Sunday, April 12, 2009

Little Things That Make You Happy

Hi Mae!

She never sits still, so this is a good thing.

An FO! Wow! Technically it shouldn't count...this is Loreli, from Fiddlesticks Knitting. I actually finished it last fall, but didn't put it together until a few weeks ago. When I had finished knitting the pieces, I figured I wouldn't be able to wear it for months - so there was no rush to do the finishing. Or, I was just intent on starting something else. Probably that.

But, here she is, all stitched together! I omitted the crochet edging - it looks fine the way it is, and besides. My crochet skills suck. I tried. And it looked pretty lousy. So, I left it as is. And the details -

Lorelei, by Dorothy Siemens of Fiddlesticks Knitting. Knit with Fiddlesticks Knitting Silk Sensation (100% un-smelly silk) in the Cream shade, on 3.5mm needles. Nice, easy knit, with brilliant results. I am very pleased at how it turned out - and she fits! Always a good thing.

And look! The Boy is looking so much better. His Fuzziness is starting to look like his old self, now that his fur is growing back. He may not be so happy once I attempt once again to take him to the vet's office next Friday for his check-up.

"Did you wish my Auntie Lorraine a happy birthday last week? I did. AND I sent her a cheesecake photo of me too."

Hey! You know what else makes me happy!?

Winning a Virtual Yarns contest! (Did I mention how happy happy HAPPY that made me? Huh? Huh?!)

It arrived! It's the Thistle Bag in the "Clover" shade of Hebridean 3-ply! One of my favourite colours too.

*sigh* I really want to start knitting it now,, I really should finish up some stuff first. I will have more pictures of knitting I HAVE in fact been doing. But, next week...

"I waited and waited, and I didn't see the Easter Bunny, Mae. Are you sure? Really? You're not pulling my leg? Do you think he left us some of those awesome Creamy Dairy treats?!!"

As for the apartment situation...what to do, what to do...

Do I stay here? Do I take the soon to be vacated apartment below (did I mention that she handed in her notice? Heh.)?

My landlady has been away on vacation, so I haven't actually spoken to her about it. Which is a good thing - it has given me time to think things through. Weigh the pros, and cons. As of today, I am leaning towards staying here, and moving a few things around. Switching my bedroom and spare room around for starters (my sister should note that curtains may be needed. Just sayin'.). Which in itself will be a mini-move. It would give me more bedroom space, and force me to clean up some of the non-knitting stuff I have in this room.

I always hesitated in making this room my bedroom, due to the west facing windows. It can get pretty hot in here during the summer. But, with the right curtains kept closed during the day, and a window fan, it could be fine.

I'm still mulling it over... I now work at least 3 days a week at home (soon to be more), as my company is trying to have as many of it's technical people working from home in order to free up floor space at our downtown Toronto building. It's pretty pricey real estate... I think it's a great idea - it saves my commute, allows me more flexible work hours, and I'm much more efficient without the distractions of an office. They provide me with everything I need - the phone, printer, and they pay my Internet service. I will still go in at least one day per week - if anything, to see my co-workers. A lot of them are friends. I do lose my workstation though, so when I do go in I work out of a "hotelling" station on my floor. Win for me, and win for the company. And in these times - whatever helps them out can only be good for me.

All that to say - I really want to make my workstation here at home a distinct, separate area from the rest of my spare room space. So, if I'm going to go to that extent - I may as well move everything around.

So - pros and cons. But still, the prospect of moving stuff around and redecorating? LOVE IT. I'm just weird like that...


Lorraine said...

Brigitte- I love to move things around too- it feels like a whole new place.

Your Lorelei is amazing- Dorothy would be so proud of you.

Mwah to Atticus!

Marina said...

It still counts! It's gorgeous and soon you'll have the perfect weather for wearing it.

Besides the hassle of moving, I would stay in case a herd of elephants move in above. Especially since you're home, much more now. I'm sure the kitties would like that!

I'm beginning to like Clover. Might need to use that in Katherine of A. Congrats, again.

Lynn said...

Love the portrait of Mae. She is a beauty! And love the FO! REALLY very nice and something I could use here. I think I'm going to work on something like that for me for next winter.

As far as moving around, glad you get to work from home more often. The only downside is not seeing your friends as much. That's the part that I always missed.

bev said...

Your sweater is a beauty! Love the color and the style is so girlie pretty.

The move of rooms is always a fun thing to do. And working from home! How awesome!!! Love the bedroom idea. And remember, before and after picks...

Chris said...

Lorelei is gorgeous - very dressy looking!

The plus side of a bedroom facing the west is that the pesky morning sun won't bother you. :)

Michelle said...

Happy Easter Brigitte! Your sweater is fantastic! Whats next? any interest in a KAL?

Sonya said...

Love the Loreli! It totally counts as an FO. Just in time for the perfect Loreli weather too.

I agree with Marina about the potential herd of elephants. Changing rooms around will make it feel like a whole new place. I wish I could work from home. But apparently when there's an irate patron, my presence is required.

Bridget said...

Happy Easter to all at your house! I'm glad to see that everyone is looking well and happy. (Though admittedly, I would like to see Atticus' cheesecake photo ...)

Lorelai - beautiful! A perfect springtime piece.

I know what you mean about moving. If nothing else, moving things around in your current space is a lot of fun - it's like moving without the things that make you nuts ...

I think it would be nice to be able to work from home. Though I think it would take me a while to be disciplined about it.

Carrie K said...

First of all, I though you finished Lorelei ages ago! All but the finishing, eh? Pretty.

I love to move things around too. Just make sure you're not staying there because it's "easy" but because it works for you.

Aw. Mae is a cutie pie. (the boys too but Mae especially).

Brenda said...

Lorelei looks fabulous! I don't think any other edging would be needed.

The color for the thistle bag is a beauty.

Moving stuff around can be fun. Good luck!

Rebekah said...

It definitely still counts, and its absolutely beautiful!

What a wonderful gift too! Love the color of the yarn.

carolyn said...

Lorelei turned out great! I didn't realize it wasn't sewn together yet.
Wow... a Clover Thistle bag... how cool is that!

miyamojo said...

Lorelei looks great! Who needs crochet edging?!

You're so lucky you get to work from home!

Gandalf~ Easter Bunny didn't show up here either... stupid teaser! I cleaned my face & everything!! ~ Smoothie.