Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sanity is Overrated

"Take it back!!"


"Take.It.BACK! Say it!"

"NO! You're a big...fat...oooof...OK!!!"

"Last chance squirt!!"

"OK! OK! You don't have a crush on the dog next door!"

"That's better...and what are you?"


Ah yes, just another morning here with the Feline Family.

Remember when I decided to knit smallish stuff, because I just couldn't get in to knitting my larger, current projects? So, I knit socks, and squares for my Lizard Ridge blanket, and the odd piece that didn't work out... And I thought - well, may as well knit something small from my Ravelry queue. I decided the perfect "little" project would be the Kittiwake hat, from AS' "Aran Knitting".

See, it's deceptive. It's a hat, with simple cabling. But it's a Starmore hat, knit with Scottish Fleet, the coarsest, tightest yarn known to man, and small needles. AND. Just because. I decide to knit it in NAVY BLUE.


The ribbing just about did me in. You know, there's a reason my Fulmar gets worked on only now and then. Cabling with Scottish Fleet can be a bit rough after awhile. What made me think this would be any different?!! Well, it's coming along, and I'm more than half done the first chart.

I have been able to pick up St. Aula once again. I should have some significant progress to show you soon! The boy's interest has moved on to something else, allowing me to knit without worrying about a banzai attack from out of nowhere...

"Hello World!!"

This week, I've been keeping a low profile. It's been busy at work, and to keep my sanity somewhat intact, I've been relaxing, and not stressing myself out over the little things. This is the time of year when Project Managers suddenly realize that the end of the year is coming, and all of the stuff they've been putting off has to be done. NOW. And my group, who handle all the technical and network part of these projects, is down to half of what it was a year ago, with the work load being heavier. Not only do they want it done NOW, their project is THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE.EVER. You do what you can... I'm fortunate I have a job, and that I can work from home. So, I take the small victories where I can get them, and don't sweat the small stuff.

Like Mae on the furniture.

"This isn't all it's cracked up to be."

Or getting up from the couch to find that I've lost my spot.

"Sorry lady. We're squatting here now."

Or wondering why I had to leave the leftovers out.

"Wow, human food ROCKS!"


Chris said...

Eeeek! It's Demon Gandalf channeling Chaos AND Basement Cat in that last picture! What leftovers did you lose??

Hi, Malcolm! Good thing you're cute. ;)

I hear ya about work, Brigitte! Hang in there...

miyamojo said...

Yeah, Scottish Fleet is twine! Horrible on my hands. Your hat looks great!

Glad the kids are entertaining each other. Poodle - HAH! :D

Bridget said...

Good thing the kitlets are there to keep you remembering what the really important things are. (Namely: THEM!)

knitseashore said...

Sorry about work -- I hope it gets better soon! The cats are the best stress reliever there is. How can anyone not feel better after looking at that tiny orange face?! He is way too cute.

Shannon said...

Hehe I can't leave left overs out, either. Bacon is Penny's favorite.

mrspao said...

So cute :)

Carrie K said...

Kittiwake in navy blue is going to be perfect though. When you're done. And at least it's hat sized.....

A poodle! LOL! That Gandalf knows how to make his little brother squirm.

Mae is not allowed anywhere? Really?

Nicole said...

Aw, such cute kitties! Who could sweat the small stuff when the Little Dudes are so awesome??

. . . Yeah, I know. I could too. =) Sometimes Little Dudes push the wrong buttons, same as everyone else. Hang in there!

Laura C-dot said...

What a madhouse! :D Malcolm is getting too big to be hauled around by Gandalf, isn't he? hehehe

Hang in there about work - It's just a rough patch, probably. Nothing 4 nice kitties can't fix.

Sonya said...

Malcolm does end up in some interesting positions, doesn't he? I hope works settles down for you. Your navy Kittiwake is going to be lovely. Dark colored cables are always better as an FO than a WIP.

Brenda said...

Malcolm is such a cutie!
Glad you are able to get some knitting done!
Hang in there on work.

Rebekah said...

Loved the first picture!

Sanity....I'm not sure what that word means.

Having a job is a good thing. Having yarn is priceless.

carolyninalaska said...

Sorry to hear work has been so intense. At least you get to skip the commute and conserve that very important knitting time.
Malcolm is just so cute!