Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mork Socks






"OW! Atticus! What the...All right, I'm up..."

"Chop chop, Lady."

Which is why I was up at 5:25am this morning.

"I want what I want when I want it."

Mork from Ork Socks

I have given them a name, at least. Maybe I should do that to all my socks. You know. That way I won't be so quick to ditch them when they don't work out.

Oh, and they are that bright orange. Now. Again I ask you. Why is it that my stripes look NOTHING like the ones in the picture??! Um. Does the fact that I'm making mine from the toe up matter...? Even so, the pattern should fall in line at some point... *sigh* Oh well. I guess instead of a funky self-striping sunset colourway, I have my very own Mork from Ork suspender-coloured socks.

So far, so good...

Hey! So in other "Am I At The Right Blog?" happenings:

I've finished knitting up Enchanting. Now, the pictures above aren't so much to show you the finished product as they are to demonstrate HOW MANY PINS IT TAKES (ME) TO BLOCK LACE.


Again, I guess I'm used to rolling my wool FO's in a towel, and setting them on a flat surface to dry. Enchanting used up all of my T-pins. You may be shaking your head saying - well duh, of course lace does - but keep in mind I'm relatively new to this lace business. Fair Isle? Not so many pins required...

You know, I could really get into this lace thing... As long as every pattern I knit is from Fiddlesticks Knitting. I know, I know, I've gone on about it before. But hey. I'll say it again. Patterns? IDIOT-PROOF. You cannot go wrong! They are so well written... And as long as I have my gazillion and one stitch markers, I'm actually able to do these without my stomach twisting in knots. Everything is charted! And the Customer Service? Amazing. I e-mailed Dorothy Siemens for a clarification, and she got back to me within an hour. Explained everything. Clearly.

So, all that's left of Enchanting is to seam the cap sleeves to the body, and knit up the borders at the neckline and sleeve edges.

And yes, I will post a modelled shot.

And what of my other FO's??

Take your pick. Which one?

I've just taken a small break. I get like this in spring, where all I want to knit are light and airy. But hey, I'll get back on track soon enough. I hope. No matter how I try, I cannot stick to one project. Project monogamy?? What? Me?

Heh. Knitting bags in my house are usually what you can find, and/or whatever is cat-proof.

OK. Time to go and remove the pins from Enchanting. Should take about, oh, the rest of the morning... 'kay, maybe not. Just feels that way.

"...I love you, Blankie of Invisibility..."


Marji said...

I love your Enchanting. Good, now you can start on that Vittadini lace cardigan. ;)
as far as the self striping on the socks - looks like a totally different yarn - shouldn't make that much diffence working toe up, should it?

Lynn said...

5:25 huh?? At least my royal family lets me sleep in! LOL

Honestly your socks aren't bad. But I didn't realize how off they were until I followed the link. NOT EVEN CLOSE!

Maybe Mork is making a come back..

Lorraine said...

Nanoo nanoo-

I'm telling you, the lace thing is addictive- I have projects lined uo from here to Ork.

P.S. How do you teach a cat to tell time?

Bridget said...

OK, so the socks weren't what you were expecting - I still think they are great looking!

Wow, that is a lot of T pins ...

Your cats crack me up ... "blanket of invisibility" - good one!

Chris said...

Are you sure you have the same yarn as in that link?! I just can't see it...

Yay for finishing Enchanting!! Heh, I can't leave pins out, because May will pull them out. I don't THINK she'd eat them... but...

Marina said...

Despite not resembling the picture, I think they look cute. Maybe, even better!

What is the world coming to? First Lorraine - whom I've given up on - and now, you! Who is going to knit Fair Isles with me?

miyamojo said...

A well written pattern is worth it's weight in sanity. Great job blocking the lace! I like your socks too.
Are those LUSH bags?! Don't get me started... I'm almost over that addiction! :)

Carrie K said...

Why did you post a picture of just a blanket? If only we could have seen a cat lounging on it or something..... ;-)

Mork's stripes look nothing like the sample pix. It has to be knitting it toe up - or maybe you got the one peculiar skein??

Nicole said...

Enchanting is, well, enchanting! =p (Someone had to say it.) And don't you love lace? I do. I think I must knit more lace. Maybe I'll check out the Fiddlesticks Knitting patterns?

Dorothy Siemens said...

Your Enchanting looks lovely in the Robin's Egg blue! Just a suggestion - you probably don't have to block this garment with pins. I just washed it, laid it out flat and finger blocked to open out the lace. It will make it much easier for you to enjoy wearing this garment if you don't have to pin it every time you wash it. The silk yarn stretches quite nicely to allow ease in wearing. And I hope you enjoy wearing it often!

Shannon said...

I for one, love the striping on the socks. It looks like we get up at the same time LOL. The newest member of my family doesn't like her crate.

carolyn said...

See... your socks prove what a mistake it is to have certain expectations. I thought they looked just right until I clicked on your link... ooops! Maybe it's because your foot is really small, or something?
I guess I'll never be able to knit lace... I just don't have enough T pins! (I'm from the throw it on the floor and arrange it school myself...)

Sonya said...

Enchanting looks so delicate! I like how the socks are striping, but it's astonishingly different from the picture. I wouldn't think knitting toe-up would make that much of a difference.

LadyLungDoc said...

That's definitely not the same yarn - if it was, you'd have sections about 3-4 cm long of white alternating with 3-4 cm of a darker colour to create the "faux fair isle" sections. Looks like Crazy Colours to me - possibly one of the Canadiana colourways!

Something like a slip stitch pattern for the calf might break up the colours a bit.

knitseashore said...

Atticus and Rosie are in the same cat time zone. Must be the tabby in them! Wearing her out with the laser pointer before bed does no good.

The lace top is stunning! I know what you mean about the T-pins though. My shawl last year used every pin and then some when I blocked it.

Traceyleezle said...

I have to say, I think your socks are just awesome!

Rebekah - Knit Knack said...

Everytime I read your blog, I miss owning kitties! But then the parrot and the dogs, oh shoot who am I kidding, the husband just doesn't like cats.

Love those socks! Great colors and patterning.

And you are so right, Fiddlesticks Knitting has the best patters on the face of the planet earth. I took a poll.