Sunday, April 06, 2008

Stuff I Bought and Will Be Buying

It's April!

"Big whoop. I'm hungry."

Well, I'm happy! The grass is actually sprouting nice green shoots!

Yesterday, I boldly headed into the Naked Sheep for "something springy". Oh hush. I know, I know, I need more yarn like a hole in the head blah blah blah. Heard it all before. I just turn up the volume on my MP3 to drown out the sound.


A big sign in the window announcing the arrival of Noro sock yarn didn't help keep me away. And of course, there was a sale bin next to the cash, so I kind of had to rummage through that as well.

So...this Noro sock yarn has a funky texture. Kind of thicky/thiny and string-like. Not at all smooth. Should make for some interesting knitting... I think I'll start a pair using the OnLine orangey/blue/pink/really bright coloured yarn resting behind it. I don't know. When it comes to sock yarn, I'm not too familiar with the different types, but I'll tell you, the Noro doesn't look like it'll hold up to much ripping. And if there's something I know - it's ripping out socks.


After paying for those 2 balls of sock yarn, and calculating that they will be the most expensive pairs of socks I'll probably EVER own, I resisted roaming the rest of the store. Besides, the Captain was waiting for me outside, with a glazed over look in his eyes.

So, my journey into the world of sock knitting continues.

Oh, and by the way, the most-expensive sock yarn in my sock yarn stash is resting on the completed body of Columbia. I've started the sleeves, and who knows? Another FO? At some point.

My cute little Nordic Sweetheart hat! Resting on a dozey Gandalf (yes, His Looniness does relax the odd time)... I'm so happy with it! I've only had a chance to wear it once, and most likely won't be able to until next winter. Which is fine.

Gluten-Free Stuff

So, did you read about Chris' review of gluten-free beers?

Well. Let me tell you! How happy was I to read that my favourite delivery pizza now offers GLUTEN-FREE pizza crust!? Very, very happy. (OK, so there's an extra fee, but I can live with that.)

Pizza is one of my favourite foods. Of all time. Forever and ever. And ever. And that I can now order it with a gluten-free crust? Brings a tear to my eye...

It's a very good thing.


Lorraine said...

Brigitte- I have come to the conclusion that it is next to impossible to enter a yarn shop and come out empty-handed.
I am resigned to this.

The gluten-free pizza- I'm with you. Any pizza is great pizza.

Marina said...

Hey, the colours of the Noro sock yarn is the same as my Noro sweater! Love pink with green.

In the past week, I've come to the conclusion that the only way I'll have "hand knit" socks is by buying a CSM (circular sock machine) ;-)

Chris said...

Your hat is gorgeous!! I haven't tried the Noro sock yarn yet - we'll see how long I resist temptation. :)

I am so happy for you (and a bit jealous) about the pizza! Yum yum yum.

Bridget said...

I have to agree with Lorraine about entering a yarn shop and coming out with something. The only time that hasn't happened to me was when I had to use a cane to walk after some surgery, and didn't have an extra hand to carry anything else ...

The hat looks beautiful - the dark "blob" under it shows off the colors so well. ;-)

I like pizza, but my favorite is my husband's - he gets it just right as far as I'm concerned. Though it does make it hard to enjoy going out for pizza ...

Anonymous said...

Yeah for the gluten-free pizza -- I am so happy for you -- because living without pizza would be apretty sad situation.....almost as bad as no new yarn LOL!

Shannon said...

That is some gorgeous yarn.

Sonya said...

That is some seriously springy-looking yarn! I can't walk out empty-handed either. Yay for gluten-free pizza! Life without pizza is too depressing to contemplate.

miyamojo said...

Atticus looks like DH, who's dieting too. I caught him making a sandwich last night after I went to bed! Poor guys! I want pizza! :)

I think those will be some fun socks! Color makes all the differnce to me. I only got to wear my hat once too. I love yours.

I'm glad we're doing our part to keep the economy going... LOL!!

Nicole said...

How fun, new yarn! I've been resisting going into a yarn shop for the very reason that I would come out with something... and after buying my laptop I decided I didn't have any funds in the budget for more impulse buys for the month... maybe the whole year... =)

carolyn said...

Oooh..... that sock yarn looks so springy. Maybe that's what I should knit to make it seem like spring.

I sure do love that hat!

Carrie K said...

Spring-y Noro! I believe it's a law that you must buy yarn when entering a yarnshop. A Law of NATURE!

That hat is just too cute. Gandalf sets it off nicely. Pizza! Yum! I'm with Atticus. I'm hungry.

Traceyleezle said...

So happy that all your pizza dreams have come true!
Why do they always put the sale bins right there? That's just not fair really.
Can't wait to see this sock yarn knit up, it looks so great.

Brenda said...

Pretty sock yarn! My friend knit up a pair of Noro socks and said the yarn is nice once it is washed. She is brutal washing and drying handknits socks both by machine.

So glad you found gluten-free pizza crust. Every life should have pizza.

knitseashore said...

I am so happy for you with the new gluten-free pizza. We are on voice recognition with the place that makes our pizza; we'd starve without it.

Can you guess cooking is not my thing? More time for knitting and reading that way.