Monday, April 28, 2008


Voila! My lovely Enchanting...

( can't really see the eyelet pattern...)

Enchanting, by Dorothy Siemens of Fiddlesticks Knitting.
Knit Size 2, using Fiddlesticks Knitting Lace Sensation (100% silk), in the Robin's Egg colour.

I love her very much. She is a tad snug around the chest, but with wearing loosens up. Another lace thing I didn't know about...

And now what?

OK. Here's the plan (as of now anyway). I really, really, really (REALLY!) miss knitting with my wool. Yes Marina, I have come back to the fold... After perusing (and making a few purchases...) the She Ewe Knits Clearance page, I realized that I miss my Fair Isles! And I miss my Arans and my other wool projects *sniff*.

I *think* my brief affair with the non-wool is almost over. I'm going to finish up my three remaining lace projects - all are Fiddlesticks, go figure! - Endless Summer, Gingko Leaf (remember her?!!), and this one:

I also love her very much. It's the Twice As Nice Tee, in Shell Pink, and also from Fiddlesticks Knitting. A very easy, and very lovely pattern.

So, apart from the odd deviation (and startitis, of course), I hope to remain somewhat on track to CLEAR OUT my WIPs. Dammit.

Speaking of deviations... Weird thing about me (who knew?!). I really don't like wearing sunglasses. Odd when you consider how long I wore glasses/contacts up to 5 years ago when I had Laser Eye surgery. So, thinking I have to do something to protect my eyes from direct sun, I pulled out my summer hat. And I also remembered I had this pattern in my stash (only mine is a non-felted version, which I can't seem to find on the site) ...and quite a few odd balls of summery yarn in the ol' stash. I'm going to whip up a few; ok, probably more like a couple.

Cute? Hopefully. Stay tuned...

And in other hopeful updates. My Mork Socks have been transformed into Mork Slips a Stitch socks. I received a suggestion from LadyLungDoc (thanks again!) to maybe work a slip stitch around the leg to break up the colour nonsense. So - I thought I'd give it a try, and reworked the entire sock. Come to think of it, Chris has also used this design on some of her socks.

I'm nothin' if imaginative...

And In Gandalf News...of course.

And I wonder why he sometimes comes when I call him Dork.

There's a little squirrel that always comes on my deck. During the winter, I threw him a few pieces of gluten-free bread, and he gobbled it up. He looks a little weary... grey tufts in his tail and bald spots. So, when I see him, I put out some nuts for him (did I mention I nicknamed him Stewie? *cough* It was a long winter... *cough*).

Anyway, last week I was opening the back door to my deck, about to put out some stuff out for the squirrel when who should tear past my feet and after poor Stewie.

No really. Guess.

He didn't go beyond the end of the deck, but still scared the crap out of me. And the squirrel too.

I know, I know...just doin' what a cat does. But, knowing Gandalf, he probably wanted to play and sniff butt. So distinguished.

"Woke out of bed...dragged a comb...across my na na na na...and drank a na na na na...made the bus is seconds flat...made my way upstairs...and had a smoke...somebody spoke and I went into a dream...AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH AAAAAAAAHHHHHH na na na na...AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH na na na na..."

"Shut. Up."


Marina said...

Welcome home! We missed you ;-)

Enchanting is lovely! A great addition to your summer wardrobe. Are you making the short sleeved version of "Twice as Nice"? Cute!

And Gandalf, squirrels are fast & they can climb trees. Bunnies and chipmunks are slower. Not telling how I know!

Nicole said...

Four thousand holes in Blackburn, Lancashire!

I do love Enchanting. I really think I must make one.

No. I really think I must finish my WIPs, and reward myself with Enchanting. =p

Bridget said...

Absolutely beautiful! I hope you'll get a lot of chances to wear it.

I'm trying to stay on track with my WIPs too, though it's probably all getting shot this weekend when I go to Maryland Sheep & Wool ...

Gandalf is just too funny - a regular Big Game Hunter! (Not.)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I haven't visited the Fiddlesticks Knitting web site recently.....maybe something like that is what I need to get my knitting kick started!

Gandalf, gotta love him!

Chris said...

Hee hee - how did I know that Marina would be gloating?! :) Slip stitch can hugely be your friend with certain types of color behavior - I think it's best for every other row striping, personally.

Cute top!! Hmm, you're switching back to wool as summer approaches?!

Sonya said...

Enchanting is so pretty! I knew it wouldn't be long before the siren song of wool called to you. Don't feel bad about naming your squirrel. We call ours Sanchez.

Lynn said...

Great projects!! and perfect for summer. I'm curious to see how the Mork socks are coming along. I was hoping for a progress picture.

Lorraine said...

Brigitte- You'll be glad you finished those tops when summer rolls around.

I love my sunglasses- makes me feel all mysterious. My eyes are really light sensitive.

miyamojo said...

Poor Stewie. Gandalf would have been surprised if he ran off the deck! I hope Stewie comes back.

I love Enchanting. And silk?! Wow!
Looks like you'll have a new summer wardrobe soon. :)

Carrie K said...

Dork is so cute.

Nothing really replaces wool. You could knit wool lace.....

Enchanting is darling! And done. Wow.

Dork is silly. Mocho was supposed to be an indoor cat but he had much different ideas. You should have seen how crazed with excitment and ecstasy his eyes were when he escaped outside.

(Sheba's older brother. The Ex got him in the divorce.)

Traceyleezle said...

I love your shirt! It's gorgeous.

My cat talks to bugs in the basement, then our big dog comes over and eats them and the cat is all affronted.

carolyn said...

Now it's my turn to say... I don't know how I missed this post. I was waiting and waiting for pictures of Enchanting, gorgeous by the way, and I looked on Ravelry for your "friend's blog" post... nothing! And here was your post all the time!

You will be glad to have those non wool sweaters for summer... they'll be perfect!
It's so snowy outside, I'm still in wool mode... sniff, sniff

Michelle said...

I am totally in LOVE with enchanting! Do you love how it looks on? How did you like knitting it? was it super challenging? I just may have to make one of those babies for myself!