Sunday, October 18, 2009

More Malcolm, Less Knitting

If you came to see some knitting updates, well, you'll be disappointed. When there is a kitten around, knitting gets done is snatches. Those green mittens I was working on a couple of weeks ago? Yeah, they're frogged. Way too big for my small hands... So let's see. What did I work on...

* St. Aula one slow round at a time. Malcolm loves flopping yarn.
* Stealth knitting. Here and there. Again with the floppy yarn.
* Delores? Probably a few stitches. Malcolm managed to bungee jump into the bag of yarn, and getting him out was an ordeal. He thought it was all in good fun.
* I'll 'fess up to having started Kittiwake. I figured small project, a lot of oomph. But in navy blue? Seriously. But it will be done.
* Socks. And only when the boy is asleep, because he thinks DPN's are excellent for grabbing at. I can't tell you how many times he's managed to pull a needle out. Many times. Many, many times.
* And one other stealth project...shhhhhh.
I have found my knitting mojo, but I will never be a one-project kind of girl. Can you tell?

Malcolm is the funniest little guy to have around. And let me tell you, he can wrestle with the best of them. Although he hasn't learned yet when to take NO for an answer.

Mae doesn't always think he's so great to have around though.

"Hi Mae! You awake?!! Wanna play?!! Let's play! Let's play! Let's play!"

"Go. Away."

Mae has never been a "morning" cat. Actually, she's always a bit grumpy when she wakes up from a nap. If she's woken up from a nap, watch out. Malcolm still has to learn that. I'm pretty sure Malcolm thinks she's the top cat. He only needs to be shown once by her that he's out of line, and he'll respect it. He's allowed to sleep next to her, as long as he doesn't try anything silly. Because Mae? Doesn't do silly.

Malcolm often picks wrestling matches with his brothers. Especially Gandalf. But, being such a good brother, Gandalf will play with him, and for the most part, it's good, harmless fun. Occasionally, when he's had enough, he'll pick Malcolm up (who will only go kicking and screaming) by the scruff, and bring over to the kitty bed. The first few times I saw that, I did panic, but I've since learned (thanks to the vet and my friend Raven), that it's harmless. Now, I've mentioned before that Gandalf has stepped in to the role of Surrogate Kitty Mom. He loves Malcolm. So much so, that when he thinks he's in trouble, or if he thinks Atticus is being too rough (which he never is, but what do I know!), he'll come to Malcolm's rescue.

So. As the boy grows, he finds new places to explore. And he's a smart one, let me tell you. Much smarter than the rest of his siblings were at that age. He figured out pretty quickly that if jumps up on the chair, he can then jump up onto the table, and get a look outside the kitchen window. He learned how to get down the hard way though.

"Look at me!"

"Atticus, how do I get down?! Oh, hi Gandalf!!! Whatcha doing?"

I'm in the other room, when I hear the Malcolm Screech of Protest. I just made it into the kitchen quickly enough to see Gandalf, with Malcolm by the scruff, on top of the table.

He then jumped off the table with Malcolm still in his mouth. I nearly had a stroke.

Malcolm was fine; more pissed off than anything. He whacked Gandalf in the head, and ran off. I guess Gandalf figured that he needed "rescuing". Malcolm learned pretty quickly after that how to get off of the table on his own.

"Uh oh, here comes Gandalf..."

"Dude. I really don't think he liked that... He punched you good."


Most of the time, nothing but Gandalf will do.



Much like Gandalf at that age, he thinks it's much cooler to eat the big kitty food, and to hell with the kitten stuff. Which is fine...but I still have to watch out for Atticus.

Kitten food goes right to his hips...

So, I really hope to have some actual knitting progress for you next week! Provided I'm able to get in a few hours here and there.

Have a great week everyone!


Lorraine said...

Bridge- Are you suggesting that my darling Atticus is a tad "Rubenesque"?

Malcolm is getting SO big!

Bridget said...

What a great group of pictures!

Jetsam still tries to play with GK more than GK feels like playing. Then it deteriorates quickly.

Sadly, Jet never seems to "get" it ...

Lynn said...

I LOVE when they snuggle together!!!!

Chris said...

Look at how big he is!!! Eeek!! *sniff* Your baby is growing up so fast.

Aw, Gandalf protects Malcolm from the big bad Atticus? Awwww.

I have to say I'm glad that Chaos never carried May around. That would've freaked me out but good.

mrspao said...

So cute :) I'm wondering what Merlin will make of our kittens. Malcolm is gorgeous.

Sonya said...

Malcolm is growing so fast! He won't be able to be picked up by the scruff pretty soon. So cute when they snuggle-nap.

Rebekah said...

I love to watch animal heirarchy. Its completely entertaining to see them figure things out. Although I'm not sure who is boss at our house, one moment its Django the next its Abner.

knitseashore said...

Actually, I came for the Malcolm photos. :)

Seeing your photos of him with Atticus reminds me of my Charlie and Tim so much, a big gray and white striped boy with a tiny little orange kitten. Who now has legs the size of tree trunks. I wonder if Malcolm is going to grow up to be one of these huge red cats?!

miyamojo said...

Well, that's one why of learning how to get off the table. I would have had a stroke too!

I love the picture of Mae with her elbow on the chair bar telling Mal to go away. heehee, she's so funny.

I love the kitty clan photos.

Brenda said...

Malcolm is getting so big so fast! I think he likes to snuggle with Gandalf because he knows his orange fur looks best against Gandalf's black.

Catie said...

what a wonderful kitty interaction story - thanks

Nicole said...

Aawwwww... Malcolm is getting big! But that one that surprises me is Gandalf! He used to be so tiny! Not anymore, I guess... So cute!

Nikki said...

OH! they're so cute... I must admit a special fondness for the Gandalf and Malcolm pics because I have a big ol' Orange kitty, Bartholamew, who condescended to letting Pepper, my little black kitty girl, live with us and snuggle with him...

Carrie K said...

They're all so darn cute but y'know....kittens.....snuggling with their big brother....

I hear Mae. In fact, I may BE Mae.

carolyninalaska said...

I love all the cute kitty family pictures. So... will we get to see a picture of Kittiwake pretty soon?