Sunday, October 04, 2009

Sock in the Dryer

"...that kid... Finally, I have him parked in front of the TV, watching "Dog Whisperer". Why he likes watching it, I don't know. Must be Daddy. Whatever. If a dog can keep him settled and calm for a bit, all the better for me."

I'd forgotten how much energy a kitten has. I'm pretty sure Atticus has as well. He's stepped into the role of Really Big Brother with all 4 paws on the ground, much to the relief of the Big Brother Gandalf.

"Phew, was I that nuts when I was a kitten?!? No way. That kid doesn't stop. He's awake, he's asleep, he's awake, he's asleep... Aw, look at him though! My little kitten...that's right little boy, chase your sister's tail. Atta boy..."

"You're an ass Gandalf!"


Maybe it's the distraction of Malcolm, or the time of year, but I just can't seem to get motivated to work on any of my projects. It's not that I've fallen out of love with them, I just can't seem to sit still long enough to work on them. So maybe it is Malcolm... Anyway, I don't want to add to my pile of WIPs, so I started a small, non-sock project, to keep me busy while I wait out the hum-drums.

Ta da! Mittens!

It doesn't look like much yet, I still need to make the embellishments. It's going quite quickly, and despite being moss stitch, I am enjoying them. It's just what I need right now. They are from the Mission Falls booklet "Smitten", and I'm making "Blossom" in Pistachio. They have floral accents, which may or may not be applied, depending on how convoluted the crochet turns out to be. I like the look, but whether my meagre crochet skills are up to the task remains to be seen. I'll give it a try; who knows.

I have to say though - my spare room is a MESS. I went through nearly every scrap of yarn I have in order to find something small I could do. I'd think of a pattern, but wouldn't find a suitable yarn. I'd remember some yarn I had, but wouldn't find a pattern. And on...

"...where'd that nice lady go? The one that told me how pretty and good I was all the time?"


"No, not Mom. The tall lady that brought us those furry toys."

"Auntie Chris? She went home to Minneapolis. She was visiting us, but you know. Chaos and Mayhem..."

"Ah. Well. That's no good Atticus."

"I know. It blows. But, I guess they would have been lonely without her. Whatever."

Ah, the furry toys. That have, along with the crinkly balls, disappeared into the Kitty Toy Vortex. 6 toys. Nowhere to be found in the apartment. I really don't know how they manage to do it. It's like socks in the dryer, I suppose. I'm pretty sure they've been pushed under the fridge and stove. Regardless. I'll be the one to hunt them out... Malcolm can still get stuff from under the couch and other small spaces, but even he can't fish the toys out from under the fridge and stove.

"Atticus, why does she always follow us around with that thing?"

"I know. Just look cute. Maybe we'll get a snack or something."

Atticus may have NO clue what the laser pointer is all about, and also couldn't care less, but he sure loves his crinkly balls. And with the kitten food snacking he's been doing of late, he needs the exercise he gets chasing them around.


Lorraine said...

Bridge- I hope the kitty toys reappear- they were alot of fun.

Every time I come to the end of a major project, I have to go through the ritual of finding which one to do next, and it's torture.

Non-knitters have no clue, do they?

Anne said...

You have enough going on there with the little fur ball addition to the family -- time for a small project or two until he grows up and settles down a bit -- IF he settles down -- looks like a little devil to me LOL!!!

Chris said...

Aw, I miss you guys, too, Mae! But Atticus is right - Chaos and Mayhem really missed me. And work might've been sort of cranky about me not coming home. Not to mention the Canadian government... ;)

I don't think I was able to knit much for a while after I got Chaos because he would NOT leave the knitting alone. Good thing Malcolm has more distractions (aka siblings)!

mrspao said...

Awww - I will have to brace myself for kitten energy and do lots of knitting before they arrive :)

miyamojo said...

Daddy! He's my favorite too Malcolm. :)

I'm having problems focusing on knitting too. Nothing is thrilling me.

Lynn said...

Malcolm looks so LITTLE compared to Atticus!!! and yes we have that kitty vortex here too.

Anonymous said...

Oh man you had to go and start some mittens! I'm really itching to knit a pair of new mittens for winter, I'm hopeful we'll actually have a winter here in St. Louis.

Don't you wish you could bottle the energy a kitten or a puppy has.

Rebekah said...

Oops Anonymous was me. Rebekah. I hit enter too quickly.

Carrie K said...

They're so cute! Look at that look on Malcolm's face. I knew Mae would pine for Chris, from what I heard.

I get the project blues, especially after I've finished something. I'm currently obsessed w/my twined knit mitts (one down!) and I've got Lyra cast on.

Mittens are a great cure. Your pistachio ones look cute.

It's gotten really cold here. It was 18c in the house this morning. FREEZING.

knitseashore said...

Oh he is absolutely adorable. Atticus needs to cover Malcolm's ears when he swears though. Malcolm's too young for those words yet. :)

Bridget said...

What a group! Methinks it won't take much longer until Malcolm has been completely "accepted" (aka doing what the others suggest, so they can pretend they know nothing when he gets in trouble ...)

Mittens? I have an idea to start a pair at least 5 or 6 times during fall/winter. So far, how many have I actually knit? Zero.


Nicole said...

Um... maybe I'm missing something here. You didn't want to add to your WIPs, so you started a new project.


Still, have fun with it! And with the Little Dudes!

Brenda said...

I love the last photo! Malcolm is such a little guy.

I can see why it would be hard at this time to be able to sit with a big project and really make progress. But the mittens look like a good "intermission" project.

carolyninalaska said...

Malcolm is so adorable... of course so are the other family members... they're just not so small.
Those mittens will sure come in handy... I need to knit some of those.