Sunday, April 19, 2009

Just When You Thought It Was OK To Go Into The Water Again

Gandalf loves nothing more than to watch the squirrels. Given the chance, he probably wouldn't know what to do with them, but nevertheless - it's a hobby.

"Hi! Hey! I said hi! Wait! Don't run away! Hey! Hey! HEY! Come back!"

He has his Squirrel Patrol.

I have my knitting.

Windsor Waistcoat doesn't look much different from the last time?

Look again.

Those are steeks, my friends! Armhole AND front "V" steeks. From here on end, it's all good. And quick. Decreases mean...a shorter circular needle, and an end in site. I always marvel as I'm working on this vest how lovely the colours are together. But, when you look at it from "above", you notice the little differences that make it so special.

*sigh* I love Fair Isle...

"Hey Guys! Guess what?!"

"Mom's asking us a question."

"Why there's Atticus shmutz on the wall?"

"No. Dork. What Mom?"

We're gonna move after all!

Uh huh. That's right. Although I'd pretty much convinced myself that I should stay put (um, that would be last week's post), I decided otherwise after I'd spoken to my landlady.

Same rent I'm paying now. AND I get a say in who moves into this place. And, I'll have the whole month of June to move in slowly. Not like I'm going far...I won't even need to hire movers. It is larger - the kitchen alone dwarfs my little one here. I have the larger deck, a larger bedroom and bathroom, and a bay window in what will become my office/spare room. There will be some lovely french doors leading to the back deck, so a certain someone will be able to monitor squirrel and bird activity to his heart's content.

Of course, there will be the adjustment period for the guys. But, I think they'll be OK once they see they can tear through the kitchen all the way to the front door without banging into a wall or staircase - they'll be pretty happy. I hope. When I moved back into this place in 2006 after the renovations, Mae whined for 2 days straight. Atticus was fine though. Once he figured out where the litter box and his food was, he was good.

The apartment downstairs will be cleaned from top to bottom before I move in, so *hopefully* there will be no residual dog smell to freak them out. She hasn't been too bad with the upkeep below, so it's not like it's in bad shape. I just worry about what you can't see...

Anyway - not going to think about that now. I have to start packing things up soon. Fun. Then there's the unpacking though!

Back and forth, back and forth... Can't for a minute say that things are boring these days.

"Cool, huh Mae?! What do you think about moving downstairs?!"

"*clean clean clean* Lady, you gotta stop talking to me like that. People will think you're loopy."


Lorraine said...

Brigitte- Where there is cats, there is schmutz.

Moving is exciting- even if it's only downstairs.

Chris said...

Very exciting, about the vest and about moving! Nothing quite like packing and unpacking everything you own to get you focused on getting rid of stuff you don't need anymore.

Hee hee - I recognize that squirrel pose.

Marina said...

The extra space, especially since you'll be in more, for the same price sounds good. Does the "captain" you sometimes refer need a home? Or is that too close?

Hey! Atticus is no longer bald! A couple more months and he'll be back to normal.

Do I need to tell you that WW is gorgeous? Well, it is. Lorraine is a genius and your knitting is wonderful!

Marianne said...

A little cat moving advice....Get the plug in pheromones in every room. They may help their transition!
Gorgeous FI and good luck moving!

bev said...

Can't wait to see your "new" digs! A move is always good for the soul, 1000 miles or 100 feet, doesn't matter. Send Gandalf down here, Jack wants a squirrel watching buddy. He has a window overlooking the feeding station and feels like an omnipotent super kitty!

carolyn said...

WOW! a new location with more benefits than the current one... doesn't sound like you can lose.
WW is looking lovely! I'm hoping to make that my next FI too... as soon as I get a few more WIPs finished.

Michelle said...

How fun! It's great to have the extra time to move in. Now where to put the stash....

Carrie K said...

Steeks! Awesome! The move shouldn't be too hard on them. Packing should help you purge. And more space! Excellent.

Now I'm going to go and rip what I've knit of the collar on MT. I've done it inside out. Grrrr.

Bridget said...

Ah yes, Squirrel Patrol - we have it at our house too, though it involves a lot of dramatic attack poses. Somehow when the squirrel is on the other side of the window, those poses look somewhat ridiculous ...

Congrats on the move - sounds like it will be fine. I'll be the cats will be busy checking out things, and adjust pretty quickly.

Your WW looks lovely. I have to finish the steeks on the vest I'm knitting, and then have someone help me actually finish the whole thing!

miyamojo said...

Love the squirrel pose & that Atticus stands while eating.

WW looks great! I'm glad you get a bigger space & a say in who moves upstairs. Nothing like having something to look forward to! :)

Diane said...

WW is beautiful!!

Since you have the whole month, could you take a cat or 3 downstairs for a "visit", then back home for recuperating, then visit again when there's some of your stuff in it, and so on? I don't know if that would be less stressful or not. Kitties do hate change! Good luck with the move!

Sonya said...

Mae is always the voice of reason, isn't she? More space is always a good thing! I'd love some myself. Can't wait to see some move in pics. WW is looking lovely. Getting to the armhole steeks is always exciting. ;o)

Marji said...

So you're moving downstairs?

Love the Genevieve. You've inspired me to add it to my queue. LOVE it!

Also love that thistle bag. Lusting after that kit. I've considered making a scarf or something from the Margaret Tudor - just because I love that thistle. Can't wait to see you make it up.
Of course the other projects are looking wonderful too. So happy you are getting so much done. Must be something in the spring air.

Knitting Granny said...

I love WW! And I love the rug/carpet/flooring that Mae is sitting on. And I love that you get to move downstairs - more room for the $$! Yay!

kimberly said...

yay for you on your new place! I am sure everyone will settle in nicely, and it sounds like you struck a great deal with the land lady!

Rebecca in CO said...

LOVE that Windsor waistcoat! And, of course I couldn't agree with you more about the splendor of fair isle knitting!!!!!!!!

I'd rather have a cat 'watching' the squirrels than a dog 'barking' and running around in a mad frenzy as mine does.