Sunday, January 18, 2009

Snow and Cold

Gandalf loves the snow. I'm sure, given the chance (which he will not get), he'd be out there happily romping in the snow. But, he'll have to be content to watch it from inside; and try to catch snow flakes with his tongue from the other side of the window.
"This fluffy white stuff is so neat. Wow, look at that man across the street moving it around with that big spoon! Mom? What's he saying? I think he's saying bad words!"

I like what it looks like from inside.

As long as I don't have to shovel it.

Things look rather peaceful out there in the large back yard. But of late, things have been less than peaceful with my neighbour downstairs.

It's not that she's loud, or has funky smells coming from her apartment. I guess it's just the small things that add up to "time to move". Small things - her dog running around all over the back yard - nothing wrong with that - and her not cleaning up after her. If you get my drift. It's the lack of privacy on my deck. Hers extends further out than mine, so when she's out there, she can pretty much see all that goes on on mine. It's the boyfriend who seems to have moved in, and parks his car in the middle of the back yard. It's her allowing him to smoke in her bathroom, and having the smell waft up to my place. It's her "allowing" our next door neighbours' dog to run around in our yard. It's how everyone must adjust and live around her. It's the screaming matches she gets into with her sister (you know, the one who would toss away my mail). It's also how she scammed her way into paying far less for her apartment than I do mine, despite hers being much bigger (ok, that's a landlady thing...). Oh, and as she controls the heat - she feels it's perfectly OK to turn down the heat when she's warm enough, not taking into consideration that I may be cold. Which I frequently am - this is an old house with little to no insulation in some parts (it was built in 1892). And, depending on the direction of the wind... Yikes.

And speaking of the landlady - she's pretty unresponsive. I've had a list of things that need to be fixed here, which she still hasn't addressed. No laundry facilities is also starting to grate on my nerves, despite the fact she has more than enough space in the basement. When her parents still maintained the property, things were good. But, since she took over, she's pretty much treated this property as a cash-cow.

Oh yeah. I think the clincher is the uh, noises that can sometimes make their way into my apartment. I was getting ready to go meet the Captain for breakfast yesterday, and as I turned the radio off, and put my coat on, I uh...well...heard stuff. Coming from downstairs (her bedroom is below my living room).

"What kind of noises did you hear, Mom?"

"Nothing Mae."

"Oh, I know. Those noises... Hee hee, we hear them sometimes when you're at work!"

Ew. Ew. EW!!!!

So. Taken individually, they do seem like minor issues. However, as a whole they become difficult to deal with. I think my decision was sealed when I realized I was a bit anxious coming home. Not knowing what to expect - will I step on dog poop? Will she have her smoke butts littering the back yard? Will she be screaming at her sister again? And on and on. I've lived here nearly 11 years now, and it is my home. But, at some point, I stopped being it that way.

I'm aiming to be out of here by April 1st. I don't think I want to spend another summer not being able to enjoy what I should be able to, and used to.


Writing about it does make me feel much better - so thanks for reading!

But hey!

(That picture actually looks better than I thought it would.)

I have been doing knitting stuff! How could I not? When it has been -20C, you don't feel much like being outside. I've been working on Isobel of Mar. You know, despite the never-ending rows, I really enjoy working on her. She's very soothing, and I keep imagining how lovely she'll look when she's done. And the colour probably has something to do with it as well. Lovely blue with flecks of green in it (it's the Hebridean 3-ply "Summertide" shade)... Once I get past the bodice, it should be smooth-sailing. No patterning, just the double moss stitch. Oh wait. I forgot that there's a button band too. Well, regardless.

And I've been able to pick up my Windsor Waistcoat again! Ah, how wonderful... Although I didn't photograph it. I'm past the mid-way point of the body. Not bad, considering it's been at least a month since I've been able to work on it. Most of my knitting has been pretty slow though. This time of year, mainly due to central heating, I get icky dry skin and exzema on my right hand, so I have to be careful not to irritate it more than it needs to be.

Well, it sure reads like I'm whining a bit to much in this post - I hope I didn't bore you! Again, thanks for reading. As I said - being able to write about it helps me think things through.

And, as a parting gift, a gratuitous shot of Atticus.

"Dammit. Busted drinking out of the flowery pansy-bowl."


nestra said...

It stinks that you have to move, but sometimes a clean slate can be wonderful.

Chris said...

I can SO sympathize with you about downstairs neighbors. It does sound like it's time to move. On the plus side, moving sure makes it easy to clean closets and lighten the load. :)

Marina said...

Eew! Doesn't she know that there are children upstairs ;-) Really sux that the other tenant is so inconsiderate.

Isobel looks wonderful! The button band wasn't so bad.

Carrie K said...

Move. Enough is enough.

Isobel looks lovely! Take care of your hands, youch.

Aw, kitties. Poor Atticus. Busted eating out of the girly bowl. At least it's food. :)

Lorraine said...

Brigitte- I think the writing is on the wall- it just gets creepier and creepier.

Nothing like a good old clear-out. I actually like moving.

See you in Bloor West?

Bridget said...

Well, I think moving would not just be the best idea in your situation, but feel like a new adventure. I hope you can find the kind of place you really like.

Isobel is pretty, I love the color!

(Tess jumped down off my lap as soon as she saw Atticus drinking out of the girl bowl ...)

carolyn said...

Your "neighboorhood" situation sounds awful! Way past time to move... yuk! I can understand the regret part though...
Isobel is looking wonderful! And it's soft enough yarn that it won't quite scrape all the skin off your hands! Got to take care of those talented knitting hands!

Michelle said...

Hey there friend.... I'd love to have you move in to my neck o' the woods... but I think New Jersey is a bit of a stretch. You know what ~ I think April 1st is a VERY good goal for moving and starting fresh... just in time for spring! Now tell me how much you love knitting Isobel of Mar, cause its one of those that I've been itchin' to knit and I KNOW i'd wear it again and again. What size did you knit? Is it knitting up true to size? As for the neurotic neighbor... just make sure when all is said and done and its moving time.... to leave a nice big departure gift from the kitties... right where she'll be sure to step in it! ( Not that I'm a vindictive person now) :) but I kinda gotta advocate for my girlfriends! :)

Nicole said...

Sucks that you have annoying downstairs neighbors. I hope you can get away from them soon! You and the Little Dudes deserve better.

Lynn said...

I'm so sorry you have lousy neighbors, they can really have an effect on your home, esp when the landlady doesn't address any of your problems. My only fear? Having to move your stash!! LOL

miyamojo said...

When it's so bad that you don't want to be home... it's time to move. Life is stressful enough! Venting is good.

I love Summertide! My favorite color.

Girly bowl boy! heeheehee :D

Sonya said...

Ew. Ew. Ew! And to think Mae had to hear those things! I can totally sympathize. We used to have a summer weekend neighbor that pretty much made me want to stay inside whenever they were "in residence." Kevin did some things that encouraged them to move. Want me to send him north?

Isobel is looking lovely!

bev said...

Hope you can find a nice comfortable place to set up residence. Horrible to have to move because of neighbors though. I will just have to come up and help! Tell Gandalf that Jack says snow is pretty, but when you are out in it, it isn't so impressive. (Jezzie told him). Love your Isobel. When can I expect it in my mailbox?

Brenda said...

When you worry and start to dread what you'll find when you go home, it is time to move. I'm sure you'll be able to find a new place you can like even more than your current home.

The sweater looks lovely! Take care of your hands.

I bet Gandalf wouldn't be so intrigued by the snow once he figured out it would make him cold and wet. Cats can get grouchy about that sort of thing; they act like you made the snow cold and wet just to make them unhappy.