Sunday, January 11, 2009


I really had a theme planned for this post. I was going to give my progress reports for various projects I have on the go...blah blah blah.
But, I kind of got sidetracked. See, sometime late last year, Lorraine started on about my stash, and how it should go into Ravelry. I think it started sometime after she had come over for a visit, and saw my newly "organized" stash central.

Looks daunting, huh? I do have plans to reorganize it all, somewhat. And, it is looking slightly more "organized" since I took this picture.

I decided that I'd start with the visible yarn, the ones I could see without having to rifle through everything. That was easy enough.

Then I thought I'd list all the heavyweights - the Jamieson's, Virtual Yarns stuff not in kits (2 and 3-ply), old AS yarns, and the "bulk" all-purpose stuff like the Patons Classic Wool and Cascade 220. And wouldn't you know it - I have A LOT more than I thought I did. Including a whole whack of 3-ply Hebridean in Mara and 2-ply in Selkie that I can use for something else. (Why did I get the Mara in the first place? Oh yeah, I think it was for another Sand Dance.) I have yarn for Sand Dance (listed in kit form), with completely different colours...

See? It never ends. AND I haven't listed all of the "remnants" of old projects either, and some have a lot of yarn leftover.

Most of this stuff has been accumulating over the years. Whether or not it ends up getting used is another thing.

Oh, and I keep remembering all of the stuff I know I have, but still haven't gotten too! Some various Debbie Bliss, more Rowan stuff, and I haven't even touched the cotton... Or the Fleece Artist. Or the Fiddlesticks Knitting Country Silk. Oh, and I just remembered some more Cascade 220! A bunch more Shelridge Farm. Oh! And a pile of Briggs and Little.

My head hurts. I'm up to 56 stashed entries in Ravelry. I'm betting it'll get to 75. Not including sock yarn.


Lorraine will be entertained for a long while to come.

Oh, and by the way. Speaking of stash enhancement. Fiddlesticks Knitting has two new designs out. Just sayin'.

Someone has just taken up residence on my lap, using my left arm as a head-rest.

"...lalalalala... Who's "Chucky"? My name's not "Chucky" Mom, it's Gandalf."

Maybe it's a simple coincidence, but Gandalf turns into a terror with every full moon. Then, just as soon as it starts, it ends. I've nicknamed him "Chucky" during these episodes. During his check-up last weekend, the vet mentioned that he had a bit of a heart murmur (but not to worry). Judging by his antics of late, I doubt it bothers him.

And his silliness is contagious.

"Hey, what's the big deal? You should be happy I'm getting some cardio and boxer-cise without having to go to a gym. What's that? Oh, you mean we shouldn't be running around early in the morning? When it's still dark out? Why not??"

This apartment is not my own.

Oh, and by the way. Did you know you can organize your queue in Ravelry now? Maybe you always could, but I just discovered the option.

I have 35 Starmore projects queued.



Michelle said...

I've been working on doing the same and YOU'VE inspired me and ALLEVIATED some of the "stash guilt" that I have! xoxox
Hey, we all know that "MI-SERY" loves company! HA HA HA

Lynn said...

Actually the wall O stash doesnt look that unorganized. At least it fit against the wall! But yes going thru the stash is a good thing to do once a year; helps us to see exactly what we have. I prefer to think of it as *shopping* as opposed to OMGWHATHAVEIBOUGHT?!?

Lorraine said...

Bridge- It can be scary, but cathartic at the same time.

Or is that cat-thartic?

Bridget said...

Don't feel bad - I used work with a woman who [seriously]rented one of those off-site lockers for her stash that wouldn't fit into her house, that she didn't want her husband to know about.

Ah, yes - kitty boxing. Such hi-larity. Apparently at its height around 3-4 a.m.

Chris said...

I'm too afraid to organize my stash. :) I think that queue organization bit is relatively new.

Hmm. I haven't factored in moon phase when assessing the level of feline insanity around here. Hmm.

Marina said...

Hey, now all you have to do is match each of the Starmores to a yarn, and you'll be set for the next couple of years!

bev said...

You are my hero! My role model! My mentor. Must I do the same? You sure have your work cut out for you.

carolyn said...

That's so organized, and daring of you to photo most of your stash and actually unpack it!
I am so daunted by mine, I just look at it on it's excel form rather than unpacking it all. (That's why I have hardly any photos!)

Rebeakh said...

I did that a year ago, and it was very helpful, except this year I never added any of the new stuff I bought, which wasn't a lot until last month. Then I mixed the new in with the old, and now I don't know where to begin. Ay yi yi, its a good concept though.

miyamojo said...

You have your own little yarn store! It's fun to dig around & discovery what you have forgotten about...

35 Starmore projects?! I'm jealous!

'hi' to Chucky & Atticus & Mae!

Carrie K said...

See? Easy peasy! I bet you get way more than 75.

I was a little shocked at how much I had that I'd totally forgotten about and there's more that I do remember but haven't run across.

Chucky. LOL! It was a full moon, wasn't it? Maybe that was Hez' problem this morning.

Anonymous said...

My Caelee ets really active just before sunrise.......she seems to know when it's 5:30 am no matter what time of year (sun up or sun down) and thinks that it's time to get up and feed her !!!

So no matter what time the alarm is set for -- you know you're going to be awake at 5:30 - the joy of being owned by a cat.

Nicole said...

I am jealous. My yarn stash is not nearly so large as all that. The only good thing is that made the photographing and listing easy. But it means less fun yarn to play with.

Brenda said...

Perhaps you will find some "treasures" you don't remember purchasing. That could make all the stashing on Ravelry worth it.

I may show my DH your stash photo, then he'll think I need more yarn!

Sonya said...

Stash organization can be daunting, but if you're keeping Lorraine entertained, you much continue. You are well-prepared for the coming period of economic doom!

DeeAnn said...

OK, I let you share the insanity a little bit - I can stash projects, can't stash just yarn yet. I have one sweaters worth without a designated purpose and it just bugs me lol. If they all have a designated purpose, then it's not just stash, it's just waiting it's turn ;-) Now if I could only apply that to my fiber........ good thing they don't have Rav pages for that lol.

PS - I just met a Rav friend with 1000+ stash entries - I don't think you have a problem ;-)

knitseashore said...

Given the economy, it makes perfect sense to me that you are stashing just in case. What happens if the yarn stores suddenly go out of business, or cut back drastically on their stock, etc etc etc? You, my dear, are prepared!!

My stash is small, but I did put it up on Ravelry, and it helps me to use what I have rather than buy more. It was a good exercise for matching project to yarn. Books on the other hand, well, I'm still cataloging those on Good Reads, and it's going to be a Loooooonnnng Time before I can get those all done. :)

That is so interesting about the full moon. I need to pay attention to my cats and see. Chucky makes me laugh!