitches on the cast on edge was just not happening. At all. Much swearing. Note to anyone who plans on doing it, or is doing it now - do a cable or knit cast on for the sleeves. I did long-tail, and at least for me - picking up those stitches was painful, and not working out very well. So, I'll sew them together. Considering there really isn't much to sew together, it shouldn't be that big of a deal.

On to finishing my Nordic Sweetheart hat, and the Wheat Cable vest. And...all the other, uh, WIP's... I know.

So, I'll work on the finishing, block her, and post a picture as soon as it's all ready! And you know what? I may one day make another one... It really is a fun little knit, and I enjoyed it.

And that was the week that was. Not too much exciting... The snow from last week? Disappeared by Tuesday. Then Wednesday I woke up to another storm, only to have it end midday. Out came the sun. In went the sun. And then we got hit by another storm later that day. Now we're back to about a foot or so, and there's more to come again this week. Nice.

And in between all that, little wee Mae had her annual check up, and came out just fine. Next - and this requires a plan of action - is Atticus. Poor guy... To say he *hates* going to the vet would be not even close to it. He can sense it from the moment the day starts. And, getting him into the carrier is not an easy thing to do either. He's been known to pee on me...and bite...and make noises that guarantees the cab driver will have us at the vet's office in like, 3 minutes flat door to door.

And, once he gets the thumbs up - I book him to get his teeth cleaned. Can you feel the love...

*sigh* Poor guy...if he only took the time to crunch his food instead of inhale it whole, he probably wouldn't need to have his teeth cleaned... Mae? Perfect teeth. Because she actually crunches her food.

February 22nd. It's going to be a lovely day...

"Tell me what, Mae?!"


"Why don't I believe you?? Fine. I'll get it out of Gandalf."

"Uh huh, you do that."

"Tell me!"

"Tell you what! I don't know...what...why don't you ask her??!"

"Because she's not saying anything!"

"Well, I...don' big...jerk...stop picking on me!"

"I'll get it out somehow..."

"MOM! Atticus is being mean! I haven't done anything to him! Honest! I haven't!!"


Lorraine said...

Brigitte- Vet day is never fun, not for you, and certainly not for Attucis.

I wouldn't want to tackle him.

Mermaid is lovely- will you model for us?

Bridget said...

Good luck with your two-fer plan ...

The sweater looks pretty - I can't wait to see the final product, appropriately modeled.


Michelle said...

What do you mean not much going on?! Look at that fabulous knitting! WOW! I must say ~ I'm a bit jealous, your 2008 WIP list is looking substantially better than mine! I haven't finished a thing yet and here we are in February :(
You go girl!
PSSST.... any word on bohus ordering?

Chris said...

I wonder if you could fine humongous chunks of cat food for him to gnaw...

Congrats on Mermaid - I can hardly wait to see the final shots!! But interesting about picking up the stitches - I sometimes just use a longtail cast on as my "provisional" (when it won't be too obvious).

Marina said...

Mermaid looks great! Just don't take as long as I do, to do the sewing ;-)

Poor Atticus! He looks big enough to hurt Gandalf ;-)

Tell that Michelle we're still waiting to cheer her on when she cuts her first steek!

miyamojo said...

HAH! Poor Gandalf... good thing he knows nothing! Lucky Mae doesn't get wrestled for the info! It's better not to have an p.o'd Atticus for 2 weeks! Yikes!;)

Mermaid looks great! Two-fer is still possible, right?! No pressure, really! m :)

Sonya said...

Oh vet day is such fun! We do one dog per week for 3 weeks every spring. By then, the people at the vet's office don't want to see us for another year.

Mermaid looks great! Will there be modeled shots?

Carrie K said...

Whoo hooo! You did finish it! I checked in especially to check on you and Mermaid. Seaming it up should be fine.

You have to take a cab to the vet? Oh, that should make it even more fun, if possible. Poor Atticus. Go, Mae!

Jewel said...

Mermaid is looking fantastic! Meems sends her sympathies about going to the vet.

Nicole said...

Poor Atticus! Miss Suzy sends (rather smug) sympathy, since she doesn't go to the vet very often at all. Though... come to that, it might be time for a check-up...

Lynn said...

Oh yes, going to the vet's..... None of them like it, but I had one cat that was SO wirey that even when she was 17 y/o she was a fight to get in the carrier!!!

Rebekah said...

Poor kitties. I used to have to take two cats to the vet at one time, it was never fun.

I just love the look of Mermaid, can't wait to see the finished product.

Ina said...

Yes, please, model Mermaid!

Vet day times three. I shudder for you.

LadyLungDoc said...

Greedo hates going anywhere in the car - pees within 30 seconds and makes noises that one wouldn't expect from a cat. But he is fine at the vet; so now that we live within walking distance of a vet, it will be much less traumatic for him. Somerset is OK on the way there, but you literally have to tip the carrier over sideways to get her out of it once we get there. It might have something to do with the time that the vet "lost" the rectal thermometer inside her and it took the vet and her assistant to get it out.

carolyn said...

Love the colors for Mermaid... looks like spring time! I'm ready for spring now... we got too much snow today; again.
Poor Atticus, and then... poor you. Going to the vet is never fun!